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A Nap is Required…


The moon is made of cheese

Then I will think about a post. I am taking no chances, it’s Monday, and if I’m in bed nothing can go wrong.

There, I have denapped. Wonderful hour unconscious, and nothing went wrong.

Now, I have a whole fifteen minutes to entertain you before I have to sprint hobble out the door for class. Yes, I don’t ‘sprint’ anymore, most unseemly; pretty unsightly too.

I’m on the coffee. Haven’t needed paracetamol for my tooth today, I told you that Brazilian coffee was stronger.

It was reported that they have decided there was never was on the Moon, of course not, it would make the cheese inedible.

I see WP is trying to confuse me again. I clicked to ad the caption and instead of the old coloured symbols on the left, I got a stubby pencil and cross in black & white on the right; a bit of rational thinking and I got it right.

I don’t frequent franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King, but I have often hear the expression a ‘Big Mac and Cheese’… Never had one. Perhaps I should have.

funny-Mac-cheese-screen-computerEven though I’m not a Mac fan, I could sell it.

Still a cool day, rained a little. The serralheiro (sawer) came and fixed my gate this morning. Now R$80 poorer, but the gate opens and closes better than before. Now I have to get the lock fixed and I can do away with the chain.

I should finish here, I have two minutes before I leap into action, and I am still in my underpants…


Battle Scarred

warningcoffeeCloro has become a big boy now.

Like any boy who has his first knee scrape or bloodied nose, he is a veteran, a grown-up boy.

He came home yesterday from a night out with three small scars on his left ear, he’s going to have to learn to block with the left and claw with the right.

Today my stats turned over. Not one blog achieved 1,000 true hits, two did but that was the work of the wankerbot from Montreal in Canada, so they’re not counted.

Yesterday’s post on homemade fanta, one comment sent me to this link. I’ve seen it before, and I’m sure I have posted it, but not here. I think it is great.

fanta+sea.+the+wise+words+of+an+8+year+old_c9f88f_3842252Well worth another showing.

greencheesemoonMankind has ravaged the planet and raped it for resources. So much so that there are things we are running out of and less habitats to destroy.

China has the solution, let’s ruin the Moon. It is reported that China could be mining on the Moon within ten years.

I hope they like green cheese.

The rain is persisting…. again.

So today will be spent indoors. Seems like the sensible thing to do. Cloro is certainly not impressed. Neither am I, today is laundry day, not at all good for drying even though it is hung in the carport.

There is often debate about homosexuality, such debate is normally centred more around the male, although LGBT makes itself known, with lesbians coming in third. I read this morning that more and more women are turning to lesbian relationships in the last 20 years. To me this means a big ‘FAIL’ that we men are doing it wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against lesbians, in fact two of my more exciting sexual partners were lesbians; believe me lesbian sex is great, even if you aren’t a lesbian. Oh, and they weren’t the fabulously contrived threesomes that men often dream about.

Sad to report… Rugby League World Cup final: Australia hammer New Zealand 34-2 to regain trophy in style at Old Trafford. Not that I am a rugby league fan, it’s still sad to see the home country get trounced, and trounced in style.

Santa Claustrophobia, an annual malady. Something I don’t suffer from because I basically ignore Christmas. I was asked last night by my sister what I was doing for Christmas. Nothing, watching TV like any other night, blogging like any other day.

Right now it’s breakfast time. Fresh bread rolls and marmalade with more coffee.



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