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Lie kid’ll armpit

brazil-loss-to-germany-memeThere, figure that one out before the end of this post.

Sweet dreams are made of these… It came to me at some stage through the night. I had to get up at 2:30am to write it down for fear of forgetting it. It’s an entry from an old book called New Zild and How to Speak it.

There are many jokes around the net about the Brazilian catastrophe. I think that this was the best. Given the levels of agony, sadness and shame experienced by Brazil, you have to bounce back.

Personally, I was so affected by the drama, that several times I found myself  trying to move the cursor with my cigarette packet instead of the mouse; taking time to recognise the error.  When you sink to this level of desperation, it’s definitely time for more coffee.

At least Brazil’s defeat provided some excitement, unlike yesterday’s game, Holland vs Argentina which prompted on commentator on BBC to say that the tedium of a game of chess is more exciting. I was in class, so I didn’t see the game, but I had the BBC page open for live comments on the game. I saw the last few minutes of extra time and the shoot out, that was exciting.

The upshot is that Brazil now play Holland on Saturday for third place, surely we can manage that. Dutch manager is grumbling about their ignominious fate.

Headline news! Justin Bieber got two years probation for the hideous offence of vandalism. Why didn’t the judge just give him a red card and send him home? Or at least ban him from singing ever again, now that would be a community service.

Pamploma – image: BBC

Two men were gored by bulls in the annual Pamploma Bull Run. Idiots abound.

No sympathies from this quarter.

FIFA are a bunch of bloody cowards. In the matter of the Colombian who destroyed the Brazilian team, they have found no cause to interfere with the referee’s decision. That’s the whole point, the referee didn’t make a decision.

Maybe FIFA should be sent to Pamploma… Let the bulls make a decision, or an incision or two.

erdinger-weissbierJust in… No, not the Bieber again! News.

A pub in Galway, Ireland reduced the price of a pint of Erdinger by 50 cents for every German goal; by the end of the night punters were paying 50p a pint, the poor bar manager was in a state of panic.

Apparently it paid off, because the pub was packed for the next semi the following night.

Been trying to rain all day, it wets the ground a bit, then buggers off; an hour later, it does it again. The day is so dull that I have the light on.

I must blog along, the emails about comments and visits have mounted up again.

I’ll leave you with this bit of real estate news…


Oh, I am a naughty boy.

Did you manage to figure out the post title?

Try this: “Like it, or lump it” But if you are a Kiwi or not, that’s the way we talk.

Later. (I’m lying this time)


In as Few Words as Possible

Dont-Follow-MeI woke, I blogged, I read the news, I napped, I made lunch, I printed the remaining pages of my book, I blogged some more, I read the news – again.

Now I am here.

Devoid of inspiration.

I have one class tonight, in an hour.

Logo_Flamengo_4Last night my team, Flamengo won the Brazil Cup in Football – 2-0 at Maracanã Stadium.

Big party at the botequim where I watched the first half.

The second half I enjoyed from the safety of the sofa with cheese and port.

Cloro does not like the celebratory fireworks and watched from under the bed.

More news tomorrow.


How to Avoid Mondays


Every home, office and factory should have one.

Once Monday is deactivated the coffee machine starts automatically.

OMG, I need one of these.

We’re back to inclement weather. The sun has gone, but we did have a fine weekend.

The new Maracanã football stadium saw it’s first official game yesterday. Brazil vs England 2-2.


Still, a draw is better than getting your nose rubbed first time up in a multimillion dollar refurbish, and that looked like a definite possibility until very late in the second half.

I slept through the first half; an afternoon nap. I woke to 0-0 half time, so I missed little.

Lunch yesterday, hamburgers and wine, dinner yesterday, hamburgers and beer. I didn’t feel like doing anything extravagant, but at least I didn’t repeat the lunchtime wine, that’s what made me sleepy and miss the first half.

This is my ‘beefless‘ week, so lunch today, ham and mushroom quiche. *Looks at clock* Time I made the pastry. No wine today, I have classes.

Still no sign of my Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine, however, I still have hopes to see him as a moth. How long do they remain as a chrysalis? I must google that.


Rolinha roxa

I swept the yard yesterday, including the remains of some of Lixo’s hunting activities, two birds and a mouse. No sooner did I turn my back and there were feathers everywhere!

He’d caught another rolinha. They’re the main ones he catches, the other birds are too smart.

They’re a sort of dovey kind of bird.

Back to sweeping the yard again. Lixo sat and watched, quite disgusted that I would treat his trophy like that. On to the compost heap and buried, quite undignified.

Must off and make pastry.



1tumucumaqueLike the title?

Did you try to say it?

Tumucumaque is a national park established ten years ago in the state of Amapa in the northeast of Brazil.

I had never heard of it before last night when Globo Reporter excelled itself and produced a phenomenal programme, which is a rarity for Brazilian TV.

One of the amazing inhabitants

An amazing place, parts have never seen the footprints of man. During the reportage, just a few days, one biologist identified 70 new species of spider.

Tomorrow’ Nature Ramble on Eco-Crap will have more details.

Three years after being closed, the world famous Maracanã Football Stadium is open today for a friendly match between Brazil’s famous footballers. This is the final shakedown to make sure that everything is working before the international friendly between Brazil and England in June.

Today didn’t go as planned. I decided to have a rest and get some fresh air for the afternoon, something I don’t get enough of, so not a lot of blogging got done. But, I did manage to cut my toenails.

Just as I crossed the road, some friends I hadn’t seen for a while where having a beer in front of the botequim. Churlish to refuse an invitation, so even less blogging got done.

Now I will see if the damage can be repaired…


Is 13 a lucky number?

All this fuss about finding water on Mars, finding beer would be sure proof of life

All this fuss about finding water on Mars, finding beer would be sure proof of life

Good question. I ask it because my previous post about Lagunilla got 13 likes.

I’ve never had so many likes before, it was wonderful, a real morale booster.

Thanks you all for taking the time to click the ‘Like’ button, appreciated.

Tuesday already. Monday was a typical Monday, my new afternoon student didn’t show, my evening student cancelled, and I got to work for my late afternoon students, and they didn’t show.

I’m broke, no money until tomorrow. I had the month planned beautifully, but a succession of private students not arriving for lessons botched my plans completely. Private students pay better than working for a course, but the problems that arise from private students cause stress, a course, there is no stress.

The old Maracanã

The old Maracanã

Big fuss in Rio at the moment. The famous Maracanã stadium, symbol of Brazilian football (soccer for our American cousins)  is being reformed for the 2014 World Cup. The city council have floated the idea of privatising it. How bloody absurd, people are not happy.

Such a national symbol should not be in private hands.

Time for lunch, a nap and work.


Farting with Confidence

Raw power

Well, after last Sunday and a very shaky start to the week, I am finally firing on all cylinders. It’s 4:50am and I’m on my first coffee for the day and I can finally fart with confidence.

Last night for dinner I had pizza. I ordered a ‘Maracanã’ half mushrooms and half ‘4 cheese’. Oh, a Maracanã is the next size after gigantic/giant (40cm). It’s the latest craze here in Rio, at 45cm, it’s more than a mouthful.  I managed a little more than a quarter of the beast. Not eating much since Sunday, my stomach had shrunk and I didn’t take that into account. Talk about eyes bigger than your belly.

My mind is like a sieve, several times over the last couple of days, something has crossed my mind making me think, now there’s something to add in a post, and that’s the last I saw of the idea.

The ideas must escape when I blow my nose. I am still doing a lot of that since the ‘flu. It really has been a bad couple of weeks.

I’ll go and get some more coffee and the day will look better and brighter as the house fills with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.


Later, perhaps.


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