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Listening for the rumble…

Must go to store and buy new calendar

Well, yesterday I had hoped for a ripple, and today the day, not even a rumble.

Have we been duped again?

Here in Brazil it’s nearly 11am, which means it’s 2am on the 22nd in New Zealand, and I have scanned the news and apparently New Zealand is still there, and Google Earth shows no gaping hole where Australia should be.

Oh well, all that hype for nothing. I guess I will have to pay for the beer after all. I was informed yesterday by a realiable source, that should the world end and we all finish up on the other side that there the beer was free… sounded a bit like heaven to me.

As I said, it is 11am here, already the day is hot, the fan is blowing hot air, Lixo is looking for a cold place to cat nap, I even let my coffee get cold so I would break out in a sweat drinking it.

Looks like the USA is about to meet the ‘fiscal cliff’. The Republicans have withdrawn their Plan B and there is nothing else on the table that would appease the Obama admin, and there is unlikely to be within the next ten days.

I rather hope that the moment arrives, because it’s about the only thing that shows promise of a solution to the greed of the 1%, the bankers and Wall Street. Of course, it will have serious ramifications for the rest of the world, but given the current climate, I think it is necessary to bring the world back to some form of sanity because anything suggested by the government would take eons to reduce the debt and reduce spending. It might just bring America to heel with regard to military spending. No money, can’t fight wars and kill innocents. The whole system has become one massive failure.

Maybe that’s what the Mayans were on about…

Ah, a rumble!

Is it happening?

But alas no, it was just the truck delivering beer to the botequim next door. At least there will be beer this weekend.


A bit dramatic…

I saw this photo on a friend’s blog…

…and I thought, “Wow! It’s started, the end of the world!”

But apparently it is only a sun pillar. I was rather disappointed despite it being rather spectacular. A sun-pillar reflects light from a Sun setting over Östersund, Sweden.

The world has been rather preoccupied over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, me too. I have put a lot of thinking time into the incident, and like many people asking myself, “Why?” I have found the answer, although most people won’t; headlines and hysteria will blind them, as they have blinded Obama. You’ll find my thoughts on my blog They say it’s in the Genes.

Damn, WordPress is not behaving: I can’t add images, nor links… http://avgenes.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/headlines-hysteria/ so there’s the url. I managed the above image, because I posted it to my Blogspot blog then ctrl c, ctrl v it here.

I can’t sleep, it’s too hot. I have had five cold showers in the last two hours to cool off wet under the fan, but it’s not working. That combined with the bare bones ideas for this post coursing through my mind, sleep has eluded me entirely.

The world is due to end on Friday.

Now that’s rather a dramatic event, or at least it should be. I had considered rushing off to some exotic locale like Milliways to watch it all. Milliways, you ask? Yes, that’s the restaurant at the end of the universe where you can watch the end of the universe over breakfast.

But the end of the universe is a bit far, and there are no buses from Rio…

So I thought it prudent that I should watch the world ending whilst indulging in a can of black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout) from my local botequim, which is almost next door and I don’t need a bus; it’s so close that I don’t even use my walking stick.

The botequim is where I often sit to watch the world passing, kids playing in the park, lovers necking on the benches and the council rubbish truck passing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I thought that as it was only the world ending, and not the universe, a much more modest locale would suite.

Now there are somethings that are worrying me about this Mayan Calendar End of the World Thing.

The Mayans never actually predicted anything, in fact, not even their own demise, but then neither did the Romans.

What has got everyone’s tits in a tangle is that the Mayan Calendar finishes on the 21st December 2012.

My kitchen calendar finishes on the 31st December every year and I just hop along to the bookshop and buy a new one and the world continues as though nothing untoward has happened; that is if you ignore the New Year hangover.

So I suspect that nothing is going to happen on the 21st either, but I’ll be at the botequim, just in case. At worst, we’ll have a refreshing thunderstorm about 4pm after another intolerably hot day and I’ll get wet walking to work for evening classes.

NB: This post is not exactly as I would have liked it due to WordPress problems, I only hope it publishes okay.

I have been procrastinating again. I actually opened this new post page yesterday and looked at it guiltily all day.

New year resolutions are for fools. I don’t, that way I never fail to disappoint myself. I win!

It is true, that the world is going to end in January 2012, I don’t care what the Mayan Calendar says, nor am I referring to it’s dire predictions.

Stupid Freakin' Little Robots

BBBrazil 12 – Reality TV show begins on the 10th January, to me that signifies the end of the world.

Stupid freakin’ little robots blinking inanely at you for three months.

The TV ads started a couple of weeks ago, and the frequency is increasing.

I shudder and want to cringe gibbering in the corner every time I see one. I begin mumbling incoherently to myself at the nauseous assumptions that I am going to ‘love’ the new season. Seven nights a week with a special on Sundays. I would prefer waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay.

Better than Coffee

I have found the cure! No, not for cancer, nor AIDS, although I admit that would be pretty spectacular too. Coffee just wasn’t doing the trick yesterday, hence my procrastination.

So I stuck my finger in the USB socket on my pc and ran DEFRAG… made me feel a whole lot better.

This year has just zipped by, the zipping seems to become faster with each passing year as though on an exponential curve. What is it with this perception? It’s as though we are in a bad play and can’t wait to get to the final act. When you think about, life is a bad play sometimes. Hold that thought, I will return to it, although maybe not today.

Kim Jong-un

I saw a photo of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un today and burst out laughing. He looks like a Telly Tubby, but a bit more dangerous.

It’s going to take the rest of the day to get that idea out of my head. What a way to spend the penultimate day of the year.

Now I am totally frustrated. I wanted to put a North Korean flag on his belly. In Corel Draw or PhotoShop that is a simple task, but using Linux and Gimp freakin’ well impossible. I just can’t get my head around that programme, stupid shit.

I’ll be glad when I get out of this Linux and back to Microsoft (wash my mouth out with soap). I never thought I would say that. I hate Microsoft and everything it stands for, but there is no substitute as far as being user-friendly and having great software to use on it. Linux gives me the shits as far as being complicated beyond the normal person goes. But I gave it six months, I have persisted and I have failed miserably.

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