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It’s Near Time

aneuterYes, Cloro is getting close. She spends a lot of time outside meowing for other pussies. I’ll have to get her spayed soon.

I was napping, but Cloro had other ideas. She has this habit of boomping me in the face when she wants attention. The fact that I may be asleep is irrelevant; she keeps boomping until I give in and pet her. Listening to her little diesel engine is so rewarding, so all is forgiven.

I have just made my first lot of mint sauce. I bought two clumps of fresh mint in the supermarket this morning, i used one and have the other to do. In NZ we used mint sauce a lot on lamb and mutton, but I have missed the flavour since being in Brazil. I have never seen lamb or mutton for sale here, although you get it in rodizio BBQ restaurants. Next time I am there, I will inquire where they get it.

There’s not a lot happening, one day becomes another.

But I did promise testicles today.

The prospect of eating testicles probably evokes nausea in most, but this squeamish attitude is a result of us becoming softies living in the cities. The reaction is spreading to most offal foods, each successive generation is developing new levels of ‘yuck!’

But there are many around the world who eat testicles of varying animals. Surprisingly enough, there are still a lot in America who enjoy Rocky Mountain oysters.

A wonderful play on words

A wonderful play on words

Dishes like testicle pizza, battered testicles and and barbecued testicles and giblets can be found. Recipes can be found in this book The Testicle Cookbook also available as an e-Book; and recipes abound on the net. A good resume of the book can be found on a post Chef who Wrote this Must be Nuts.

A interesting post  on What’s Cooking America covers some of the basics.

One positive point is that testicles can be combined with bacon, now that’s a plus.

Some interesting comments can be found on Purple Slinky’s Loathesome Foods post.

So there’s basics, up to you to check the links.

Cloro is outside. Time to resume my interrupted nap.


Getting in early today

Because after lunch and wine, there’s not much chance of getting in later.

european-horse-meatI discovered one thing during the recent horse meat scandal. Yes, the one that everyone has for gotten about… You can’t say “Minced horse” without it sounding like a condiment for roast lamb.

Freeday today, not doing anything that remotely resembles useful.

Brazil has a few problems at the moment. You’ve probably read/seen on the news about the protests. It’s been a long time coming. Brazil is one of the most taxed countries in the world while paying more for it’s government than most of the world.

It was never an issue before, because the majority of the people were too poor to understand. But with Brazil striving to make a place for itself on the global theatre, they have expanded the size of the middle class exponentially. Now it is this new middle class that has the balls to start asking questions and demanding answers.

The protests began with a rise in bus fares. My own local bus fare went from R#2.75 to R$2.95. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but when you have a population as big as Brazil’s who depend on public transport, that’s a hell of a lot of money.

The issues spread, the people are asking why they haven’t got a decent health system, education system, etc; and the big issues, inflation and why have we still got so much corruption? The cost of the new and renovated stadiums for the World Cup when the people are suffering have also entered the fray.

Now the city councils have rescinded the bus fare rises, foolishly hoping this will quell the collective umbrage. But of course it won’t. The bus fares were just the key that opened Pandora’s Box, the issue that sparked public dissatisfaction.

I feel this issue is going to spread, as it is indeed doing already. First night reports said ‘hundreds’ of protestors, the next night it was ‘thousands’ of protesters, then ‘tens of thousands’ and subsequently after the bus fares were lowered ‘hundreds of thousands’. Last night it was ‘millions’ protesting throughout Brazil’s big and various cities.

Brazilians want answers.

Meanwhile, it’s lunch time.


Saturday, at last!


Saturday, coffee and wine glass in the background for later

Well, after a seemingly long day yesterday, I finally changed the battery in the clock. The world began to move again.

Saturday arrived.

I discovered one thing this morning, actually I have discovered it many times, but I was reminded once again of the importance of drinking coffee before the news. I read this headline “Swedish idiots spread beyond the capital!” The I reread it… “Swedish riots…” Oh the folly!

188_Cerveja_Itaipava_Long_Neck_Premium_Pilsen_355_mlToday I don’t have class; my students actually came for a Friday night class so they could drive off into the mountains to Itaipava for the weekend. It’s a place where they bottle water and call it beer.

I call it “Itaipagua!”

The advertising says it’s 100%… yeah, water.

So the day is free of encumbrances. I plan to do nothing, and fully expect the day to be a success.

My ‘nothing’ today will be, do the dishes, so I can make more dishes to do.

I will make mint sauce. I love mint sauce with roast lamb. But as you can’t get decent lamb here, I find it goes well with roast pork; just a little break from tradition  there.

You remember those horrendously expensive shrimps that I got the other day, well I’m going to fry them off in batter, make a tartare sauce and have them with an Italian frizzante wine that is chilling out in the fridge. I know, I said that I would save them for a special occasion, but ooooh the temptation…. Besides, it’s either that or cold roast pork sandwiches; that’s a no contest.

Jerusalem artichokesRemember a few days ago, I said that you waste a day if you don’t learn something new… Well, yesterday I discovered that it is not only cabbage, beans and eggs that make you fart. Apparently Jerusalem artichokes can too.

They are the root of a variety of sunflower.

I didn’t know they existed until I read about them on a blog. They are used to make a liqueur called Topinambour as well. I don’t know if the liqueur makes you fart. Honestly Google is so devoid of information on important issues.

emeraldrockCrack… I have no interest in drugs, but last week on Globo (Brazilian TV channel) they had a series of reports about ‘crack’. Included in the info was that crack had reach the Amazon Indians and creating havoc; but also in a place called Sonho Verde (Green Dream), I think, where the garimpeiros (miners) trade a stone for a stone (an emerald for crack) while underground. Man, that is expensive. But is shows how desperate you get for the drug when you are hooked; and apparently you are hooked from the very first taste.

I’ll stick to my coffee, ciggies, booze and blogging for my fun.

Time to blog along.




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