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Where’d my post go?

I have just woken from a wonderful nap, ready to put the finishing touches to a great post, and I find that it is all a dream…

passistas-mirins-desfilam-pela-beija-flor-na-sapucai-2022012-1329725911551_956x500Meanwhile, back in reality.

Today is the first day of Carnaval.

Not the ‘big-people’s’ Carnaval, but the ‘little-people’s’. Tonight Carnaval stars with the mirins parade; the parade of the ‘little-people’. Seventeen Samba Schools will parade the kids through Sapucai, just like the real thing.

But not just here in Rio, all over the country, kids will be wiggling to the sound of samba.

But let’s back up  a little…

Earlier today I had great plans to catch up on yesterday’s PC drama, I planned to post like a crazy man, but I never got there.

The first problem was that I hadn’t realised what a daunting task it is to start XP from scratch, I became quite despondent.

Secondly, there was that wonderful smell of a churrasco (BBQ) wafting through the window, being driven by my wonderful 50cm fan, engulfing me, offering me relief from my despondency.

The only sensible thing to do was to go and investigate.

I put on my shorts, and poked my head out the gate. Sure enough they were having a BBQ at the botequim (bar) next door.

They saw me. Immediately recognising a possible participant; I was summoned… I obeyed the call. I am so weak.

I had planned grilled rump steak for lunch, it was in the fridge marinating, so a BBQ lunch wasn’t far adrift from my plans.

sauza_tequila_silverSo, I BBQed, I ate and I drank until it was my turn at the BBQ. I cooked, I ate and I drank a little more.

My bottle of Tequila made an appearance, along with the traditional lemon (green ones) and salt.

At 2pm, I decided it was time, and went home for a nap, waking at 5pm. My plans of posting like a crazy man followed me to the bar and stayed there.

Yesterday, I mentioned GMO babies, I said it was an American thing, I was wrong, it was British. I don’t feel too bad about accusing the Americans, because, let’s face it, it’s the type of thing Americans would do, but the British beat them to it this time.

I follow a cheese blog. It’s not at all cheesy, actually it is a great blog. But today a flippant remark by the blogger mentioned cheese and Papua New Guinea in the same sentence.

Now that made me wonder…

How do you equate this…


and penis sheaths…


with cheese.

So I googled it and got this…


And got a page full of blank.

Given this information, I assumed correctly that cheese and Papua New Guinea don’t mix.

Moving right along, I must make coffee. My head is still a little woozy from the excesses of earlier.


I have created a new obstacle

LixoDoorwayIn rearranging my kitchen to accommodate the new fridge, I inadvertently created a new obstacle.

Can you see it?

A cat tail in the doorway!

I have stood on that tail a couple of times and “Beware the Jabberwock cat, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
can only be imagined. Lixo has no notion that one doesn’t bite the hand, nor the ankles,  that feeds one.

Barra was successful yesterday, bills paid, a new bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, sushi for lunch and still had money in my pocket.

I saw a shop sign from the bus. “Dental Uranus”, I didn’t know arseholes (assholes for our American cousins who can’t tell the difference between a donkey and an anus) had teeth, but then some of the arseholes I have met don’t even have balls.

Another thought, found on the internet news headlines. “People who exercise have more sperm.” I immediately jumped up and began calisthenics; then wondered why? The chances at 61+ of needing more raised another question…

Tonight carnaval starts. Friday is always the parade of the mirins (juniors).

Doing basically what the big girls do, but with more clothes

Doing basically what the big girls do, but with more clothes

The big girls and boys start tomorrow with the parades of Grupo A.

The big girls have less clothes

The big girls have less clothes

Carnaval goes for four nights. The Sambôdromo is packed with locals and tourists alike.

Sambôdromo, paked with locals and tourists

Sambôdromo, packed with locals and tourists

Where will I be, sprawled on my sofa enjoying the spectacle on TV.

I used to get involved, but now I am rather nonplussed, and prefer to stay at home, it’s less crowded, just Lixo and me.

Only have one class tonight. 6 – 7:30, then it’s beer o’clock and downhill all the way to the weekend.

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