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My Synapses have Recovered

I had a good deep sleep.

Once again, I am a walking, talking, blogging human being.

Ah, that’s bullshit, it was the coffee…

I didn’t even know I had synapses.

A connection between two brain cells – image: BBC News

Apparently, the reason we sleep is to make new synapses to connect our neurons and wash away the mental toxins of the previous day.

It’s true, it was in the newspaper.

Everything in the newspaper and on TV is true.

I still reckon it is the coffee.

Which would go to explain why I just went to reheat freshly made coffee. There was a malfunction in a synapse.

My post-load is almost complete, just here to go. The rest of the day will be spent destroying synapses with some form of alcohol.

Well, it’s justified, if I don’t, I’ll have no synapses to rebuild tonight.

One should always give nature a helping hand.

Death, I was thinking about death last night, must be those toxins they were talking about. I am greatly perturbed by the amount of money and effort that is spent recovering bodies just so you can bury them again. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. It doesn’t matter where, you’re still dead.

I have forsaken the country of my birth; I now live in Brazil. That may/may not change at some time. It doesn’t matter where I am when I die, I’m still dead. I have told my family, don’t you dare spend a cent on getting my body back to NZ just to be buried. I am as dead in Brazil, as I would ne in NZ.

Catastrophic disasters, plane crashes, avalanches, bury people. Why dig them up just to rebury them? Let the dead alone. Leave them in peace. Mother Nature decides when and where we’ll go, trust her wisdom.

There is no 'welcome' mat

There is no ‘welcome’ mat

I was once asked by a student, an ardent evangelical, what our purpose was here.

I responded by asking why he thought we were here. The reply to worship and glorify God.

I replied, “Fertiliser! We are here to provide the planet with fertiliser, just like every living thing on this planet! Nothing more, nothing less.”

Some people just can’t understand the truth, they have this idea that we’re here for something more tangible than fertiliser. They have this deep need to be wanted, and being wanted as fertiliser doesn’t fit the bill.

Personally, I think that fertiliser is a rather noble cause; for it enables/ensures the future. There is nothing ignoble about it.

I see Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, is in hospital for tests. They must be looking for brain cells. I hope he has a good health plan, this could take a while.

The seas are rising. Some parts are rising faster than other. The Marshall Islands in the Pacific are an example. With a high point just two metres above the waters, the Marshall Islands are one of the most vulnerable locations to changes in sea level. Recently the tides uncovered dead from WWII.

I see the CIA has opened Twitter and FaceBook accounts… Why? Oh, I know why, they want to be friendly.

“It is the folly of youth that makes us wise” – Argentum Vulgaris (I just made that up)


NB: I did really know about synapses, it was just a good line at the time… ūüôā

Clorinha has a new toy. This photo was taken after I discovered the paper towels stretch across the living room floor. I wasn’t quick enough, and she rolled them up…







After expressing my concerns relating to bowel motions in yesterday’s post, one comment suggested prunes, that well known secret weapon used in hospitals around the world.

Prunes = Weapons of Mass Defecation

The good news is, that I didn’t need to resort to them. All is well and functioning normally.

The cold front arrived last night, rained for an hour at 12:30am, not hard but enough to make the night comfortable.

I can’t help but take issue with the dramatic swings in the global weather. Although typhoons in Asia are normal, that Philippines one was the worst ever recorded. I read yesterday, that the damage was exacerbated by the fact that coastal mangrove swamps that normally offer protection from typhoons had been cut down for firewood, leaving the populace defenceless.

Everything man does, has a backlash. We never learn. Those mangrove swamps were there for a purpose, a purpose designed by Mother Nature.

As the death toll rises above 5,ooo, and I feel sorry for those who died and others left homeless, it is the price paid for previous actions. Had the coastal mangrove swamps been left intact, the death toll and homeless may have been less.

I clicked on a tweeted  image this morning. It was of The Cathedral formation on the Paracas Peninsula in Peru, 260kms south of Lima. This beautiful coastal rock formation was probably the most photographed by tourists, apart from Machu Picchu scenes.

Standing on the high cliffs looking down was an awesome experience.

The Cathedral – image: Wild About Travel

Before seeing this tourists descend to the ‘back door’ and go inside the formation.


Along the beach to the ‘back door’ – image: AV

And are treated to the magnificence of the interior…

Inside The Cathedral - image: AV

Inside The Cathedral – image: AV

Here is an excerpt from a story that I wrote about Peruvian tourism:

We reached the far end of the second beach and the cliff opened, waves could be seen on yet a third beach.


Shoes and socks removed, trousers rolled up and we timed our entrance to match the tidal fluctuations, before stepping into the dark. Wrong… most of us still got wet, nature can be so unpredictable, we were wet to the crotch, women squealed and the men cursed as we stepped into the cave, it opened out to a huge natural cavern. Inside a small shingle beach covered in flotsam, waves crashing, their thunder magnified by the cavernous maw to echo in our ears.


This was ‚ÄúThe Cathedral,‚ÄĚ quite spectacular.


From the high entrance we were treated to the sunny view of the third beach and towering cliffs. The breakers pounding over a rocky shelf at the entrance to send up temendous fountains a of spray and massive clouds of mist hung in the air.


The swell of the tide gave us an insight into the immense power, that she is able to move such great quantities of water. The bloated carcase of a sealion rose and fell with her undulations like a great lifeless ballon. Bouncing off the rocks, being dragged away by the ebb only to be thrust again at nature’s whim cruelly against the rocks.


I was left wandering what would become of this hapless creature, this vision of nature’s uglier side as I picture, somewhat morbidly, the putrefying remains of the animal and the stench that would be offered to future tourists inside our cavern.


I shuddered at the thought and found myself at the entrance and followed the rest of the group into the bright, almost blinding sunlight after the dimness of the cavern. I left the morbid thoughts in the cathedral, trudged back along the beach, over the promontory, up the steep track to the cliff top, into the van and along the bumpy road.

So there you have it, the thoughts of a tourist guide.

I visited The Cathedral many times with tourists, so it is with a fondness that I remember it; until this morning.

I didn’t know, but the earthquake in the region destroyed towns like Chincha, Pisco and Playa El Chaco in 2007, it also destroyed The Cathedral.

Destroyed, the awesome cavern, gone - image: flickr

Destroyed, the awesome cavern, gone – image: flickr

No more will tourists be able to gaze in awe inside The Cathedral.

My fondness for this region comes not only from my work, but later I lived in Playa El Chaco and worked in Pisco.

Sadness determines that I say, Later.

Pee Free


Not Cloro, but a great idea

Note, that’s pee free, not free pee!

I wish I’d seen that photo before I threw the old toilet seat out after finally changing it.

Yes, more than two weeks since we have had pee in the wrong place.

Cloro is doing well.

Next stage is to move dirt box outside and see how he goes.

I saw an interesting video today. A cat trying to con its owner with boomps (head butts) that it was dinner time. The result was that the owner told the cat it was still three hours away.

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This set me to wondering. Cloro has food all day, it’s there when he wants it. This idea of a cat has mealtimes, seems strange. Mother Nature didn’t control them; “Sorry you can’t catch that mouse, it’s not dinner time!” Just imagine it.

Today, I finally did it. Yes, I caught a quick glimpse of the bottom of the kitchen sink. I even scrubbed it. But the glimpse was a brief one, then I cooked lunch, and guess what?

Lunch was good, mashed potatoes with a pool of butter on top, a liberal sprinkling of white pepper, accompanied by two thin pieces of dry seared rump steak, salted with rock salt, and olive oil dribbled over at the end. I ate this with a bottle of iced Chateau Guand√ļ (chilled tap water, search on this blog to find the full story).

I see that Fukushima has had another little accident, more radioactive water spilled.

The USA is still closed for business.

I wonder what’s going to happen on the 17th of this month with the debt ceiling? That could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back with the global economy going into a downward spiral.

I shudder to think of the ramifications.

Saturday is Ebbing Away

Yes, and fast. I thought of that title about noon today; and here it is after 6pm…



I seem to have done nothing, but I have. I strung up my guava tree to prevent it falling over, I had class for two hours in the morning, I made a tray of fried mussels and sunomono and took to the bar as a pseudo lunch to share with the locals about 2pm, I have successfully napped twice and had a short sit in the park doing nothing; between all of which I have posted on four… now six blogs.

So for a Saturday it has been quite successful.

Sunomono is thinly sliced Japanese cucumbers in rice vinegar, usually with sesame seeds and a sprinkling of some fishy type thing on top. I didn’t bother with the niceties like salting and washing, nor even the rice vinegar; I just washed the vege, sliced it and poured over ordinary white vinegar and as I didn’t have sesame seeds it got that good old standby treatment, chopped parsley.

Atlantic_City_T_Rex_bu_themechanismI read an article on extinction this week that made me think.

We are busy trying to save species from becoming extinct. But nature has been extincting species for millions of years.

Just imagine… Walking down to the corner shop for a loaf of bread on a quiet sunny Sunday humming to yourself and you are confronted by a giant snarling Tyrannosaurus Rex. OMG, shades of Jurassic Park!

Sort of put you off your lunch, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t it just as well that Mother Nature in her wisdom made them extinct?

While it’s nice that we have pretty species, like tigers and elephants and rhinos, and I realise their extinction is largely being driven by man, are we perhaps not going against the grain.

Look at whales…


Are we actually doing a disservice to them?

There’s a whole lot to think about there.



Procrastination & Fleas

Not this Day of the Dead

Yes, I have been procrastinating.

It’s Friday already Halloween is over and today is Day of the Dead, which in a predominantly Catholic country like Brazil means “HOLIDAY!”

After a sweltering week the weather changed overnight as predicted and today is overcast and cool. I never noticed before but apparently Finados (what the Brazilians call Day of the Dead) is often wet. There was a little rain overnight, but there doesn’t seem to any real threat at the moment.

While public holidays are good for the soul, they’re not so good for the pocket, all my private and weekend students have cancelled which mean a sharp drop in available beer funds.

The dark laden clouds of the spring rains

Sandy sure was a naughty girl, she didn’t do any favours for New York. The surprising thing is that scientists have been warning that such storms will be of increasing magnitude because of global warming and nobody listened. The whole world is affected by global warming. Even here in Rio de Janeiro in October and November we are supposed to have ‘chuvas de primaveira‘ (spring rains). Where were they last year? Where are they this year? This little bit of rain we had last night is the result of a cold front, not the ocean sourced winds that cause the spring rains. The spring rains mean torrential downpours daily in the late afternoon, streets flooded in a matter of minutes, saturated people running everywhere; then after an hour they stop and the sun comes out and the people are dry again in 20 minutes. Tell me that global warming is not happening. Tell the Argentinians whose grape harvest is down 24% it’s not happening. Tell the people in New York it’s not happening.

I’m not laying the blame of global warming solely on the industrial machine, my reading tells me it is the precursor to an ice-age, a natural cycle of the planet, but sure as heck the industrial machine isn’t helping it. I read the other day of the likelihood that an ice-age could well reduce the global population to isolated pockets of humanity totaling as few as 20,000; that’s a big reduction from 7bn. But then Mother Nature has a way of balancing things in her favour. My guess is that we don’t really count. If you look at things closely, we are nothing more than an infestation of fleas on a dog; and Mother Nature is about to have¬† good scratch.


The Middle of my Weekend

Yes, Saturday is the middle of my weekend.I have decided that as a stately gentleman of 60, one should have the luxury of three-day weekends. Mine starts on Friday as my last lessons for the week are Thursday night.

So, what have I done this weekend?

Yesterday, nothing; today (so far), nothing; plans for tomorrow, nothing and I expect it to be a successful weekend.

G 'n' T

I include blogging in the nothing category. Nothing actually implies anything out of the ordinary. I will have to go water my plants they are wilting in the sun and low humidity. Yesterday we got the rain that has been promised since last Monday. It was so brief and so little that I could almost count every raindrop. So much for thunderstorms today as well, hot and dry. Having said that, I need a gin & tonic as I am having a beerless weekend.

Sometime in the next two days, at least it has been estimated that it will happened before Monday, 31st October. The world will have gained its 7,000,000,000th person. I find that rather startling, the exponential growth of the human species is a disaster for mankind.

In just 12 years we have added another billion



I read recently that the planet can support a maximum of 500 million and retain its sustainability; i.e. Mother Nature’s balance. But we have interfered with her equation to such an extent that we have doomed ourselves to extinction. Yes, our extinction is no longer a matter of maybe, it is guaranteed. How have we unbalanced the scales so much? Simply we do not let people die. People (and some very notable scientists amongst them) have said the birthrate is too high. That’s pure unadulterated bollocks, the birthrate is perfect; Mother Nature designed that so it is perfect. What man has done behind Mother nature’s back has been to extend the life of many individuals so that less people are dying than she planned.

Have you ever wondered why we have global warming, worsening hurricanes, more earthquakes, resistant diseases and the like? Mother Nature is trying to balance the equation.

Imagine that the planet is like a dog, we are the fleas and Mother Nature is simply having a good scratch.

John Smith to Morpheus in Matrix

You want another analogy:

I’d like to share a revelation that I‚Äôve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realised that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet, you are a plague, and we… are the cure.

I happen to think that is so true, mankind is the virus on this planet.

I think I need another G & T

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