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Intelligent… you’re kidding!

shock-me-say-something-intelligent-499x330You’ve read my blog.

You know that would be difficult.

Really, expecting a blogger to say something intelligent.

Mind you, the blogs I read are  cut above Twitter, FaceBook, etc in the intelligent stakes.

*Thinks* Say something intelligent…

I know! Bruschetta. Does that sound intelligent enough? Today at the supermarket I bought a jar of asparagus bruschetta. Imported, therefore correspondingly expensive. Even the girl at the checkout did a double take at the R$14.95 price; then asked me what it was… Fortunately, I was able to display my intelligence and told her.

So tonight, I am looking forward to Provolone cheese, Camembert with bruschetta on toast for supper while I muse at the rights wrongs of the world on the news and drown myself in Sauvignon Blanc.

Life is a bitch!

twitterlogoAnother example of my ‘intelligence’. I twittered a tweet yesterday like a real twit. I made a spelling mistake, actually it was an honest typo and I didn’t proof before posting. It was in relation to my dishes ‘seering’ (sic) at me. Now here’s the rub, it has turned out to be my most retweeted tweet. All the world now knows I am a twit and fully qualify to have a Twitter account.

The most expensive set of teeth in history. Not even your Harley Street dentist would be so brazen to charge this much. Suarez, the biter of Italian football player fame, has been sold to Braca for  a whopping £75m; that’s an expensive set of teeth. Liverpool wanted shot of him for obvious reasons. It’s believed that a season’s supply of muzzles were included in the deal as well as team-sized rabies shots to protect the Barca players in the event he takes a liking for Rioja with his players.

The concession stands in the Brazilian stadiums have apologised for over-pricing the popcorn putting it out of reach of Suarez’ pocket, causing him to snack on Italians.

Remember yesterday, I was lamenting the ability for proper rain… Well, I walked to class and stayed dry. During class it rained so hard, I was expecting to see cats and dogs floating in the gutters. Rua Olinda Ellis (the main drag hereabouts) was a river on the drive home. Had I not had a corona (lift) home, I would have been looking for a canoe.

My trip to the supermarket wasn’t without problems. Clorinha decided to follow me out and to the corner where I wait for a van. It began to rain, I had one wet pussy meowing at me; too stupid to go back home in the dry.

Nap time…



What if…

I recently posted one of my memes on another blog; which elicited the reply that a bacon sandwich was not worthy of losing everything should the end of the world arrive.

Upon thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that if the end of the world should arrive, it would be pretty catastrophic. So what are you going to do? Run? Run where? Drive? Drive where? Hide? Hide where?

I think that a slow walk to the kitchen, make a bacon sandwich and open a beer would be about the most sensible thing to do. Then grab a deckchair and go and sit on the veranda, eat my sandwich, drink my beer with a grandstand view of the imposing spectacle.

What would you do if this were to happen?

Up early this morning, blogging all but done. I can see the rest of the day could well involve beer. But I do have to go to the supermarket, a fridge is meant to have food in it as well as beer.

I met Clorinha yesterday. She is the daughter of Cloro right enough, coloured ear tips, tail and the same face smudge as daddy. There’s no denying that she’s daddy’s girl. The only difference is that I don’t think she will have as grand a tail as daddy; that was a one off. She’s not standing yet, but still at the stage where she’s just sprawled on the floor, so it’s too early to take her from mummy, maybe two weeks.




Oh, it’s an exciting life.

Going to post this, finish coffee, shower and go to the supermarket.

Lunch is just a vague idea at the moment. I may, I may not; I am seriously considering those options. Expanding that thought… I may have, I may not have, I may go out for lunch, then I may not, although I probably will…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this profound thought…



Asi es la vida


This is the life, no?

Asi es la vida, no? This is the life, no?

In the south of Bolivia, near Uyuni, there is a cemetery.

No one is buried there, but rusting dead trains sit on kilometres of disused rail tracks and lay sprawled across the sands.

Several have suffered graffiti but one in particular tells it like it is.

I used to travel through here on a monthly basis when I was a tour guide in the mid-90s and always marvelled at this train.

flaxflulogoI saw this photo today, and it reminded me. This is the life… Saturday BBQ and beer in the sun and today in the evening classic Brazilian football (soccer) arch rivals Flamengo and Fluminense (FlaFlu battling it out for over 100 years) at 7:30 this evening, and of course, more beer.

There is a high chance that there could be some beer in the afternoon as well to accompany another sunny day.

On the not-so-good front, it appears that the US spying scandal is threatening the internet. With Brazil and Germany (and Europe) so far making plans to divide the net into regional entities.

zzYou're_screwedBasically, the US has screwed the net. This could mean the end of cloud computing, I saw yesterday an estimate of American cloud based companies losing $35bn by 2016.

Already there are pop-up warnings on some sites like, “This message may be subject to American espionage!”

The last few posts we have talked about penises, testicles, boobs and a happy pussy.

Happy Pussy

Happy Pussy

This has given me a great insight as to my readers’ preferences by measuring the ‘Likes’. Posts without the unmentionables score low, boobs and a happy pussy come next, then testicles and top ‘Likes’ go to penis posts.

This is not a trend, it doesn’t foretell the future content of my posts, but it is interesting.

Meanwhile, I must blog along

They say one must make hay while the sun shines. I have no intention of making hay, but lunch and beer are high on the list of priorities.

Ah, this is the life, no?


Do it, Enjoy it!

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – Chardonnay in one hand – chocolate in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WOO HOO, What a Ride!”

This quote has been attributed to many and varied, including Hunter S. Thompson.

I think it is wonderful, and totally agree with it.

We spend too much time worrying about spending five minutes more with our feet on the planet, and being thoroughly miserable in the meantime; eating stuff we don’t like, doing stuff we don’t want to, using products that are actually poisons instead of natural stuff.

All for the sake of five minutes, okay, maybe ten.

Our tenure in this world is allotted. 70, 80, maybe 90 years. It’s the luck of the draw, it’s genetically determined. This is such a short time, when you look at the billions of eons that the universe has existed; we are just a temporary splash of life. Really, we matter not.

There’s an old adage…

Enjoy life now, because you are a long time dead.

Split Days

I hate shit, ah split days. No, I was right the first time, shit days. They give me time for nothing. Yesterday was another of those ‘canceled’ days, one that just seemed to slip off the calendar. I managed to do justice to a CTWW post and throw a video up on my Nether Region, but that was it. I had to go into town before work and check with the rental agency, then I went to get some ground white pepper from the only place that I know that has bulk ground white pepper and guess what, NO freakin’ ground white pepper, and no idea when they will have it again. Van to work, work, bus to supermarket for some therapy, therapy… Oh, I love shopping, all those bottles of wine I can’t afford, home, put away my therapy. Eat turkey salad sandwich made in  half a French roll for lunch, watch news. Nap, deal with diarrhea from damned sandwich  and back to work…..

All the above was done in 35+⁰C (about 95F).

The forecast was for tropical storm in the afternoon. Weather forecasters never get it right. Tropical storm clouds gathered, then went home. Today the forecast is again for said tropical storm in the afternoon, let’s see if they can get it right this time. Looking out the window (I haven’t opened the front door yet), it appears as though it will be hot enough to generate the clouds again.

Then I saw this… “Normal is just a knob on the washing machine.” I love that.

One of my students sent me this:

The four bottles if life… I figure that I am still somewhere between 3 & 4. Like I haven’t finished three yet, but I see 4 looming on the horizon. Actually, that’s not totally true. Yesterday I did a test from the exercise book with the same student. It was a body age vs calendar age thing. Despite my being 60 and my debauched lifestyle, my body is only 53… Okay, so maybe I lied with one question, should be 54. But that’s not too bad for a lad of my age. I had to laugh at his result, he is 28 but his lifestyle dictates that his body is already 31. So I had the last laugh.

Time for shower and see what the day brings.


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