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Hamlet for Breakfast

A cheese and hamlette

A cheese and hamlette

Actually it was a hamlette…

“Conscience doth make omelettes for us all.”
― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

…Or something like that… 🙂

I snacked last night on weinerschnitzel pieces, and felt pangs of hunger this morning, so I had breakfast.

I’m getting in early today, so you don’t need to suffer the puerile offerings of yesterday.

I have made some notes about what to post, but I can’t read them. My pencil was blunt.

Ah, I deciphered one: But I already posted about cooking Mexican casseroles…

He really needs his Mommy

He really needs his Mommy

Bieber has been arrested again. Assualt and drunk. Honesly this guy’s a menace. So many adoring fans think that he is an example to follow. No wonder the world is a mess.

And he can’t even spell “you’re”.

But then that’s not surprising. I read an article yesterday that so many English teachers don’t understand English grammar. That sucks, no wonder people are LOLling everywhere.

How can you teach a subject, if you don’t know it?

Here’s the rub, most English teachers think English is a Latin language, they have no idea that English is in fact a Germanic language.

Yes, the Angles invading from Saxony (Germany) introduced German, hence English is often referred to as Anglo Saxon; the Anglo has nothing to do with the English. Why do you think that only English, German, Dutch and Friesan have modal auxiliaries? Because they are Germanic.

There, managed to decipher my scratchings…

It’s raining, no that’s stopped, now it’s sunny again.


Beer Money

Classes today, starting at 4pm, home about 8:30. New group starting tomorrow, 6pm to 9:30… Yay! More beer money.

Worst of all I now have two classes on Saturdays, 9am to noon, then noon to 1:30. That buggers up Saturdays.

Raining again…

Question in the botequim the other night from a regular who knows I am an atheist. “What do you believe in?”

I picked up my empty bottle and replied thoughtfully, “I believe I’ll have another beer.”

No more silly questions.


I’ll leave you with a thought from a great man before I have my Nap-fu practice.

Albert Eistein

Albert Eistein


Sorry it’s so small, squint or put your glasses on, I had to… but it sums up the world today.


Such a Bohemian

Yes, I tend to shun convention.

Take this for example. Yesterday’s lunch; absolute debauchery.

Boned T-bone on the grill

Boned T-bone on the grill

A full inch thick juicy steak.

Onion and mushroom gravy

Onion and mushroom gravy

And once it was on the plate…

The end product

The end product

Served with boiled potatoes and parsley butter.

I eat like this and I am losing weight. What a wonderful diet.

People are scared of food. Food makes you fat! That’s bullshit. It’s the type of food that makes you fat, not real food.

Lard and dripping for cooking

Lard and dripping for cooking

Steak with the fat still on, butter and not margarine. The onions were fried off in lard, not oil, not vege fat. No processed foods, although the mushrooms were dehydrated shiitake, reconstituted in white wine. If you shy away from processed foods, ie anything you buy in the supermarket and make your food from scratch at home using only natural ingredients, you’ll lose weight.

All pure poison

All pure poison

The first thing you need to get out of your life is any form of soft drink or soda and processed fruit juice.

I drink only sparkling mineral water and juice my own fruit.

I also drink beer, but not all beers. There are some beers now that are being made with GM corn like Budweiser and Newcastle and I believe Itaipava here in Brazil.

I wouldn’t touch GM products, I don’t trust them. Politicians (not scientists) say they’re safe; politicians have a habit of lying, that’s a good enough reason for me.

The key to being overweight is, generally, laziness.

I am not the most slender person around, but I have a double handicap. I use a walking stick to get around, it’s not easy to go jogging with a walking stick, it usually wins. My lifestyle, therefore is largely sedentary, so I must control my size with what I eat and drink.

My biggest enemy is bread. I love bread. Whole wheat bread, brown bread, just don’t do it; it has to be good old white bread, lovely fluffy white bread.

It’s just after 7am, I’m awake because my neighbour, who uses my carport, locked the gate key in the car. I’m not awake by choice.

Clear sky, another sunny day ahead, should reach into the 30ºCs, with no classes, it will be a day of beer and football. Yesterday was just football, I’d had enough beer for the Brazilian game on Saturday.

I might be naïve. Yes, even at my age. I had no idea that world cup players got ‘bonuses’, ie paid. I find that disgusting. I thought the world cup was about patriotism, playing for one’s country. But these rows over bonuses have left a sour taste. Especially on TV team members were shown sniffing wads of money.

Lunch today, pork schnitzel. The butcher had sliced some rump chops too thinly, so I got three pieces, hammer them out and whallah! Schnitzel. Reheat the leftover gravy and I’ll probably mash the potatoes today.

Britain is short of sperm… Well, I never. Venezuela is short of toilet paper, that I can understand, but being short of sperm takes the cake. How can they be short of sperm? That’s just bad planning. They’ve got a public (private) school system with virile youth masturbating their socks off… Think outside the box, stop pretending teenagers don’t do it; you’ll never be short again 🙂

Netscape-Logo-psd5816Last night I was flummoxed. I can usually solve my own problems, even here at the PC. But last night I managed to get FireFox into full screen mode, and I couldn’t get out of it. I couldn’t even use it to google why and how. I had to wind up Netscape to do the googling… The answer was there. Problem solved.

Netscape may be old, but it is still good. Netscape was the best browser ever, should never have been discontinued.

Yesterday morning while making the coffee, for some strange reason, I was transported to the past, back before I was married. I was the nightshift supervisor for a Bird’s Eye processing plant, some of our roustabouts were pretty tough types, bike gang members; hard guys to win over. The girl’s supervisor was a buxom lady in her 30s. One of the bikers had a wicked sense of humour, and used to come out with some gems. Like, “May, you remind me of a spanner (wrench)!” Whereupon enquiry, he answered, “Everytime I think about you, my nuts tighten.”

Why I thought of that, I have no idea, just a flash from the past.

BP is whingeing again. This time it wants some billions in compensation returned with interest. Sorry, but you need to pay more. There is no compensation for what you did to the gulf and you should bleed over it forever.

The sun is up. I feel like a vampire and need a nap to escape the withering sun.







No, not an ankylosaurus!

I have been attacked by an ankle-osuarus while peeing, while making coffee, while opening the front door, while sitting here at the computer and while walking anywhere in the house.

Clorinha is in a particularly frisky mood this morning.

Must have been the influence of the Battle of the Mouse in the early hours. Then I woke to find her perched up on top of the old TV. No idea how she got there, but signs that she is growing up. Next step will be out the bedroom window to explore the heights of the garage.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday. Clorinha and I were ‘Belly Up’ (was to be the title of this post, until the ankle-bitter bit) most of the day.

Belly Up!

Belly Up!

No, you don’t get to see my photo, belly up!

At the moment Clorinha is playing fly-Catcher in the Rye Kitchen. She’s not being very successful; pesky flies.

After heavy rain Monday and Tuesday, we were promised lots of rain on Wednesday; we got lots of cloud. We were promised rain again yesterday; we got partial cloud. We were promised rain again today; we have a lovely sunny morning. Honestly, I don’t know who tells bigger lies, weather forecasters or politicians…

It’s Good Friday!

Why is it called ‘good’?

Wasn’t such a hot day for Jesus.

I don’t believe in the resurrection. There’s no proof that it really happened. It was not written about until 200+ years afterward from anecdotes; and that reminds me of the game Chinese Whispers; how stories change in the retelling. But, but… the Turin Shroud… the fabric has been dated about 16th century, although Christians won’t adhere to that.

easter-fertilityEaster is all about MONEY!

Nothing more, nothing less.

For me it is less, because I lose so many classes.

But I am not so churlish.

Happy Easter!

For those believers.

And, remember, your kids are eating pagan fertility symbols.




Life is Rosy… for a Monday

I’m getting in early today before anything has a chance of stuffing up a lovely Monday.

Life is just like that... won awards

Life is just like that… won prestigous awards

Last night I was given a hint on irc by an old friend how to search for my old blogs. It didn’t work. But it did work for him, and by following the links he got, I managed to find some, but not all. I managed to find bits and pieces of my old personal blog, Life is just like that… The blog is gone, but a web archive has some pieces.

Unfortunately the main page was archived, but the structure of the blog didn’t allow the ‘read the rest of the post’. So that was a bit of a humbug.

Finally today, I managed to install CorelDraw10. Found another way to skin the cat.

I made fresh coffee this morning, much better than yesterday’s watery effort. I tried to skimp on the quantities because I didn’t want couldn’t be bothered opening a new sack of coffee. Doesn’t pay to skimp.

I see Kim Jong-un won the ‘election’ in North Korea. That’s pretty easy when you’re the only candidate. There were two choices, yes or no; I bet they didn’t count the ‘no’ votes, so he got 100%. Whoopie!

Man just keeps screwing up. From the 1960s CFCs (refrigeration and aerosol propellants) have been banned as they were identified as the biggest threat to the Ozone layer. Now scientists have discovered that four new CFCs are kicking around in the atmosphere doing even more damage. The tricky bit is, they don’t know where these new CFCs are coming from to tackle the problem.

It’s back to work today. Carnaval is over. I don’t feel like going beck to work, this 10 day break has filled me with lethargy. But, I have to force myself, no work, no money; no money, no beer, BBQ, net nor food. Oh we live in such a wicked world.

Just before I go, check out this post… just click on the image.

WARNING: Do not drink coffee nor any other beverage when reading this post.

Oh, you clicked on the image before reading the WARNING, well that’s Monday for you…


I can Foretell the Future

This harmonious scene will be nothing like the tooth and claw mayhem that will reign here for 24 hours

Yes, I can. In about two hours, I am going to lose my PC.

I know this will happen because the kids are coming to stay. The next 24 hours will be spent umpiring and allotting time for each to have a fair share.

Me? I will be relegated to the kitchen, because growing kids need a certain calorific intake during that period.

I have that planned. Poached fish and parsley sauce on a bed of rice for lunch. Pizza for dinner,  breakfast will be a matter of serve yourself and lunch… I’m still working on that. Probably franks in homemade tomato sauce on spaghetti. There, that’s the menu sorted.

The chances of getting a full blogload done tomorrow remains remote. I’ve managed it today, this is the last blog to post on.

So for a Saturday it has been successful so far. The remains of the day, remain to be seen. If I can prevent blood being spilled, then I may consider that success.

I must admit that after four years since the separation and living on my own, I am not as used to kids as I used to be, and I get a bit frayed at times.

But that’s not their fault, life must go on. I only get to see them about once a month, but that is for financial reasons; I don’t have many students at the moment.

So I am forced to be somewhat frugal, and unfortunately for the kids, they are expensive. I have had to remind them that money does not grow on trees.

I’m off to read the news while I still can…



The wrong end, is the top end

NB: Just had a call from the ex… four are coming, not the three I was expecting. Now I have to think is that good or bad…


I’ve just discovered from Twitter that today, 28th, is National Hamburger Day and I’ve planned pizza for dinner. If anyone of you tweets this in Portuguese there will be hell to pay, I will personally see to it that your nose implodes, or your knees fall down around your ankles, or that you meet your fate with the wrong end of a pineapple.

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