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My Nothe ith Blocked

The wine key

The wine key

The weather change has not done me any good.

One of the rare occasions when I suffer. I have been farting, sneezing, sniffing and coughing simultaneously. I didn’t need this on Sunday.

My last post for the day, the rest is done. The laundry lady has gone and I’m going to make some more tea… I’m drinking apple tea, no milk, no sugar; it’s wonderful.

The net has just returned. It’s been down for an hour so I took the chance to make breakfast; fried eggs.

It’s raining on and off, sometimes heavily, sometimes light. I am going to hit the ‘wine’ key soon and retire to the botequim. It’s too cold to drink beer, and I don’t want to chill my innards any more, so a red wine will be the order of the day.

There’s been a lot of hype about this probe landing on the comet. I read that it was a bit like landing a fly on a bullet. No mean feat. The probe didn’t land right and it’s not getting power from the solar pannels. Damn, billions of dollars and years of work, just to be thwarted by a flat battery.

I am sure there are better causes here on Earth to spend that money on.

“Muslims discovered the Americas more than three centuries before Christopher Columbus, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.” – BBCNews. Yes, and everybody knows that the Vikings found it even earlier. Everybody has a borrow to push.

The silly box goes to Russia. They’re planing their own Wikipedia to portray Russia “objectively and accurately”, in other words, portray Russia like Putin wants it, which my not necessarily be the truth.

I think a short Nap-fu practice, then hit the wine.


An hour later…

We’ll try that trick again, The net went down just as I hit the posy button.

It’s not Spring Yet

At least, not for another two days.

But the temperature here is 40°C (that’s about 106°F for our American cousins who haven’t shifted into the 21st century with the rest of us), It was 37 yesterday, and I melted, today I feel like a batter pudding, dropped into smoking hot fat and returned to the oven on the highest temperature.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have class at 5:30pm, I would have deemed it to be beer o’clock already. There is still hope that the phone call will come…

Talk about global warming; it’s warmed more than my glo bals I tell you.

Even Lixo is exhausted. Even though he finds solace on the slate floor which is measurably cooler. I am tempted to lie on the floor with him, but it’s difficult to see the keyboard.

I have drunk so much water today, I am in fear of drowning.

Last summer was intolerably hot after a hot spring, this year it looks set to repeat.

The Australians surprised me. Damned sight more conservative than I thought; they have voted against gay marriages. After all they have the largest gay Mardi Gras parade in the world, I would have thought it to be a foregone conclusion. Then you only have to look at their parliament from the prime ministress down and you’d understand.

I have decided that Mitt Romney is the most dangerous man in the world after his most recent gaffes about 47% of Americans are lazy and will only vote for Obama, then he gets stuck into the Palestinians saying they don’t want peace, that they are determined to eliminate Israel, but he forgot to mention that Israel has the same agenda for the Palestinians, the Palestinians are not happy chappies. The Muslims are all up in arms over some film and busy turning the world further against them than it is already.

But one piece of good news, according to the Borowitz Report (link, don’t be lazy google it) Romney is having his mouth wired shut until after the elections.

Then there was the case of the little old ladies who found a frog in a bag of Tesco’s spinach; apparently one of them was a vege or vegan, and the idea didn’t go down well at all, in fact it all came up.

It’s so nice to see the world is a happy place.

Blogging right along.


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