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Variety is the Spice of Life

Not always true. The spice I used was curry.

Lunch yesterday was Chicken Slops, lunch today was Chicken Slops and Cheese. Now there’s variety for you.

Chicken Slops is a quick and easy meal to prepare, just 10 minutes.

chiken meatGet a big pot, slop in some dripping (This week I used lard, because it’s a beefless week), slop in some diced chicken, slop in some curry, slop in some sliced mushrooms, stir and cook. Slop in some flour, slop in some vege stock, stir and cook until sloppy.

While was slopping, I boiled some potatoes and mashed them.

Lunch was ready.

Today, it was left over slops and fried potato; the secret was slop in some cheese to add variety. Even quicker than yesterday.

cranky-early-morning-1I didn’t sleep well last night. No reason, it was just a night of ups and downs, roll this way and that.

I woke up feeling terrible.

If I had looked like the kid, I would have been great, but I was crankier.

Just woke from an after-lunch nap, and I feel like that again.

If I had hair, it would be classed as a bad-hair day.

Another of my prophecies has come true. I predicted Morsi’s downfall before he was elected; the moment that I knew he was of ‘The Brotherhood’. Too many non-Muslims in Egypt to tolerate his ideals.

The cold snap has finished, but last night I had my tracksuit pants and long sleeved skivvy on. Today has been cool and sunny.

There’s not much going on at the moment, hence not a lot to tell you. That’s why I didn’t post yesterday, not a lot happened then either.

So, I will wish my American visitors a Happy Independence Day and toddle off.


Life is Leftovers

I need one of these on my keyboard

I need one of these on my keyboard

I woke at six, I prepared to blog.

The laundry lady came and she laundried, and left.

I had intended to go to the supermarket when she left, but I had her wash the shorts I wanted to use.

Deep procrastination set in despite the four cups of coffee I had had since I woke. Normally this would be enough to fortify through the most strenuous of days. I did the only sensible thing, I napped.

Having napped and still suffering from procrastination, I have decided that the supermarket can wait until tomorrow.

Bacon & mushroom, yum yum

Bacon & mushroom, yum yum

Last night, due to an empty  fridge, I ordered pizza. Bacon and mushroom with olives. I tried a new pizzaria (pizza parlour, for those who can’t figure out such complexities on a Sunday, and Americans), Della Massa, their leaflet came in the mail box. They had a web site, I chose my pizza and filled out the on-line purchase form and waited; and waited, and waited…. Finally, I was sick of waiting; I rang them… Oh we didn’t get your email order. I repeated it over the phone and I waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Nearly an hour passed, and on hearing a motorbike in the street (all these places use a motorbike for deliveries) I wandered to the gate despite him not tooting. There was the delivery guy outside the botequim lost; I had used the botequim as a reference point. One of the locals pointed at my gate. I got my pizza while complaining about the service, or at least the lack of it. The guy told me that someone had taken the computer home… Typically Brazilian, how do you expect to take email orders when you haven’t got a computer?

I ate half the pizza. There was a time when I would have demolished the lot and looked around for more, but age has taken its toll. Gluttony is not something that I would go to purgatory for, I just don’t have the capacity anymore. I could still get to purgatory for a bit of coveting, age hasn’t affected some things. Tatiana, my first Brazilian partner, nearly sent me there for a bit of coveting… she caught me ogling the girls as we walked downtown; I simply responded that she had nothing to worry about until I started ogling the guys. That settled the matter, it was never mentioned again.

So lunch today is leftover pizza. I was wondering if it would be considered debauchery if I had a nice wine with that.

Blogging right along….

There should be a Sunday Travel Tales later, that would depend on the toll taken by consuming a full bottle of wine. It is Sunday, after all.

No whirling dervishes were injured in this post.

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