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I got all excited

Indeed, I was all a dither.

No, no, not with the football, that was to come later.


It’s not a myth, my sink does have a bottom

I actually got so carried away that I did the dishes.

Yes, I found the bottom of the kitchen sink… it’s still there.

Such a rare and momentous occasion, I took a photo, because I know by comments, that some may actually doubt that the bottom of my kitchen sink is ever visible.

Anticipating the cup already

Anticipating the cup already

Later, I got all excited again. This time it was the football. Brazil vs Chile. I wore my new investment.

We had a good crowd at the botequim. I wasn’t the only one dressed in his Brazilian finery. We had our funny hats too.

Esstential tools for football watching

Essential tools for football watching

Following the win, I broke out my bottle of Johnny Walker reserved for such occasions.


We settled down for the two hour wait for the next game Colombia vs Uruguay, Colombia sent Uruguay packing 2-0.

So Brazil plays Colombia in the quarter finals.

Much merriment, as can be seen in the following video clip.

So, I got all excited twice yesterday.

Now, I’m off to watch the rest of Holland vs Mexico…



Not until we’re in bed, then touching is compulsory.

Clorinha is a biter. Try and pet her around the house and 90% of the time you get bitten.

Once I’m in bed, she jumps up, jumps across me and boomps me in the face. Pets accepted. She boomps me, she smooches she kneads me with her little claws and purrs like crazy; but only in bed.

kittencellphoneWeird cat.

More toilet paper in the kitty litter… A conundrum. I hope she never figures out how to use my cellphone. She’ll be ringing “I can haz cheeseburger!”

Hype. Lots of fireworks in the area. Brazil is playing Mexico today at 4pm.

Belgium is playing Algeria at the moment, another ho-hum game, so I am here.

China executed 13 Uighur terrorists yesterday, complaining about terrorism. China doesn’t seem to realise that it is the terrorist. If China hadn’t invaded the Uighur lands, the Uighurs would be living peacefully together. It’s the same with Tibet, China is the invader and the terrorist. But the world sits quietly back and watches.

Visited a blog yesterday as a result of a Like on one of mine. The text was exaggerated, obviously designed for small devices. I tried to read it to be fair, but it was so uncomfortable, that I gave up despite the interesting subject.

Lunch has been had. I have tried to nap without success. That’s why I got up and made lunch.

I got up at 8:46am, which left me puzzled, because after posting on most blogs and umpteen coffees, I lay down to have a nap… at 8:46am.

After a few moments deliberation taken to examine this anomaly, I checked the PC clock, it was in fact 11:30.

I won! Momentarily. I tickled Clorinha under the chin for a few moments without being savaged; then she jumped on the printer and exacted retribution on my big toe. Oh, well.

Try and do that nap-thing again.


A Lumbering Start

Cure all

Cure all

Today did not start well.

Still have a belly ache, but it is subsiding with the help of the milk of magnesia that I got this morning.

What really pissed me off today was that I discovered that my digital camera had been stolen. I used it on Saturday, but in my rush to clear up the BBQ I had left it on the table in the yard.

I discovered its absence this morning. It’s pretty obvious where it went as the only person to have been in my house was the laundry lady on Sunday morning who hung clothes alongside the table. Missing also was R$2 in coins I had left on the coffee table; this had happened once before, about six weeks ago with a R$2 note.

I was so rattled after discovering the theft, I couldn’t even nap. Then my afternoon student rang and cancelled. Okay that’s when I was off with a hiss and a roar. I went out for some therapy.

One of these

One of these

I bought some new handkerchiefs, milk of magnesia and then went hunting.

I found my prey after visiting three shops; a nice little Canon digital camera. I don’t feel so bad now and managed a nap when I got home.

Now I have to learn my new camera.

This time I’ll be a little more careful.

Oh, and the laundry lady, she’ll be getting a don’t-bother-coming-back when she turns up next week.

Now all that remains is to find a replacement laundry lady, or I could buy a washing machine; I’ve got the money there to pay cash.

1mensalãoBrazil has arrested most of the politicians and bankers that were found guilty in the mensalão scandal, although one escaped to Italy. It will remain to be seen how long they stay in prison. Some have already applied for habeus corpus, which is used far to flippantly here. Brazil’s justice system is a real mockery. Half of the accused, those sentenced to less than 8 years will start off spending only the night in prison, they will be allowed out during the day. Several more, who were sentenced to lesser terms (2 or 3 years), will never see jail, because they will be serving community based sentences. What a bunch of clowns?

The naughty Toronto mayors loses more powers…

Looks like New Zealand has lost its bid for the FIFA World Cup. Mex vs NZ last week, 5-1; next play off is on the 20th, Wednesday in New Zealand. There needs to be a miracle.

Looks like the beginning of the end, just had a nasty altercation with the bathroom. Looks like the old ENOs ad “If the bottom’s falling out of your world… take ENOs and let the world fall…”

With that inspirational thought.


Uphill till Humpday

monday_coffee_beansSitting here, staring at the screen, wondering what to write.

With any luck, if I can keep up the waffle, it may just turn into a post.

Gnomes, now there’s a go. I have never discussed gnomes before. I don’t like garden gnomes. I think they are pathetic. But that view is not shared by everybody. I have discovered there is a movement (and blogs) to protect gnomes from garden slavery. It’s nice to see people worrying about the important things in life instead of hindering life-threatening things like fracking for oil.

David Cameron, the British prime minister, is touting Britons to get behind fracking. Silly bastard can’t get his eyes above his money belt. All he can see is lots and lots of pounds from the trillions of barrels that lay under the British Isles. No matter if he has to destroy the place to get it.

First Uruguay, and now Mexico is thinking seriously about legalising cannabis. This debacle has gone on long enough. The USA is reviewing the criminal justice system by removing mandatory prison and minimal sentencing for some drugs; the problem there is that prisons are too full, the government can’t afford them.

Awesome beast

Awesome beast

The fastest airplane ever built, SR 71, was mothballed some years back. Now the Americans are rethinking the idea. Technology has never come up with anything close to the Blackbird.

Three times the speed of sound, higher than anything with jet engines can go, can outstrip any missile defence system on the planet.

Now with the threats of hacking and the possibility that defences could be compromised, they have discovered that they need this ‘antiquated’ technology as a surveillance backup. The Blackbird may fly again.

autismFor the last few years I have been considering the possibility that I may suffer from autism, mildly, but I have always been fascinated by spinning things to the point of being mesmerized by them, one of the signs of being autistic. I’ve never been into head-banging, that hurts.

I often find myself giggling, and often I prefer to be alone, but there are many of those symptoms that are not in my repertoire.

Well, I must spin right along, an hour to make myself socially respectable and get to class.


Leave you with this from way back 1968, New Zealand band Simple Image.

No Crash, No Bang!

frozen-fish-2The crashing and banging has stopped, no more broken plates.

I am at present thawing out my fish for lunch… and it is nearly 3pm. Looks like I’m having fish for dinner.

I watched the Brazil vs Mexico game yesterday afternoon, my student thoughtfully cancelled, wasn’t that nice.

I figure that Brazil’s star Neymar is beginning to suffer from old age at 21. The Japanese game last week he scored the first goal at 3 minutes, it took him 9 minutes against Mexico; he’s slowing up. He’ll be on a walking stick before he’s 25 at that rate.

I drank that Stout/Porter (last post) during the game, it’s nothing to write home about, tasted a bit like a caramel popsicle. I discovered that it is a Brazilian brew. When I was at the supermarket I didn’t have my glasses, couldn’t read the fine print. It’s brewed in Teresópolis… the mountain area of Rio de Janeiro state, so instead of having a fancy imported brew, it came from just up the road… massive let down.

I have come to the conclusion that Brazil doesn’t have a decent beer, it’s either lager or sweet black shit. Brazilians get most upset when I tell them their beer is for ladies and gaily overt homosexuals.

Late class tonight, that’s why I get a chance to write something ridiculous for you to read. Hating these split days, I seem to be perpetually tired. Tomorrow my morning student has cancelled, and no evening classes… Hey, I just realised I have a three-day weekend.

My friend Grace is opening her barzinho/restaurant thingy tomorrow. I’m going round to have lunch, taking a bottle of Italian fizzy Rosé with me to wet the baby’s head. Grace complained when I told her of my plan, can’t go drinking at work. I just told her start as you mean to carry on…. she just smiled. I’ll take the camera with me, so there may be a photo of the enterprise.

Now with apologies to the late Freddy Mercury…

Then, I saw this…



An Inextricable Link


Yes, there is… an inextricable link between the cigarette and the written word.

Yesterday, without making plans, nor indeed, with the intention… I gave up smoking.

Just stopped from 40+ daily to zero.

The stamp to the right has nothing to do with the post, although the subject matter is akin. I just like it, my boyhood stamp collecting fervor has never really left.

I am in front of my PC for most part of each day, as most of you know, I have eight blogs to maintain. That is a lot each day, I don’t always succeed, but the spirit is there. I smoke when I am at the PC, I smoke when I have a beer and I normally light a smoke when I have shut the gate and on my way to wherever.

But smoking when I am writing, smoking aids the thought process. I may not actually ‘smoke’ the cigarette, or the whole thing. It may just sit in the ashtray and smoulder itself away, but the cigarette must be there.

The Brazilian government have just added a new tax on cigarettes too. My pack has jumped from R$3,40 to R$4.25, that’s a major hike. On TV the other night they were complaining about the R$2bn spent on smoking related healthcare each year; but they made no mention of the billions they save in social security and pensions when a smoker dies earlier than the actuary estimated.

I have the pack in front of me still, where it always is. In the last 26 hours I have succumbed to the temptation four times. I have had four cigarettes, when I would normally have put paid to more than two packs, so while it’s not exactly ‘zero’ it is a significant reduction.

Mexico 2 – Brazil 0

I haven’t smoked on the street today, nor at the bar, just here at the PC. Nobody has even noticed.

Of course my lack of cigarette smoke is directly linked to the fact that Brazil have just lost a ‘friendly’ to Mexico, 0x2. I blame myself.

The problem that I face now is my weight. In the past, when I have given up cigarettes, I pile on the weight. 10kgs (22lbs) can appear in 6 weeks. That’s a daunting prospect when you consider that I am currently 110kgs (240lbs+/-). My weight is among my worst enemies. I already use a walking stick, have done so for three years now; any additional weight will have an adverse affect on my mobility.

Let’s see what happens.

I sincerely hope that I will have a Sunday Travel Tales this week. I failed totally last week, even with the hope that I would do it Monday.

What the hell happened to Tuesday?

The image is right, life is about attitude.

The whole idea of is the glass half empty or is it half full… I don’t give a shit! If you have to ask that question then you don’t realise there is room for more beer.

You are letting life pass without seeing the purpose.

Now… a small commercial break while I eat the tomato (fresh from the garden) and bacon pizza I have just taken out of the oven. BRB.

Wuz delishus. (I speak LOLCat)

Nossa Senhora da Aparecida

Today is important here in Brazil for a number of reasons. Firstly, today is Dia das Crianças (Children’s Day), also today is the day for Nossa Senhora da Aparecida (Our Lady Aparecida); if you’re not a Catholic (I’m not) it’s a day when thousands around Brazil go chasing after a small statue. Thirdly, it is the 80th birthday of Cristo Redentor (the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer). So everybody has a holiday, a day off work whether you are a Catholic or not. In my case the most important aspect of today is that I lose R$100 of my salary, no lessons, no pay, less beer.

I did stay up late last night and watched the ‘friendly’ between Brazil and Mexico. Initially it looked grim for Brazil going into the second half 1-0 to Mexico, but two quick goals and Brazil was in the lead and stayed there despite having a player red carded.

It has now become stifling, although there are clouds in the sky, it is hot. I am sweating over the keyboard, which is a pretty good sign that it is beer o’clock. I should go and see if the glass is half full, or half empty.


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