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I am Blessed

idiotinsideI never realised that my mother’s curses were actually a form of beatification.

The number of times I was called a ‘blessed nuisance’, or similar and worse, when I was a kid means I have been beatified time and time again.

So I am well on the way to Sainthood.

St Argentum, has a nice ring to it.

FaceBook was down for 15 minutes the other day. It sent the world into a tailspin of panic. Just think of all those people parked on the throne, forced into social media silence.

realgeniusAlfred was right… again.

FaceBook, Twitter, MSM and the like will/have produced a generation of idiots.

Major headline news, Harrison Ford has broken his leg. Once again I am miffed; when I broke my hip in a motor accident in the 70s it didn’t make the news.

I read the worst possible news today. Mitt Romney is going to stand again for something, I think it might be president, I didn’t stop to read it as I was so appalled. This is proof that there is no god, at least not a merciful one.

Rain finally stopped after 24 hours. Today is cool and cloudy. My plans for the day.

Nap at 11

Supermarket at 12

Lunch & Football at 1

Here endeth the lesson.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but instead of the supermarket I managed to stand on the cat twice while cooking lunch, first one end, then dancing to avoid said cat managed to stand on the other end. Poor Clorinha, I felt so sorry for her, then I thought ‘sod it’ I was the one who nearly died on the kitchen floor.


Just In

google-glass-banI have just read an article on The Guardian about these infernal Google Glasses. It begs the question will you be wearing them…

Not bloody likely!

Furthermore, I wouldn’t even talk to you if you had them on! And, I’d walk out of any establishment that had somebody wearing them!

I will support any establishment that bans them.

Mind you, we’re not likely to see them in Brazil for sometime.

Google Asses…

In the article it tells of a woman in a supermarket getting information while browsing for ingredients. What’s Google going to do with that information? Bombard me with ads for baking soda? No thanks!

This was not my planned opening for today’s post, that’ll have to wait for another time when I have cooled down.

WordPress has done it again. I went to load up the image above, and I got presented with a ‘blue screen’ – drag or drop your images here. I have artfully avoided WPs drag and drop feature until now, now I am forced to use it. What’s worse is, I had to figure out how to use it… No bloody instructions! No bloody warning! Just wham, bam, thank you Ma’am!

Bright sunny day outside, not too hot, pleasant beer drinking weather.

Yesterday’s fish-something lunch went well. Fried sole fillets with a great lettuce salad eaten at a table from the bar in the praça under the shade of a tree in front of my house. Of course, beer was readily available. I saved the guava juice for evening.

No sooner than I had finished and was gazing across the praça at nothing in particular, my neighbours set up the bar BBQ. I was invited to pull my table across and join the party. It would have been churlish of me not to accept. So the afternoon turned to more food, more beer and pleasant conversation.

Conversation went something like this

Their kids played around, pushing the baby around in her ‘motorcycle’ pushchair and playing on their tablets while the adults conversed and danced to the music. I asked the seven-year-old absorbed in a game on the tablet if she like boys…

Nope, just my tablet.

End of conversation.

I put my nose back in my beer having been trounced by a seven-year -old.

The drinking had to end. I had a student coming at 4pm for his first English lesson, so I switched to fizzy mineral water and lemon.

The good news is, I am invited to do it again next Saturday.

Middle East countries like UAE, Qatar, etc love their torture of foreigners then getting to sign confessions in Arabic, a language which most foreigners have no idea. In my opinion, I would never think of traveling to any country that had a reputation for this. Risk a long jail sentence or worse, death because I signed a confession I couldn’t read. Bugger the Bahrain F1.

There is a bit of a kerfuffle in England at the moment about a member of parliament who claimed too much in expenses and paid the mortgage on a house with it.  Not much, about £90,000, she was ordered to repay £45,000. Bugger that, repay the whole damned lot! And then kick her out of parliament for life! If an MP can shit in their own nest once, they’ll do it again. They aren’t fit to warm their derriere on a government seat at the expense of the people.

Now I would like you to consider a really important fact. This has not been covered in the mainstream media, like so many other facts that determine our lives.

Please give this your full attention…


Later, it’s beer o’clock, and I hope my shorts are dry on the line.


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