Yes, the bane of the week, as opposed to Thank God it’s Friday.

Nothing can go wrong today, I had double doses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, surely that is penance enough for whatever crime I committed.

So far the only thing that has gone wrong is my giant radish bush croaked. It got so big and top heavy that the stem cracked. I was hoping to gather seeds from the flowers that grew and use the giant leaves in salads, but alas, it has become compost like that which it grew from. It was a private ceremony, the great plant being cast unceremoniously on the compost heap.

I spent the morning moaning on Eco-Crap, then went outside in the sun and transplanted some chillies, all are thriving despite the heat.  Another 38⁰C (that’s close on 100⁰F) day, the fan is blowing hot air on me. I am sweating at the keyboard. I have drunk gallons of iced goiaba juice (guava). I am biding the time until 5pm when I have to go and give my one lesson for the day.

It looks like we are in for a fierce summer. I had already predicted that this will be worse (hotter) than last when we had four weeks of 40+⁰C (about 106+⁰F) days; and they say there is no such thing as global warming, well bollocks to them. Apparently the thought is that we are heading a for a mini iceage, and while the climate gets hotter in the summer, conversely in the winter it becomes increasingly colder until it overtakes the summer heat.

That’s my thoughts for the day.

I’m off before something can go wrong.