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Delerium Tremens

Or the DTs, literally means shaking frenzy, and are usually suffered by those dependent when deprived of alcohol.

Drink deprivation in my case is not the problem; I have more alcohol in the house than food. (I’ll have to figure out what that says about me…)

halfwayBut going cold turkey for two days without football, is driving me to drink. Now I’m not sure where Drink is, but according to the sign, I’m halfway there.

I’ll let you know when I arrive.

This morning at 7:15 I was seriously trying to go back to sleep after rolling over. I suddenly had a terrible urge for fried eggs. Sleep was forgotten as I bounced out of bed.

Then I discovered there was no ‘yesterday’s coffee’, which meant that I had to make fresh. As a result of being pre-Coffee, I was a little terse in my reply to a comment on yesterday’s post. Belatedly, I apologise. I have fresh coffee now and the world is looking wonderful, despite the fact that it is MONDAY!

New plants

New plants

I did do something constructive yesterday.

A new plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago was in a small pot and the size indicated that it would be getting root-bound. So I got it out, attacked it with my old kitchen knife and hacked it carefully in two.

I now have two new plants. I have no idea what it is they are, but they’re pretty. Perhaps MWPG, who knows lots about plants, will recognise it and put me out of my misery.

At least I didn’t kill it. This morning they are still standing.

Monday, sunny, sunshine reflecting on my monitor through the window, means it’s time to make my eggs. By the time I return I will be able to continue without this nasty glare.

A comment overheard in the botequim yesterday as I was having my afternoon bottle… “The Brazilian team has three problems when they play tomorrow’s game against Germany, Tiago Silva (Captain) is out with a second yellow card, Neymar is out of action, and Fred is fit to play.”

redFurther, briefly, to my comments yesterday about Krul, the Dutch goalie substituted at the last minute of extra time. “Tim Krul was playing mind games, walking up to the Costa Rica players, taking his time to get onto his line. “ – a sports commentator.

This is not gamesmanship, it’s evil and he should have been red-carded.

Just watching the news while eating my eggs, they were delicious. According to FIFA, Neymar has been the most persecuted player in this cup, suffering more fouls against him than any other player. He was hunted.

This post means that I have completed half my blogging today. I wonder what the rest of the day holds. But I’d wager that a nap and beer are involved.


Oh, just before I go… Clorinha having a Bedlam Moment during the football on Friday.



Up in Smoke

Off to the dentist first.

Back home, trying to repair the installation that I succeeded in doing at 2am and didn’t work fully.

I was up again before 7am and haven’t managed much until now.

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA CD-ROM literally went up in smoke.

Clouds of smoke came from the back. Emergency shutdown and unplugged, the plug was melted and one of the pins is melted into it.

So out of four drives, I am down to one functional; and that’s what it is doing now, functioning.

I have managed to convince it to reformat the old Linux HD, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the reinstall goes well.


Trying again.

This time doing a full format, that’ll take a couple of hours. It’s a 500Gb drive, so it’s worth saving and getting it to work.

Really Big Dump Truck

Really Big Dump Truck

With everything that went wrong yesterday, for a Tuesday, it was worthy of a Monday.

I feel as if all the shit in the world arrived in one of these and dumped the lot on me.

Blogging has become a little onerous with these PC problems, all the images that I have stored for future posts, are locked in my other drive until I can recover them. So my posts are going to be a bit  thin on the ground.  Also the unfamiliarty of the laptop is not helping.

I have been a naughty boy. Frequently I have used google as a verb, apparently that’s a no no.

Google is frightened that its name will wile away into obscurity and lose its commercial value like Aspirin and Xerox. I am waiting for the ‘net police’ to pounce on me. *shaking in my boots*

I have had lunch. I dismantled five sausages, chopped and onion and some parsley and made hamburger type patties. Tasty. All washed down with a  large beer handle of Chardonnay and sparkling mineral water. I know, I’m  a peasant, but it makes a refreshing food washerdowner.

Rained a fair bit overnight and now it is very cool. Clorinha has found a comfy spot in the middle of the sofa to wile away the day and I am about to do the same thing on the bed. No classes today.

Only about 15 days to go before the World Cup. I’m afraid it’s not going to be a peaceful affair. More about that another time.






coffeenate_1313_9_lIt’s Monday…

I have been here since Clorinha woke me at 6:am by sending a CD-ROM crashing to the floor, of course it couldn’t have been one of the old ones. It had to be the only SATA one I have. It is more than likely fornicated, thoroughly.

So far coffee has staved off anything further untoward.

*Makes mental note to brew more coffee*

Posting on my blogs is almost done for the day.

I must consider removing something from the freezer for lunch. I have a choice, sole fillets or catfood. I finished the flounder yesterday, pan fried, wonderful; I’ll be buying more of that.

Surprise, I found a piece of dead cow in the fridge. If I slice that up as a stroganoffy type thing, it should thaw nicely so that I actually have a chance of lunch rather than dinner.

Can’t remember if I have classes today. I’ll have to fire up the laptop and check my schedule.

Clorinha has discovered that she can climb out the bedroom window and jump or fall (not sure which yet, I haven’t caught her in the act) to the ground, then run straight around to the front door and mew to be let back in… She thinks it’s fun.


Clorinha’s private entrance to her dirt box

She feels it gives her some privacy.

I feel a nap is about to happen…



A Nap is Required…


The moon is made of cheese

Then I will think about a post. I am taking no chances, it’s Monday, and if I’m in bed nothing can go wrong.

There, I have denapped. Wonderful hour unconscious, and nothing went wrong.

Now, I have a whole fifteen minutes to entertain you before I have to sprint hobble out the door for class. Yes, I don’t ‘sprint’ anymore, most unseemly; pretty unsightly too.

I’m on the coffee. Haven’t needed paracetamol for my tooth today, I told you that Brazilian coffee was stronger.

It was reported that they have decided there was never was on the Moon, of course not, it would make the cheese inedible.

I see WP is trying to confuse me again. I clicked to ad the caption and instead of the old coloured symbols on the left, I got a stubby pencil and cross in black & white on the right; a bit of rational thinking and I got it right.

I don’t frequent franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King, but I have often hear the expression a ‘Big Mac and Cheese’… Never had one. Perhaps I should have.

funny-Mac-cheese-screen-computerEven though I’m not a Mac fan, I could sell it.

Still a cool day, rained a little. The serralheiro (sawer) came and fixed my gate this morning. Now R$80 poorer, but the gate opens and closes better than before. Now I have to get the lock fixed and I can do away with the chain.

I should finish here, I have two minutes before I leap into action, and I am still in my underpants…


Blogging my Brains Out

oh-crap-it-s-monday-tomorrowIt’s sort of like ‘working my arse off’ but that implies physical labour which I try to steer clear of.

I have napped, and now having denapped (disnapped, unnapped, ignapped…? Have to work on that), I am here with you.

Not exactly feeling a ‘box of fluffy ducks’ more like a ‘bag of arseholes’, actually I feel as though I have been on the bottle, but I haven’t. My eyes are all bleary and I have a dull toothache which paracetamol is not doing much for.

I’m trying coffee. Brazilian coffee is stronger than paracetamol.

I got an invite from another teacher to test my IQ on a site called IQ Elite, I thought okay, that could be fun. So I answered their questions and the they delivered the final coup-de-grâce; I had to give Google and Facebook permission to use the personal information I supplied as they saw fit. The bloody wankers! I’d give Google and Facebook NOTHING of the sort! I closed the page hoping it wasn’t too late.

The last few days it has rained a little, especially at night, but today it has rained all day. Pleasant temperatures, nice and cool. Still T-shirt temps, actually sitting here, I haven’t even got one on, shorts. The rain is expected to continue tomorrow; I’m not complaining, my plants look wonderful.

Another photo that I have recovered. The quality is once again terrible, I’ve tried to tweak it but it doesn’t want to be tweaked. Taken in Chile at the Chuquicamata copper mine near Calama in the north in 1996, it shows the size of the trucks used to transport the ore from the pit bottom.


Those trucks are powered by a V-12 motor, and that is just to drive the generator that supplies the power to each of the  wheels that have electric motors. The mine itself is the biggest hole that man has dug in the Earth.

I must toddle off, the football is on. Unfortunately the Flamengo game I want to see is only on Sky at the botequim, so I will catch the second half.

After the football, there is nothing on TV. Sunday is definitely the worst day for public TV here in Brazil. From 6pm to 9, there is the incredibly boring Faustão variety show, three hours of unadulterated crap. Honestly, it’s more fun watching paint dry.



Life is Rosy… for a Monday

I’m getting in early today before anything has a chance of stuffing up a lovely Monday.

Life is just like that... won awards

Life is just like that… won prestigous awards

Last night I was given a hint on irc by an old friend how to search for my old blogs. It didn’t work. But it did work for him, and by following the links he got, I managed to find some, but not all. I managed to find bits and pieces of my old personal blog, Life is just like that… The blog is gone, but a web archive has some pieces.

Unfortunately the main page was archived, but the structure of the blog didn’t allow the ‘read the rest of the post’. So that was a bit of a humbug.

Finally today, I managed to install CorelDraw10. Found another way to skin the cat.

I made fresh coffee this morning, much better than yesterday’s watery effort. I tried to skimp on the quantities because I didn’t want couldn’t be bothered opening a new sack of coffee. Doesn’t pay to skimp.

I see Kim Jong-un won the ‘election’ in North Korea. That’s pretty easy when you’re the only candidate. There were two choices, yes or no; I bet they didn’t count the ‘no’ votes, so he got 100%. Whoopie!

Man just keeps screwing up. From the 1960s CFCs (refrigeration and aerosol propellants) have been banned as they were identified as the biggest threat to the Ozone layer. Now scientists have discovered that four new CFCs are kicking around in the atmosphere doing even more damage. The tricky bit is, they don’t know where these new CFCs are coming from to tackle the problem.

It’s back to work today. Carnaval is over. I don’t feel like going beck to work, this 10 day break has filled me with lethargy. But, I have to force myself, no work, no money; no money, no beer, BBQ, net nor food. Oh we live in such a wicked world.

Just before I go, check out this post… just click on the image.

WARNING: Do not drink coffee nor any other beverage when reading this post.

Oh, you clicked on the image before reading the WARNING, well that’s Monday for you…


They’re Playing Funny Buggers

I had just opened the post page and the net went down. Then it came up again, then down again, now it’s back on. Somebody’s playing funny buggers.


I feel I've been screwed by something strange

I feel I’ve been screwed by something strange

Proof that it is Monday.

The PC shut down.

That was 3:30… It’s now after 8pm. More than four hours of pure frustration. Finally reinstalled XP because that damned sys.config.thingy cracked up again. The partial reinstall fixed it.

Now where was I? A good question. I had a rough idea what I was going to post today, but after four hours, it’s gone.

Another hot day, but it cooled late in the afternoon, enough for me to sit in the praça and have a beer while pondering PC problems. I think this PC has past it’s ‘best-by’ date, and time to consider another alternative. But, be assured, it won’t involve Windows 7 or 8.

Homer Philosophy , Plaster Head, covered CobwebsYesterday’s plans I consider a success. It does one good to have a day of total relaxation, a day to brush aside the cobwebs.

According to the news, nothing happened.

The BBC News didn’t even change headlines all day Sunday, so one can only assume that nothing happened.

Bit different this morning. Russia has got it’s tits in a tangle now that their puppet is a wanted man instead of being president of the Ukraine. It seems as though Ukraine could be leaning toward the EU again and that is more than likely to miff the Russians.

The Ugandan president signed into law the new laws relating to homosexuals. Making it the country with the most draconian laws on the matter in the world.

plane3Remember the old DC-10, a much maligned and problem prone aircraft. The last one flew from Bangladesh to England yesterday. Many of these aircraft crashed with big losses of lives.

It was an Air New Zealand one that crashed into Mount Erebus in the Antarctic killing all aboard. I remember that night, I had just started work on night shift and heard the news that it was overdue, then presumed missing; a traumatic night.


I am Tired and Bitchy

Broken XP

Broken XP

Last night, I got home after a double class and a BBQ restaurant dinner.

So far, so good.

Then about nine o’clock Windows crashed.

I have just spent 17 hours fighting tooth and nail with my PC. I got the PC up and running again in relatively short order, but connect to the net… not on your life.

I did a CHKDSK, 3½ hours; I did a System Restore, I did a System Unrestore, I redid the System Restore; all to no avail.

I finally went to bed at 3am, up again at 5am. Still no luck.

No bloody credits when you need them most

No bloody credits when you need them most

8am and I couldn’t call the service provider because my lovely old Motorola cellphone didn’t have credits; I finally got credits and rang. “Be there after lunch!” Was the promise.

At two o’clock, beaten by the heat, I went for a quick beer o’clock, the service provider arrived at 3pm, wonderful lunch hour.

He was beaten; couldn’t figure out the problem. He left after we agreed that I should re-install XP.

Oh bugger! Back to the botequim, to finish my beer. Come on, one must have priorities!

*Wondering, is his really a Monday???*

Back home. In a huff, I switched the transformer off to reset before I did my back up prior to the re-install. Started the back up and noticed that lights were blinking in the right places. Opened FireFox, and here I am.

Still don’t know what the problem was, but it’s working and I am NOT about to try and fix it!

So I have done no blogging today and now I am starting back to front. Normally this is the last blog, but today it is the first. I need to work out my frustration.

My student cancelled, so I am free to blog.


Major Balls Up

A close relation to General F**k Up.

Either one, really, describes today.


Wi fi circuit board like this

I finally got hold of my wi-fi server about 9am. After some fiddling, he admitted that something major had happened and he’d be round after lunch to have a look.

He looked.

It appeared that my wi fi board had died.

He bypassed the problem with another wi fi that plugged into the telephone plug… no driver.

So my PC went out the door with him to install the driver and give the guts a spring clean which it needed badly.

PC was finally returned about 8pm, and now I am trying to catch up on a days blogging, the news and visiting other’s blogs.

So I have been PCless for the day, time for a few beers.

Now I must blog along, get over this disaster, and get back to normal… Oh I hate that word.

Today, was truly worthy of a MONDAY! I even posted Tuesday’s post on Eco-Crap a day early.




‘Tis the season to be drinking… fla la la la lah!

Yes, it’s a real word!

It’s rather like yuletide, rather instead of yule logs, we have drinkies.

Yule logs can be chocolatey and edible…


or not…


However, you don’t quaff either.

So it’s December, Christmas is coming, then New Year, yes, all good reasons for the Quafftide season.

Breakfast this morning: Bacon & Eggs; lunch is not on the agenda.

The most exciting thing I have done today, change the sand in Cloro’s box, pheeeew! Then, of course, there was the dishes; hard to tell which was the more exciting really.

Not-Monday-Again---Funny-CatThe rain seems to have abated.

Yesterday’s washing is slowly drying.

So far nothing Mondayish has happened. Oh, the bossette called, she’s sick and can’t get over to get the time sheets. Okay, leave it for next Monday, I’m not quite broke yet.

I do feel a nap coming on.


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