Years ago we had names for all sorts of things. Two that come to mind were ‘moo juice’ and ‘cackleberries’. We also knew that cow pats and cow patties are not the same thing.

Now, of course, you can actually buy Moo Juice, it’s a brand. I have never seen eggs marketed as cackleberries, though. I should google it.

I did!

There is a Cackleberry Farm, a town, alternative money and a University along with some mention of eggs.

However, cackleberries produces a family restaurant, pickled cackleberries, a host of cartoon characters; and I learned that baked beans are called whistleberries… Well, you learn something everyday.

Geez, the net is slow today! It isn’t down, but close to it, takes forever to load pages and upload images.

A bit of history… mine.

A Real Flop

A touch of nostalgia.
My post yesterday about the PetaFlop got a comment:

“My first PC was a Win95 with an incredible 800mb memory…I laugh about that now…”

I laughed, because my first computer, they weren’t called PCs in those days, was an Aussie Dick Smith System 80, 16kb RAM, no HD, and you loaded the programmes via cassette recorder. I was the envy of all my friends because they had TRS 80s with only 8kb RAM.

Note the onboard cassette tape recorder, the external floppy disk drive came later when the 5.25" floppy disks were invented

Note the on board cassette tape recorder, the external floppy disk drive (l) came later when the 5.25″ floppy disks were invented

Mine was decommissioned years ago, I can’t remember its fate.

Oh, and the internet was still just a dream…

Off to work and the wild blue yonder.