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*Yawns* Monday already

OMGIMondayMonday has arrived.

*Thinking dark thoughts*

The laundry lady is here, I can’t concentrate, yabber, yabber, blah, blah…

Laundry lady has now gone… Yay!

First things first.

There will be a break in transmission while I do some important things, starting with Nap-fu practice. The plants must be watered, although it’s not hot, there is a drying breeze draining the moisture from their pots. The washing is almost all dry.

Then, I am thinking about having lunch, out. That way there are no ugly dirty dishes until supper time.

Later… I promise.


PoohAnd, I’m not discussing Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin nor anything as sweet as Hunny!

I am talking crap!

The kind of crap that happens either in the throne room or on Mondays.

Foregoing the former, and concentrating on the latter; crap happens on Mondays. I have always espoused this theory, and it’s true.

I left home yesterday, everything was fine, PC lights blinking in their friendly comforting manner as I flicked off the screen. It was when I arrived home… the net was down. Probably my fault, probably the PC not wanting to play the game. I spent until 1am trying this and trying that, uninstalling, re-installing. Nothing worked.

I went to bed in a huff.

Morning, nothing had changed. Finally, at 8:01 I rang the service provider… “Anything wrong with the net?” “No, hang on, I’ll check.” Seconds later, “Ah, yes there’s a glitch!”

I shudder each time I ring him, because it’s usually my fault or somewhere in the nether regions of my PC. I was vindicated and I smiled as I clicked off my cellphone.

Seems like it!

Seems like it!

So now it’s nearly 11am, this is the first netty thing I have done, oh this and I quickly read the news.

I have a shitload of work to do, because I didn’t get all my blogging done yesterday.

I don’t really know where to start.

So the sensible thing is to have a nap; then make more coffee.


Still Doped Up

27-funny-ironic-irony-picturesYes, I’m still on the paracetamol. It’s Monday here, normally Monday is my dentist’s day, but being Monday it’s a public holiday today, so he’s closed.

He opens again on Wednesday.

Yes, today is a holiday in Rio state. The patron saint of Rio is São Sebastião, so we are celebrating… me with no beer. My one planned student for the week also has lessons on Monday, guess what? It’s a public holiday, no lesson. Mondays are set to try our patience.


Yes, Mondays stink

I’ve been sitting here playing with my mental blocks because being Monday I have no idea what to write, yet.

Sole fillets are out of the freezer, they should be ready for mid-afternoon. Of course, being Monday I only discovered that there was no food for lunch at 11:30.

I should be doing useful things, like the dishes so I can make more dishes to wash after lunch.

I should be watering the plants because they’re wilting in the heat. I’ll go and do that while I’m thinking…

Plants are now unwilting.

No inspirational flash…

screensplashI am waiting for something amazing to leap out of the screen, spur my imagination, set the wheels in motion for a brilliant post; but all I got were gritty feet when I splashed water on them while outside.

Maybe I should just give up and do the sensible thing… have a nap until the fish has defrosted.


Ashamed of Myself

bertOne of my purchases at the supermarket was a small round of Camembert cheese. It’s expensive, R$12, so I am normally prudent when it comes to nibbles; that 3 inch round piece of heaven is normally cut into four to prolong the pleasure.

But last night, I scoffed it in one sitting. Oh the greed, the gluttony! But this one was so ripe, it had just the smallest nut in the middle and it was so creamy that I couldn’t  help myself. Now today, I don’t have my ‘bert’ for this evening. I do, however, have a wedge of Brie… Can I exert the self control necessary to make it last more than one sitting? If there is wine involved, it is doomed.

Oh the temptations that are placed before us…

I read the other day about politicians being on (un)Reality shows. Personally, I think this is a disgrace. People that have been elected in all good faith demeaning themselves by appearing on the most banal type of TV that exists. Any politician who stoops to this level, should be sacked on the spot.

68-complete-idiot_774Two days ago I had a new visitor to this blog. They visited about eight past posts. So I was curious as to what type of posts they read, and proceeded to click on the links and see.

It was fun to go back and read old posts, things that I had written and have since forgotten; a real trip down memory lane.

Today the forecast is for Hot, with a capital ‘H’. Yesterday was also hot, but today is going to be hotter. Cloro is already looking for a cool place to hide for the day, and I can see me having more than one cup of ‘cool’, I might also have some beer.

Yesterday’s plan was successful, I did nothing. I am hoping that I have a similar success today and that will make a perfect Sunday before facing Monday…

This is roughly how my week goes:



Half a Mind

halfamindI could, if I had half a mind, do the dishes, but then the other half would talk me out of it.

It has.

So, here I am.

Having half a mind stops me from being normal. I tried that once and it was boring.

Today’s routine is pretty similar from yesterday’s. So, I could just link you there and save myself the bother.

One thing I did discover is that some people write vegan as veg*n as a form of vegan/vegetarian. Vega*n, therefore is not a dirty word. I still think it is; we have canine teeth, that means we are carnivores, it’s in our genes. One thing I have discovered in life it that people who are not happy with themselves try to change things that shouldn’t be messed with. Things like baldness, small boobs, vegans…

NB: I like small boobs, so don’t mess with them.

And, those people who are bald, but grow one side long to sweep it over their bald pate; nothing irritates me more, these people are sick in the head. Vanity on overload.

Caution: Pussy break! Cloro is demanding attention. BRB

I had to take a pause to play with my pussy.

I now have a happy pussy, collapsed on the printer, so I can return to blogging.

My prolonged absence yesterday was cool. No untoward damage, and the dirt box outside had been used; so outside it stays. The nastiest smell in my kitchen this morning is freshly brewed coffee. Which indicates that life is not crap today.

likeable-blog-100-2xI missed an important milestone. My Some Animals are Crackers blog got 100 likes. Still has only a couple of visits per day, but I remain hopeful.

Today is Humpday, over the hump down hill to the weekend. Humpday is an important day of the week, it’s just a sign of better things o come, which is not like Mondays, Mondays should be stricken from the record, cancelled, ignored. Mondays are just not nice.

I took another moment off and yanked a fern from beside the yard tap to replant it in a pot in the living room. Looks good. Now all I have to do is convince Cloro that this is not a new toy.

I feel a nap coming on.




Testing, testing…

Yes, this is exactly the model.

Yes, testing the new BBQ was fun. It works just fine with beef and pork, today we test it with chicken hearts (I forgot to defrost them for yesterday) and sausages. All things must be tested thoroughly and put through their paces, including a durability test to make sure it works two days in a row.

My neighbours have suggested that I should get my driver’s license renewed as this one has wheels.

Wouldn’t want to get picked up by the fuzz (Ouch!) while driving my BBQ around the praça.

No beer today, I had enough yesterday; instead I am going to increase my piceatannol levels; a substance found in red wine that reduces the formation of fat cells. You can read about that on Lords of the Drinks latest post.

To Pinot, or not to Pinot, Noir or Gris, or should I simply Shiraz… that is the question?

I read sometime back about a new grape variety for the elderly, Pinot More, apparently it prevents the night trots.

Now that I have a new BBQ, I need want one of these…

Pueblo Bar rustic styleThis is so cool.

While I dream, I’ll go and pick  some more chilies and bottle them, water the plants, by then it will be nap time and when I wake it will be BBQ.

I just love weekends.

Unfortunately, they are followed by Mondays….


To Fly in the Face of Convention

17963910Oh how uptight we have become as beings. We have become so prudish, so scared of ourselves in all manner of unbelievable ways.

This post was inspired by a post Liberating on Angie’s Grapevine.

Angie went outside in her unmentionables much to the horror of her daughter.

My immediate thought was “I do that!” so what? I’ve actually been outside in less, in a cowardly brief excursion to the washing line.

Convention has us so bound up that we’re too scared to poop mentally.

I certainly am not conventional, I sleep naked, no sheet in the summer, just the lovely fan. Pyjamas are a waste of material. I pee in the shower, why waste water on a flush, when you’ve got water going down the drain any way.

I’m not afraid to fly in the face of convention!

The Pope arrives today. 4pm. I wonder what TV host will have him on his show, will it be the exceedingly boring Faustão, the disorganised rabble of Esquentão, or Calderão do Huck? Or will he just be quietly dissected by our bland friend Jô Soares?

Brazil has the habit that any personality, famous, mundane or of absolutely no general interest at all gets to do the rounds of all the TV shows.

Does the Pope do TV shows? He should, it would enhance his popularity enormously. Or does he just do St Peter’s Square? He needs a front man.

My pee smells funny. I had forgotten that side effect of asparagus…

Found this; a cat with attitude.

dogsbumflowerI think that’s just wonderful. It could happen on any Monday…

Yes, here we go, it’s Monday; Pope week. Disruptions, nothing at all important on the news, lost students, days off aplenty. Today, the holiday doesn’t begin until 4pm. Then it’s back to normal for Tuesday and Wednesday, then four days off…. and the really disturbing aspect of all that is that it will be Monday again!

You can’t escape them, you know.



Beware the Royal Baby! and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

How to Avoid Mondays


Every home, office and factory should have one.

Once Monday is deactivated the coffee machine starts automatically.

OMG, I need one of these.

We’re back to inclement weather. The sun has gone, but we did have a fine weekend.

The new Maracanã football stadium saw it’s first official game yesterday. Brazil vs England 2-2.


Still, a draw is better than getting your nose rubbed first time up in a multimillion dollar refurbish, and that looked like a definite possibility until very late in the second half.

I slept through the first half; an afternoon nap. I woke to 0-0 half time, so I missed little.

Lunch yesterday, hamburgers and wine, dinner yesterday, hamburgers and beer. I didn’t feel like doing anything extravagant, but at least I didn’t repeat the lunchtime wine, that’s what made me sleepy and miss the first half.

This is my ‘beefless‘ week, so lunch today, ham and mushroom quiche. *Looks at clock* Time I made the pastry. No wine today, I have classes.

Still no sign of my Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine, however, I still have hopes to see him as a moth. How long do they remain as a chrysalis? I must google that.


Rolinha roxa

I swept the yard yesterday, including the remains of some of Lixo’s hunting activities, two birds and a mouse. No sooner did I turn my back and there were feathers everywhere!

He’d caught another rolinha. They’re the main ones he catches, the other birds are too smart.

They’re a sort of dovey kind of bird.

Back to sweeping the yard again. Lixo sat and watched, quite disgusted that I would treat his trophy like that. On to the compost heap and buried, quite undignified.

Must off and make pastry.


I don’t do Mornings

dr_alarmEspecially Monday mornings.

Actually, I do do mornings, it’s just that Monday mornings have this reputation that must be upheld.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

One that I am sure will go down in the Annals of Improbable Research. Who knows, I mat even be in line for and Ignoble Award.

It came to me as I was pondering over Mercury thiocyanate, now most of my readers and visitors don’t ponder over such mundane matters, but I thought it of interest and duly posted on my Tomus Arcanum blog.

While embroiled in my research pondering, Lixo was sound asleep on the bed. I crept out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and time the interval between audibly lowering the toilet seat until Lixo arrived rubbing himself against my legs for a scratch as he is want to do. An incredible 12 seconds elapsed. To wake and wander the length of the house for a scratch… incredible; 12 seconds.

So you can see why I should be in line for an appearance at the annual Annals of Improbable Research Ignoble prize awards.

An example of the type of research that qualified for these awards.

Scary coffee headline of the week: Two cups to incontinence

This new article adds fuel of some sort to the ever-brewing debates as to whether coffee has tremendously good effects on people, or tremendously bad effects, or tremendously few effects, or all of the aforementioned, or none:

Talking my fish for a walk… I love this photo

I had pan-fried fish for lunch yesterday, and will have poached fish for lunch today and deep-fried tomorrow.

I defrosted the fridge on Saturday night for something of interest to do during the TV ad breaks, as a result the fish thawed out. Now I have to use it. I am hoping that will be the last fridge defrost I have to do.

Now the plan to get the new fridge is tomorrow, couldn’t do it over the weekend because fridge owner went to São Paulo for the weekend.

Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria after the fire

Yesterday, Brazil suffered it’s worst nightclub fire tragedy, In the Rio Grande do Sul city of Santa Maria, after a band decided to have a pyrotechnic display on stage indoors, the soundproofing material above caught alight and engulfed the club with fire and toxic smoke; 233 people, mainly students from the local university, died.

Since, I started writing, the death toll has risen to 245.

Regulations for public venues in Brazil exist, but there are little or no inspections. In this case, there were no fire escape doors, only the entrance and it has been reported that this was locked to prevent people entering without paying.

Well, I was supposed to be going to the dentist with ex and then shopping for school material for Emmylee, but it is now 9:30am and no sign of them. I have most of my blogging up to date to accommodate my absence, and now there’s nothing to do.

I suppose I could should wash the dishes.

Twice in two days, the kitchen would die of shock.


I’m drying out

Sternen Stempel blau MONDAYNo, not that kind of drying out. I drink, but not so much that I need treatment.

Monday, it rained. But not until I reached the bus stop to go to work. I got off the bus in the midst of a terrific rain storm. I waited in the bus shelter for a bit, hoping that the rain would ease, it did not. So it was a mad dash (hobbling as fast as I could on my walkingstick) for work; a distance of about 300 metres (roughly yards). By the time I got there I was saturated, even my socks squelched.

I gave my two hour lesson and my student offered me a ride home, which I gratefully accepted.

So it is easy to see why I hate Mondays.

Tuesday, day off. No classes, but plenty of rain in the evening. Once again my temporary measures to prevent the rain entering the hole for the air conditioner (which ) don’t have) threatened to give way as water began to seep into my bedroom again. Emergency dash into the yard in underpants and T-shirt to rectify the situation. Saturated once again, I then discovered that the drain in the yard had backed up, so dripping wet I got the plunger from the toilet and out into the rain again. I couple of quick strong pumps with the plunger and the water began to flow like a miniature whirlpool.

So now I hate Tuesdays too.

We are due for more rain this afternoon, so Wednesdays could well be added to the list.

I forgot to pay the rent. I have to do that today and then work. One lesson at the factory, then a quick dash on the bus for the next lesson at another course.

See, Wednesday is rapidly heading for the list.


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