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Here at Last

doing-nothingYes, it’s close on 10pm.

This happens on a do-nothing day. I did nothing.

My passion fruit vines have been sprouting an average of ten flowers a day. Yesterday and today there were bees, unlike the rainy day when the bees decided to stay at home.

*Staring at the screen*

Cool day, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, repeat.

I beered at midday, then had lunch, then I beered again. By that time it was Nap-fu practice, then I coffeed at 5pm. Caught the first news, watched my novela (soap), caught the main news. TV off. Read BBC and The Guardian, and a news blog; one that tells the truth rather than what the govts want you to know.

A male northern white rhinoceros named Angalifu has died at the San Diego Zoo in California, leaving only five of the species in the entire world. – BBCNews

That’s pretty close to being extinct.

The Australian hostage drama has ended.

Denmark has laid claim to the North Pole. I guess next year Santa will be speaking Danish.

Silly Box: Some of the victims of Sandy Hook are suing the gun manufacturer. While not belittling the victims and families and their grief, I don’t see the sense in this. No one sues a car manufacturer for death (in normal circumstances) because they sold a vehicle that the driver didn’t know how to control. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Americans sue for anything and everything. Litigation is an industry.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismisses EU criticism of recent mass arrests of journalists, urging the EU to “mind its own business”.- BBCNews. Oh, and he wants to become part of the EU, he’s not doing a very good publicity job.

Well, that’s about my lot for the evening.

For a Monday, it hasn’t been too bad.



semanticscoffeecupThat’s how I feel some days. Not enough coffee.

My day started off okay, then it went MONDAY!

I got two posts done and realised that I had to go to town and get my ink cartridges refilled. Okay, did a quick change and put some pants on and off I went. Refilled cartridges in hand, I went across to the sushi shop, great, they had some short grain rice. I had to get three folders and a hole punch, got those and my tummy began to rumble… oh it’s 11:30. Lunch, and I was home by 1pm.

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

That was when I discovered the black ink cartridge had leaked, my hands were black. Fixed that. That’s when i discovered that the colour cartridge wouldn’t work.

Bugger! Nap-fu practise was called for.

The next hour was spent scanning and printing. I even screwed that up… more than once. Stupid things like printing the wrong page back-to-back.

I finally got it right.

By then it was time for work, 4pm. The day had gone. I don’t know where, it just went.

First thing my pupil asked. “What happened to your hands?” They were a bit of a mess.

So here I am at bedtime trying to keep my eyes open and using hunt ‘n punch typing techniques.

I see some conservative bishops at this Catholic conference thingy are calling the recommendations for relaxing things in relation to gays are calling it a betrayal. High time some of these doddery old bastards were put out to pasture, and let the world get on with it.

As I predicted, Israel is a little more than miffed that British MPs voted to follow Sweden in recognising the State of Palestine. Is Israel on the way to finding itself an outcast? When traditional supporters like Britain hop across the table, it would seem so. And after Israel’s recent brutal attacks, I’m not suprised.

For the last couple of years there has been a fear of radicalised Muslim schools in Britain. Several have been the subject of rigorous checking to see if they fit in with the overall British scheme of things, and they aren’t. Now, the Jewish conservative schools are jumping up and down because similar checks have been made on three of them, and found that they too were failing badly to prepare their pupils for modern British life. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Now I think I can safely go to bed.


No great story…

pubsign29True, no great story started with someone eating salad.

I mean, which would enspire you to read further?

“He swallowed the last of his whisky, the ice cubes tinkling as he raised the glass brusquely…”


“He hastily wrestled in vain with his salad to get it on the fork along with the last piece of crispy tofu!”

Personally, I’d go for the first. Tofu and salad don’t instill the manly vibes necessary for a great story.

It’s going to be stifling today.

I’ve watered the plants.

I’ve done the dishes.

I’ve posted on seven blogs, this is my eighth; there’ one to go.

I’ve finally emptied my e-mails, replied and/or visited blogs.

It’s so quiet outside, deathly silent. I opened the gate to check that the world was still out there.

Today, as I mentioned is a holiday for businesses, we teachers get our holiday on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean much to me, I don’t have classes, it’s a day off anyway.

I was disturbed to read yesterday in four consecutive headlines about the deaths of Peter Falk, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine… Hell, they’re dropping off like flies. These are names that I grew up with; making it abundantly apparent that I’m in the queue.

I must learn to use my ‘Reader’. Some of the blogs that I have subscribed to, for some reason, don’t notify me by e-mail and I miss their posts. Today, I remembered to use it, and all the posts were ones that had e-mailed me… but then it’s Monday, what could you expect.

It’s also nearly lunch time. I’m off to cook the rest of the white fish left over from yesterday’s sushi. Then I will take it next door to the botequim, and snack with beer while gazing across te park in the shimmering haze.

As I lack further inspration, I can only say…


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Yup, I’ve got the lot now.

Move over Simon and Garfunkel!

before my shopping spree last week, sage and thyme were missing. I have sage and parsley growing, I must get thyme and rosemary plants.

This song was always one of my favs of S & G.

Oh, I just realised I posted the full album…. okay so enjoy it. It is playing as I type.


The clip was removed from YouTube for copyright breach, this is a different clip and not the full album…

This post will be interrupted by the need to eat. The rice is cooloing off, the sweet curry sauce has the strips of fast grilled rump steak marinating in it. As soon as the rice has had its ten minute rest…. I’m off to the botequim.

wrong-way-sign-03Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Nap-fu practice went well. I was up earlyish (emphasis on ‘ish’) and after six posts I was exhausted.

Remember my tree dilemma?

I have an authoritive answer courtesy my Happiness Engineer.

Lunch and the news are over.

We return to the normal programme.

The concensus of opinion was an acacia, apparently not.

Yes, my tree. Well, it’s not mine, it’s in the park.

A comment from Rachel: “I asked my dad about this tree and he just got back to me. He’s an expert on legumes and this tree is one. Here’s what he said, “The tree is the Kassod tree or Senna siamea. It is native to SE Asia but recognised as a weed in north Qld.”

So, a kassod (cassod) tree. It is used in Thai and Burmese cuisine. It also has nedicinal value, but in excess can cause liver damage.

Thanks for the heads up on that Rachel.

New Zealand has a problem with glowing bones in pet food. The manufacturers can’t explain it; the dogs won’t eat it.


Capture from Press video

“The eerie fluorescent blue glow emanating from a pair of dog bones bought for her dog Tyke left Taranaki woman Fiona Wallis hunting for answers. “The Press

Apparently they have discovered the cause, check the link and see why.

It appears that The communist leaders in China have created a problem in Hong Kong over the decision not to allow full emancipation of the little colony. The people in HK aren’t taking this refusal lightly. Many parts of HK are blokaded by demonstrations, and look likely to remain that way until the decision is reversed. Initially the police tried to disperse the protestors with tear gas and pepper spray, but it backfired; it merely encouraged more protesters. The police have now been withdrawn.

The new face of Windows 9

The new face of Windows 9

Windows 9. MNicrosoft have finally realised that Windows 8 failed. Windows 9 will be launched soon. Like all Windows products since XP, I expect 9 to fail as well.

The news report has disappeared… so I can’t link you to it.

Maybe it has already failed? 🙂

The sooner MS realises that they have to bring back XP, the better off the world will be.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 all absolute rubbish.

So, it is with a heavy heart and a full belly that I will say…


Counter Fitter

Based on the old threepence

Based on the old threepence

No, I’m not fitting counters this side of next birthday.

Although I have had two coffees this morning and already made a thermos full for the remainder, I still feel pre-Coffee, which explains why I have a ciggy in one ashtray, and have just lit another…

The Bank of England has called for designs for a new pound coin to be minted to foil counterfeiters. Apparently it’s cheaper than having their own designer paid for by the public coffers. In calling for submissions, they want something that typically identifies England.

The new design is based on the old 12-sided threepence, which people are already refering to a ‘thrupny’ bit.

Typically English… what could be more typical than a pint?

Here’s my idea.

A pint in colour, that'll fool the counterfeiters

A pint in colour, that’ll fool the counterfeiters

So far this morning, I haven’t trusted myself to post on any of my blogs. I have busied myself in emptying my mail box and checking out new posts on those I follow. Having said that, my Thunderbird has just gone beep beep bop, telling me that my efforts have been in vain, and there is now more mail… the wheel turns.

While waiting for inspirration to strike, I have just realised it’s MONDAY!

Something has to happen

Something has to happen

Now as well as waiting for inspiration, I have the added worry of what can go wrong today… Which in turn reminded that the rent is due today. Now that in itself is not a problem, I have the rent, but I have to get into town to pay it; that requires motivation.

Now, I am waiting for inspiration AND motivation.

I think I need more coffee.



Oh, that’s wonderful!

The dams are dry, sorry too late

The dams are dry, sorry too late

In recent months Brazil has undergone a severe water shortage, particularly in the state of SĂŁo Paulo. A report in the news this morning is rather disturbing. It appears that deforestation of the Amazon basin has reached a threshhold The vegetation of the Amazon basin let moisture rise and so produce the clouds that moved across the country and fell as rain. Apparently, there is not enough vegetation left to make suffcient moisture to form the necessary clouds. Brazil’s inaction, or insufficient action, has caused their own demise. Had the country been more prudent earlier, we wouldn’t have these drought problems. Another example of man’s inability to husband the planet effectively.

I should move along, blogs are calling, posts are begging to be written and Thunderbird is telling me there is more mail.



Counter Fitter


My BBQ corner yesterday

My BBQ corner yesterday

I was terribly disappointed yesterday to discover that my pork leg chop once defrosted proved to be two sirloin chops.

Still one must make do.

Life is so hard.

But it turned out to be  a pleasant interlude for  Sunday.

Today is Monday. So far the only thing that has gone wrong is that I forgot to put credits in my cellphone while at the supermarket.

I didn’t really need to go to the supermarket, but it was next door to where I pay my ISP bill, so killed two birds with one stone.

Day off today. Because I am now working on Saturdays my bossette has deemed I should have Mondays off. That’s okay by me. But it has left me disorientated. Sunday seemed like Saturday, now Monday seems like Sunday, but the bar is closed….

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again. Seems that Kensington Palace has become the Royal Baby Factory once more.

Royal Baby Factory

Royal Baby Factory – Making Royal Babies since 1689

Major headline news: The supreme leader of Iran had prostrate surgery… Did we really need to know this?

Septic Blathermouth is running for president of FIFA, again. The game will never prgress.

Russia is threatening to block its airspace to foreign airlines in retaliation for the latest sanctions. Fine, close the rest of the world to Russian airlines. Who gives a shit?

Annoying. I read a blog post this morning; great post. I wanted to comment, but in order to do so I had to register with Discus… Hit the Red X in the top right corner. Why do people make it so hard? I have another niggle. Why don’t BlogSpot blogs have a ‘Like’ button? Recently one of my favourite blogs moved from WordPress to BS. I often used the ‘Like’ button instead of commenting.

I am really peeved. Yahoo Mail has been adding an advertising line in the mail list.

Yahoo Instrusive Ad

Yahoo Instrusive Ad

To get rid of it costs $49.99.

I’m more likely to finish with Yahoo and go elsewhere than play their stupid game.

Lovely sunny day out there. I have been for two walks around the praça just to enjoy the outdoors. I need to do that more often, it’s quite envigorating.

Haven’t had lunch yet, but the chances are it will be a beef curry on rice.

I just looked at the clock, it’s nearly 4pm!

Lunch time, I’m off.


Evicting Polar Bears

polar-bear-global-warming-1This morning I opened my fridge and the polar bears were dancing with glee chanting there’s no global warming here!

How wrong they were. There was so much ice around the thermostat that the fridge has stopped being a fridge.

Now, I am in the middle of a major defrost. The fridge ice is melting faster than Greenland’s glaciers.

The kitchen floor floods when I do this, so I have to be on hand evry ten minutes with a squeegee to send the flood out to the yard.

Thank you to all those who wished a me pre-Birthday wishes, much appreciated.

b29e6e0708f50c5c65e8576f70aeea52Remember yesterday, I feared that something worthy of a Monday could happen? It did! At the supermarket checkout, all my buyings packed and ready to go… and I discovered my bank card wasn’t in my wallet. Luckily the big white chief was within shouting distance and came to the rescue. He let me go with the shopping and to pay later. The frete (delivery) driver said he’d never seen that before. I have had several conversations with him over the couple of years since the supermarket opened, so was on quite good terms. The truth of the matter was, I had no idea where my card was… I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t lost it, which would have meant a delay in paying. Luckily, when I got home, it was with the receipt from the botequim, where I paid last Thursday. Pheeeew!

So, yes, shit happens on Mondays.

Pickjled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

Pickled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

I’ve started readying things for BBQs at the end of the week. Last night boiled up some beetroot and it’s now in jars pickling in the fridge alongside the pickled onions.

I have to make some sauerkraut today and some chimichurri, which is a sort of Argentinian pesta with garlic. Garlic butter is also on the agenda. I love garlic bread with a BBQ.

I read a post yesterday that mentioned lomo saltado, which is a Bolivian/Peruvian alpaca steak dish. The name has always amused me. Lomo saltado, translated literally means “jumped alpaca steak”. What is that? An alpaca that has been jumped. I’d rather not know about the sex life of my meal.

Talk about US intelligence. How effective is their intelligence gathering? They have admitted that they didn’t know about the attack on the islamists at Libya’s airport by unknown aircraft, it “took them by surprise.” So much for their great intelligence network.

Russia is claiming that their latest military incursion into Ukraine was a mistake by troops that got lost. Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it!

Some years back – five/six or so, on blogs long gone, I dared to suggest that the US was on the path to becoming a Spanish speaking third world country. Boy did I get rubbished for that. So much so, that one of my blog followers whom I knew well unfollowed having taken umbrage at the mere thought. I was later vidicated by the publishing of a book touting the same idea by a prominent American political writer.

Today I read that for the first time US schools will have a non-white majority this coming school year. 51%, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Sorry, Jim, how wrong was I?

Warm and sunny, hotter than nyesterday, expected high, 35ÂșC.

Nothing planned until 6pm when I have class.

I have another post teetering on a new record… Yay! Can it tip the scales?

Still posts to do, so I’ll blog along.






I am sorely tempted

NotaDrillTo go back to bed.

It’s Monday!

Now what can possibly go wrong today?

So far, the worst to happen is that I forgot to put sugar in my coffee, but I fear that could pale into insignificance when you consider the possiblities.

My standby monitor is threatening to close down, it just shrank the image a little more. Now that is worthy of Monday type crap. The monitor repair guy still hasn’t got my LCD monitor going. I’ll have to go see him AGAIN! What’s the bet he’s not home… of course he’s not, it’s MONDAY!

A cultural tomor

A cultural tomor

Cultural tumor – What a wonderful sounding phrase. I saw it over the weekend. It was referring to a British politician. Cultural tumor, doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

You could also use it to describe social web sites, like FB.

“My husband left me!” Complained a headline in a major newspaper. This set me thinking… you OWN him? Does one human own another, isn’t that slavery? Actually, that’s what marriage is all about, slavery; one human owning another.

I see the new Dr Who started. People flocked to watch it. Sorry, for me Dr Who started and finished with William Hartnell; none of the others come close to cutting the mustard.

Ebola has escaped West Africa, there’s been two deaths in DR Congo.  It’s spreading. Even the UN is worried. England was reported as not fearing contamination, myopic bastards. This is going to explode into a global problem.

criancaWe have a big push here in Brazil for Criança Esperança (Children’s Hopes) on TV. It’s been a big thing here for twenty or more years. All the big name (read Brazilian) stars are behind it. And it does a lot of good. But why do we need it? Because the government isn’t doing its job! It’s the same with any charity anywhere in the world. If governments did their job, we wouldn’t need charity. They flog our money through taxes, and then expect us to foot the bill under the guise of charity. The governments are once again taking the people for a ride. And the people fall for it.

Sunny day out there, slight breeze, I’m due to go out for some therapy at the supermarket. If I don’t, I don’t eat. House full of wine and beer, but no food. I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities.

This week is birthday week. Friday I turn 63. What a great excuse for a BBQ! In fact, I plan two, one on Friday at the botequim, the other on Saturdy for family. I’m afraid next weekend will be another case of diminished responsibilty. So my head is full of plans.

I must toddle off…


I am NOT Responsible

getoffyourasspre-Coffee Dangers:

1. Making that first coffee

I just woke up and the first blog I read this morning had a wonderful post,All the signs point to me getting off my ass

That’s exactly how I felt before I got up. Visit the blog, there are some great posts there.

So, what could I do? I got off my ass and made coffee. That’s where the danger lies, as I was not fully awake I overfilled the filter, and now I have gritty coffee.

It has to be Monday!

My student just rang, cancelled class, so my weekend has been extended to four days.

See, it’s Monday!


Mondays are complicated.

I don’t really have anything yet to write about, but I just had to get off my ass and post about getting off my ass.

I am still having catmares. Twice last night I had nasty dreams about Clorinha and had to change my thoughts; left me quite distraught. That’s why, when I finally fell asleep I slept so late.


Clorinha stalking leaves in the praça

I have never suffered such angst at losing a fluffy friend before.

When it comes to life and death, I am usually at ease because I realise that it is the nature of things and don’t tend to get bitter and twisted about it.

Sunny day out there, cool, but sunny. Rain forecast for Wednesday.

It’s birthday month for me. I have birthdays on 8th, 12th, 16th, 29th and 7th & 17th of Sept. Then it’s all done until next year. I usually take the ex and kids to a pizza restaurant, but this year money is a bit tight, so planning a BBQ on the 30th in the praça in front of home.

Sharpening my penknife

Sharpening my penknife at a previous BBQ

Well, that’s an hour gone. Fortunately I got some posts in in the early hours, but must blog along.

Oh, regards I am not responsible…


This is NOT the way to clean your CPU!


Three o’bloodyclock

monday-memes-mercury1That’s the time my day started!

Couldn’t sleep because of the cold, it shrunk my bladder.

Finally denapped about seven, to find not one, but two cats asleep within striking distance on the sofa. Yes, it looks like Clorinha and Kitty have made an uneasy truce. Oh, I must explain, Kitty when said in Portuguese, is pronounced Kitchy, just so you don’t get it wrong. She had a leisurely breakfast until Clorinha batted at her with a “‘it’s-my-turn” paw.

I made coffee, and settled in front of the ‘puter. I had already achieved most of my posting at three o’bloodyclock.

This morning I have to get money from the money machine, pay my rent, buy a new mouse and get some Enos. Now, isn’t that exciting?

It’s Monday, what can go wrong?

The possibilities are infinite.

At least there won’t be any students ringing me to cancel classes… I don’t have students on a Monday.

I am not suffering today, I had two leftover pizza halves with beer last night. Ah, that was after the bottle of Bordeaux with lunch.

So far, I have had an exciting morning. I got a new bottle of gas. It’s the simple things in life that make it worthwhile.

I see in the news that people are complaining about people having BBQs in public places… wankers. Take a leaf out of the Brazilian handbook; where you complain, but you complain about not being invited. We have BBQs in the praça all the time; there were two yesterday.

I am between two thoughts, have a nap, or go to town…

The bed is closer.



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