It’s too light to have the light on, and it’s too dark to see the keyboard properly at 9:30am.

washthekeyboard1Who knows, I could be sticking my fingers in something icky; maybe I should wash the keyboard…

Apparently, I have just found out, there are keyboards you can wash; weird.

I have read that some people have crumbs in their keyboards. I make it a point, generally, not to eat at the keyboard. I do, however, drink my coffee at the keyboard, lots of it. There are times that something has tickled my fancy to the point that I guffaw, chortle, titter and that has happened with a mouthful of coffee, so both the keyboard and the screen suffer.

I wonder if I could put the screen in the dishwasher…

Don’t panic! I don’t have one. I wouldn’t have one, I consider that they are one of the most useless time wasters in the house, after coffee makers and microwaves. The world has too many gadgets, we are wasting the world’s resources because we are lazy. If you have these types of gadgets in your house, then you are one of the culprits for the woes of the planet.

beerlikethisI want everyone who reads this post to ‘Like’ this. I want to see if likes really make that much of a difference.

Even if you don’t like it.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t it’s got beer in it.

I am actually trying to combat my big drop in readership, visits, etc since February.


I found this cool idea to stop people eating your sandwiches at work.

It’s soooo, simple and repulsive, almost guaranteed.


See mouldy sandwiches, I’m sure they work a treat.

Fish for lunch, I’m not sure at the moment how I will cook it, maybe fried, maybe poached, or I may just bake it off in the oven. Do mushrooms go with fish? That’s something I have never done, and I have the mushies… I’ll have o work on that.

The sun is out, time to go and play outside….