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Atlas 1Yay for Atlas!

I have an Atlas in my kitchen!

Ahem, minus the penis… One of those in the house is enough.

It arrived a half hour ago.

Old stoves now in the yard. new stove installed, already made coffee with it.

What did you expect? Of course I made coffee with it, I had to make sure it knew how to make coffee!

The water boiled so quickly, it was incredible; and to think I suffered five years with the old ones.

I have to arrange a power point for the  auto starter and oven light, but that’s not a priority at the moment. I can continue to use my recycled cigarette lighters as I have always done. Maybe one day…

I can go to work today with an easy mind, and pay my bills on time tomorrow.

I read in the news today that another teenage girl in Britain has killed herself with this cyber bullying on FaceBook. Extremely sad to see young people using the net so cruelly. Parents need to educate their kids, at the slightest sign of bullying, close your account, don’t be pressured into suffering. Having a FB account is not obligatory, if you close it, it’s not the end of the world.

On Sunday my blog was visited again with 1630+ hits. I caught it this time and watched the live Feedjit link as the hits were coming every few seconds. It has to be a ‘bot’. And there’s no way I can block it having a free WordPress account. If I had a paid account, I could install plugins that would deals with it. But WP is so bloody primitive and backward that a free account doesn’t have these options. That’s the main reason why Blogspot will always win hands down, but then because of the caustic nature of some of my blogs, they can’t be trusted.

The cool didn’t last long, it was just a one day cool; back to being hot and sunny again with a slight breeze to make it tolerable.

I have just watched Marmite’s new ad. I think it’s brilliant, it brought tears to my eyes (being a Marmite lover).

I can’t get over the fact that 250+ thinned-skinned idiots have nothing better to do than complain about it.

Unloved and forgotten, thousands of Marmite jars across the UK are being neglected. This year alone, over 1 in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months. Through this latest Marmite advert, we’ve launched an urgent appeal to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and promote kindness to all Marmite jars. Get involved now http://www.endmarmiteneglect.comYouTube blurb

Some people really need to get a life.

Time for a nap before work.Later.

The Sun is Out

For three days I have been trying to think of a provocative and illuminating title for this post and all I could come up with is the sun is out.

While it’s true, it’s hardly provocative nor illuminating.

As a responsible blogger one tends to look for the best, but it doesn’t always happen.

The sun is out, it’s still cloudy, but the day looks promising after five days of solid cloud, rain and cold nights. The rain we have had has threatened the hill country of the state and there have been landslides, houses destroyed and people evacuated in the same areas that had over 900 deaths a year ago.

Old Marmite Jar

Yesterday I had a visitor, he’s a chemistry teacher who has taught himself English over the course of 20 years; he’s pretty good actually, but because of a lack of opportunity to speak, he is not fluent. The subject turned to things like peanut butter, black sludge and then Marmite (another form of black sludge).

I have talked about Marmite before, about a month ago in a post Black Sludge on Toast, but the matter in hand was that Marmite is not, to my knowledge, available in Brazil.

BTW, if you remember the old jars like the one pictured here, you are older than me. I had one, it was raided from my mother’s ‘jar cupboard’ in the laundry to use in my lab in the garage. You see at age 13 and all through high school I was a chemistry buff. My jar held the residue of an experiment, arsenic nitrate. I had many little jars with arsenic compunds. My father had a large can of arsenic trioxide, he used it in the garden, and of course what budding chemist could resist the temptation to experiment?

While I am writing this I am scouring blogs and sites that might tell me that Marmite is indeed available in Brazil. I found this description “it’s like a dark brown, salty honey” on Eat Rio. Well, no luck on the buying, but I have discovered that one can ‘make’ Marmite. It’s a longish process, taking ten days according to The English Can Cook, and one needs to be located near a brewery. Marmite is based on beer scum, or the top fermentation of brewer’s yeast.

The above blog is also cited by The Press, a Christchurch newspaper, so it must be on the right track, DIY Marmite only for the Brave. New Zealand is suffering because of a Marmite-famine caused by a fire at the only factory that makes the stuff.

So much for that black sludge. I had a can of the other black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout) yesterday in the presence of an AMBev rep, and inquired of him when his company would be supplying this heaven-sent nectar. He was, ahhh, non-commital.

I think that about does it for now. Maybe a Travel post later, haven’t a clue at the moment what it will be.


Black Sludge on Toast

Yesterday, I wrote about bliss.

Today, something similar, close to bliss, nostalgia, the taste of one’s childhood.

Black sludge on toast… Marmite

Marmite was a strange stuff, it came from a jar and was spread thinly on toast for breakfast, and if you were really unlucky and your mother had run the gamut of her imagination, you got it in your sandwiches for school lunch too.

On enquiry as to the origins of Marmite, one discovered that while mother knew a lot, she couldn’t really define Marmite.

She bought Vegemite once, and once only. It tasted funny, it came from Australia, but it wasn’t Marmite.

I only really found out the whole story from a post I included on Things that Fizz & Stuff. Interesting, it took me sixty years to discover the mystery of Marmite.

“The story really begins in the late 19th Century, when an edible by-product was first extracted from the yeast used by brewers to make beer. In 1902, Britain’s Marmite Extract Food Company came into being, taking its name from the French word “marmite”, for large pot.” – BBC News

Life moves at a leisurely pace.

Traditions in Peril

When I was a kid, thousands of years ago, we had Marmite.

I loved my Marmite on toast, or in sandwiches.

We also that that Australian imitation junk called Vegemite, which was even in the same category and refused by all in the family.

So it was disturbing to find that the earthquakes last year (and continuing trembles) in Christchurch damaged not only the famous cathedral, but also New Zealand’s only Marmite factory.

The Guardian: Marmite shortage leaves New Zealanders spreading themselves thin

This is such a disaster as to have made it into the international news. It leaves me wondering whether the NZ government will keep the news from the ‘mainstream media’ as a measure of national security. It ranks among such imagined disasters as Winnie the Pooh without Hunny.

Marmite on Toast

It has been 16 years since I last had Marmite due to my geographic relocation to South America. The third world has not been blessed with such endemic pleasures.

The British version doesn’t cut the mustard either and has been rejected out of hand as a substitute.

The report suggests that supermarkets are already out of some sizes and stocks could be depleted within weeks; with no respite until July. The makers, Sanatarium, are considering rationing the stuff, and Twitter even has a hashtag #Marmitecrisis, such is the level of concern over this natural disaster.

Today is Monday. I know it is Monday because of the way it started.

4am – Up for a pee and back to bed

4.10 – still tossing and turning, get up to read emails

5.30 – back to bed

5:31 – fly annoying me, pull up sheet

5.32 – fly finds nose is out of the sheet

5.33 – can’t stand it, get up

5.34 – find there is no coffee left to reheat for that morning emergency

5.44 – first coffee

6.30 – back for snooze

6.31 – Lixo finds big toe and decides this is fun

6.32 – convince Lixo to leave toe alone, a swift kick to the head, it was the knee-jerk reaction of a very sleepy person.

6.45 – dog next door goes berserk, yap, yap, yap, effin’ yap!

6.50 – decide that today is Monday and there’s no use fighting it.


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