Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Last up yesterday, first up today.

Although my dodgy belly was better yesterday, it still wasn’t totally right. While at the supermarket yesterday I bought that cure-all Milk of Magnesia…

The Big Bang Theory!

While the night trots returned, the cramps have gone.

As Andrew commented on yesterdays post; “If the bottom is falling out of your world, take Milk of Magnesia and let the world fall out of your bottom!”

It did!

I will spare you further details.

Cool sunny day here. Classes later in the afternoon, hopefully I can make it through them with my dignity intact.

Lunch today will be poached fish with a parsley sauce again. Sticking to relatively bland foods to allay any further complications. No beer, no wine, just iced mineral water.

Yesterday when I got back from the supermarket my pants fell down. This was a pair of shorts that when I bought them were so tight that the top button popped shot off across the room; now without a belt, they fall down. That’s a good sign.

Looks like Putin his nose in other people’s business could cost the Russians any hope in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Russian girls were booed on stage. Feel sorry for the girls, but not at all surprised. Shouldn’t go Putin your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Interesting to read that they have created a simulation of what the universe was before the Big Bang. We have been told (unless you are a creationist, in which case you don’t even count) that the universe is 13 or 14bn years old. But I say it’s older than that, because if you have a Big Bang, then there must have been something to ‘bang’. Well, they have found ‘dark matter’ which apparently is invisible. So there was something out there before the universe. And even better the dark matter formed around some sort of rays (I forget exactly) so there was something before the ‘dark matter’.

1000x1000My contention is that there was always something; there never was just nothing. And when you try to consider that, when you mull that around in your mind, you get confused because your mind can’t handle that kind of enormity; just try to imagine space with no limits, just going on forever.

Hell, my mind gets confused over a beer… Like on Thursdaze.

Looks like a sad day for South Africa, the ANC is leading in the polls. Which means they will be stuck with Zuma for another five years yet. He’ll be able to finish ‘refurbishing’ his palace Nkandla at the expense of the people.

A final blast at the system. Barclay’s is cutting 19,000 jobs. Yup, the economic recovery is certainly going well.

I feel an overwhelming urge to adopt a horizontal position until lunch time…