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Yes, today is free!

So far, it hasn’t cost a penny.

I have finally found the perfect ‘Enter’ key for my keyboard…



As soon as I find out where they sell these, I’ll let you know. This was posted on Wine Wankers today, hop across for more laffs.

The post made me chortle into my coffee.

Another Friday in which I woke confused, was it indeed Friday, or was my mind playing tricks again?

My comment about Linux elicited a comment. After I had replied to same, I realised it was a worthy rant…


2010_onethemea little more than a year ago, I experimented with Mandriva Linux, I even bought a new pc with it installed.

Basically, I liked it as a user, but it’s too piecemeal. In nine months, I never successfully installed a programme. Remember, I tried this as a serious attempt to get away from the ubiquitous Microsoft.

While, I can find my way around many things with a pc and do many things, I am not geek enough to cope with Linux. It needs a central core, it needs to be organised, so that real people can use it, it needs to be simplified and taken out of the realm of the geek.

It is this lack of cohesion that has made Microsoft so bloody powerful and god-like.


Sunny day out there. I have yet to participate. I may, I may not. In all probability, a nap will take precedence.

The result of making spring rolls yesterday

The result of making spring rolls yesterday

My kitchen looks like a disaster area.

I could put my big-boy pants on and deal with it, but I don’t want to get my hands wet.

I will probably face the kitchen sink when it becomes obvious that I need to eat.

But that won’t happen before a nap. One must retain one’s priorities.

I should also remove the beer bottles from the living room, unsightly. I had some beer during Wednesday’s football match on the telly. I am a messy boy this week.

Lunch today will be mincemeat-something. I haven’t decided on mincemeat-what yet.

Now about that nap…


Caught with my Pants Down

I woke this morning at 5:30 to find that there’s been a power cut and my PC was struggling, gasping to restart, but something was amiss. Something was missing, a .dll file from the ROOT.

It was rooted!

pirate-copy-18707168I struggled with the beast until I was ready to wring its bloody neck. I had to reload this file, and this file didn’t want to be reloaded. I couldn’t get a peep out of my XP installation disk. I have had this problem before, and decided I needed a new disk. Leaving the house at 8am, I discovered that the sellers of such things as pirate disks at the bus station aren’t as eager to sell them as I was in buying one. I was too early.

Nothing was going to be open until nine. I went and got my haircut; No’ 1 comb all over. I’ll get ribbed about that later. I get my hair and beard cut about four times a year. I tell the guys at the botequim, ‘meu tosa e banho anual’ (my yearly trim and shampoo at the pet clinic).

8:44 and counting… I made, hobbling, it to the Info Shopping (type of mall with many little PC shops) in time for the doors to open. One of the fregües (regulars) from the botequim works there.

XPI left 15 minuts later with a pretty pink disk labeled ‘Com amour e carinho XP’ (with love and a hug XP).

To end a long and complicated tale, I finally got my PC up and running and was back on the air at 10:30.

So, a little blogging and it was time for a nap.

I made springish rolls for lunch, springish because spring rolls are a vege thing, and I added some mincemeat. Watched the news and it was time to renap. The first nap was in lieu of my early rising, the renap was my normal after lunch snooze.

Too much garlic sauce in the springish rolls, woke as thirsty as.

It’s been one of those days, caught with my pants down.

It has been cool and sunny most of the day, but there are dark clouds looming on the horizon. To complete my day it only needs to rain when I walk to work at 5pm.

iPad-KeynoteMicrosoft-Office-ExportMicrosoft-in-the-head has finally released Office for iPad, but there’s a catch, you can read, but unless you buy a licence, you can’t use.

I just read this; “With the much-hyped Windows 8 having experienced lacklustre adoption, we believe investors will be looking for hints or previews around Windows 9 and subsequent updates to Windows 8.1…”

Lacklustre??? means Windows 8 is a flop, as I predicted. I don’t care if pigs manage to fly, unless Microsoft-in-the-head goes back to XP, they’ll starve. XP was the last and best version. Nothing has succeeded since.

The world really needs an organised Linux.



High on the list of probabilities

Erick & Ellen 2002

That I am not going to complete my obligations today. What I am saying is there won’t be a Sunday Travel Tales and some other posts.

My kids didn’t forget Father’s Day. No presents, but who needs them when your daughter rings and says “I love you Daddy!”

The photo hasn’t been cropped because in the change over from Linux to XP I haven’t organised my graphic programmes yet. But that photo was taken the week after they came into my life, Erick was 7 and Ellen 3. Next month, she’ll be 13.

Watching her and her brothers and sister grow has been my Father’s Day present for each the last 10 years.

Fast becoming a young lady

There, that was my Father’s Day. Who could wish for more?

After four very frustrating days during the change over of systems and having no sound. I finally found a driver that would run the sound card on XP. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack.

Forlornly I looked, downloaded and tried and cried. I was in the process of giving up, until I found a site that told me where to find the serial number of my machine. Once I had the full name of the driver, I had two more failures because of bad file and corrupt unzips, then on the third time…


So I wasted the rest of the day watching Ice Age 4, the download finished this morning. Now the sun is going down, darkness dictates that if I don’t turn on the light, I won’t see to finish this post.

Chateau de Tap

Lunch was a raging success, another of my slapdash recipes. Franks and homemade relish with grated ricotta cheese on top accompanied by that ever present bottle of chilled Chateau de Tap.

It is now nearly 5pm, and by all my beliefs, that makes it beer o’clock. I believe I will have a beer.

Just because it is Sunday, doesn’t mean I should be deprived of the weekend spirit.

Tomorrow, by all reckoning is Monday; and if it follows the rules, is a recipe for disaster. I have no faith in Mondays.


I’m not stupid, but…

I’m not. Truly.

This I can do, but Linux is more difficult

But Linux has made a fool of me. I gave it a go, Nine months I have persevered with the vagaries of Linux, double clicks and all. Finally, yesterday I lost my sound. I spent the afternoon looking at how to restore my sound. Linux is just too complicated for an average Joe, even an intelligent one like me.

4pm yesterday

I fired up an old drive with Windows XP

I have thrown in the towel. I am, reluctantly, going back to Windows. Linux will never be serious competition until they make it user friendly and not a friggin’ jigsaw puzzle. It’s okay if you’re a Geek, but alas, a Geek I am not.

So, my blogging has been a bit thin on the ground yesterday and today, as I switch between one and the other HD. Later today, I need t find the driver for the sound card in my ‘new’ PC, the old HD never had the driver installed.

[Lunch Break]

Back. Well, that was nice; an inch thick pork loin chop,  with roast potatoes and gravy, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Eau de Tap.

I must away, and see if I can resolve the remaining problems, by applying my limited Geekery skills. At least when you install something, Windows does it.

If you want a laugh about the Mars landing, check out my Nether Region.


I have been procrastinating again. I actually opened this new post page yesterday and looked at it guiltily all day.

New year resolutions are for fools. I don’t, that way I never fail to disappoint myself. I win!

It is true, that the world is going to end in January 2012, I don’t care what the Mayan Calendar says, nor am I referring to it’s dire predictions.

Stupid Freakin' Little Robots

BBBrazil 12 – Reality TV show begins on the 10th January, to me that signifies the end of the world.

Stupid freakin’ little robots blinking inanely at you for three months.

The TV ads started a couple of weeks ago, and the frequency is increasing.

I shudder and want to cringe gibbering in the corner every time I see one. I begin mumbling incoherently to myself at the nauseous assumptions that I am going to ‘love’ the new season. Seven nights a week with a special on Sundays. I would prefer waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay.

Better than Coffee

I have found the cure! No, not for cancer, nor AIDS, although I admit that would be pretty spectacular too. Coffee just wasn’t doing the trick yesterday, hence my procrastination.

So I stuck my finger in the USB socket on my pc and ran DEFRAG… made me feel a whole lot better.

This year has just zipped by, the zipping seems to become faster with each passing year as though on an exponential curve. What is it with this perception? It’s as though we are in a bad play and can’t wait to get to the final act. When you think about, life is a bad play sometimes. Hold that thought, I will return to it, although maybe not today.

Kim Jong-un

I saw a photo of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un today and burst out laughing. He looks like a Telly Tubby, but a bit more dangerous.

It’s going to take the rest of the day to get that idea out of my head. What a way to spend the penultimate day of the year.

Now I am totally frustrated. I wanted to put a North Korean flag on his belly. In Corel Draw or PhotoShop that is a simple task, but using Linux and Gimp freakin’ well impossible. I just can’t get my head around that programme, stupid shit.

I’ll be glad when I get out of this Linux and back to Microsoft (wash my mouth out with soap). I never thought I would say that. I hate Microsoft and everything it stands for, but there is no substitute as far as being user-friendly and having great software to use on it. Linux gives me the shits as far as being complicated beyond the normal person goes. But I gave it six months, I have persisted and I have failed miserably.

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