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I am Incorrigible

Oh, you knew that already.

I’m also very tired.

My neighbour came home at 2am. Know how I know that? He made a lot of noise putting his car in the carport outside my open bedroom window.


I wasn’t going to go back to sleep easily. Remember I had a long Nap-fu practice earlier.

Clorinha with me in the praça on a sunnier day last week.

Clorinha with me in the praça on a sunnier day last week.

I made coffee. It was the only sensible thing to do. That was about when I realised that Clorinha wasn’t home…

The last I saw of her was when I went to the pizza shop to complain about the soggy chips (French fries). She always follows me. On the way home she made a detour to inspect the rubbish on the corner; it was rubbish night.

I left her, as she normally comes back home sooner or later.

So what does one do at 2am with coffee? Check emails, comments, notifications, etc. Doing so I found a great WP Theme, which generated an idea. At first I tried it on Eco-Crap, but it fidn’t dit. So I returned Eco-Crap to normal.

lovesscratchesBut there was still this idea lurking, niggling, frustrating me.

The old story, if you’ve got an itch, scratch it.

I began scratching.

The result is a new blog. What’s left of my life. It’s a photo blog. I hope to post a daily photo from my files of photos that I have taken as I cruised around South America before settling back here in Rio, and then my photos from here as well.

I got back to bed at 5:30.

I have two experimental posts up, and I may add another one later. I also have three followers, and likes. They were up before I had finished adding the widgets.

The rain, well yes… It’s still nut numbingly cold.  I am going to change out of these woolly pants and put woollier ones on. The plants are just loving the rain, they’re all bright and green and perky; and there’s new fronds unfurling on the samambaia (ferns).

I’ve lost my rubber!

This is NOT a rubber, it's a condom

This is NOT a rubber, it’s a condom

Now, that’s going to confuse the crap out of my American readers. Why does a nearly 63 year old need a rubber? Hey, it still works you know. My youngest, Emmylee, is only seven!

For me a rubber is an eraser (Americanese), I want to rub out a note I made during the night, it’s no longer needed.

I see that England are suggesting that the next FIFA World Cup be taken off the Russians as a sanction for the downing of the French airliner, the annexation of Crimea and arming the insurgents in the Ukraine. IMHO, that’s fitting. Really Putin’ someone’s nose out of joint, hurting him where it hurts most, right in the pride. But Septic Blathermouth and those weak-kneed arseholes at FIFA said there are no plans to shift the venue. Grow some balls you bastards!

I haven’t read the news yet, so not much to comment on.

Not that much to do really, I got most of my posts done in the early hours while I was formulating how to scratch that itch.

So I will let Sunday roll along and go with the flow.



Clorinha came home, meowing from the gate, cold and hungry 24 hours exactly from when I last saw her. First thing she did was bite me, now that’s love…

I am Incurable

Yesterday, I had planned a post. I was determined that I would not miss writing a post.

But, alas, I failed… again.

Too much animal content

Too much animal content

Despite the best of intentions, I got sidetracked. It was driven by thoughts of my most popular blog becoming, almost, my most unpopular blog. Nether Region of the Earth was my first blog in 2004, it was then my only blog. I took matters in hand, and remade the blog NRotE II, and created a personal blog, and some others. Then came the disaster with Blogspot/Google and all was lost in 2011. I started again on WordPress and all was well until 26th Feb, and my blogs seemed to become invisible with NRotE III suffering the biggest downturn. Like today for example, it has had 3 hits at 2pm, and yesterday amassed 13 for the whole day. This is a blog that used to get 200+ up to 300 hits per day.

I began to wonder if I was having too much ‘animal’ content. I took the bull by the proverbial horns yesterday and split the animal content off to another blog.


This is the result. If you are so inclined, click on the banner to drop on over.

Yesterday became devoted to organising a new blog and associated widgets.

So the day was not lost. Today, I posted my last Caturday on NRotE III and my first on Some Animals are Crackers, ah different posts, double the fun.

Tonight I am taking ex and family out for pizza. An annual event to celebrate multiple August birthdays, 8th, 12th, 16th 29th and a couple in September, 7th & 17th. It’s cheaper to have one BIG bash than many little ones. There may be evidence, if I don’t forget to take the camera.

Four luscious pineapples

Four delicious pineapples

A couple of days ago, I bought four pineapples. I love pineapple juice, I haven’t made it yet. So far, I’ve had pineapple dessert, grilled pineapple, pork and pineapple sweet and sour and lunch today was grilled chicken breast with revamped leftover sweet and sour sauce and mashed potatoes. The new stove has been getting a good workout.

It’s a hot day, you’ll have to wait while I go and make some juice.

Delicious, and another pineapple top to plant. I can’t just throw them out, they grow so easily and look great as a pot plant, indoors and out.

The other week I posted about forgetting things on Genes, you know when you go into another room and stand there bewildered wondering why?

It happened to me yesterday. I went into the kitchen and did a couple of things, then wondered why I was there. Walking back through the door into the living room, I remembered, I went to get a drink of cold water. So I returned and got my drink. So it’s true what they say about event boundaries.

I read yesterday that Nestlé was having problems with a downturn in profits. After my post Make you Fink on Friday yesterday dealt with companies responsible for making us fat, then doubling their profits for products that make us thin again, I was not at all sad about the news, I felt somewhat vindicated; and more than pleased as it would appear that people are learning these corporations are the real enemy.

Two... actually

Two… actually

I should blog along, I still have two blogs to go.



I forgot to mention that the last hafl glass of pineapple juices fisnished up as a pinã colada… double yum! You can tell by the typos… 🙂

A Great Pile of BS

A pile of bullshit

Yes, I have been absent because of a pile of bullshit.

Oh, you don’t believe me…

There it is, over there —–>

The other day I got a bee in my bonnet, I began a new blog:

Bullshit Corner

You can find it here.

The url is similar to this blog, because I was lazy and built it on top of my old test blog that I used for testing out ideas before applying them to my other blogs.

I haven’t really decided what I am going to post there, but I have started with a few frivolous bits and pieces.

I guess I am trying to show that we live in world where bullshit reigns.

This is a wet week. It has been raining basically since Sunday, it’s raining now. It will rain on and off tomorrow. The temperatures are falling, overnight lows of 12ºC have been promised for the weekend. Now that might not be cold for some parts of the world, but it is low enough to make the Carioca (people from Rio de Janeiro) gonads twinge.

Last night I slept with a blanket, in tracksuit pants and two T-shirts. That’s almost unheard of.

No Brie cheese this week, I have discovered I’m broke again. But I did buy some rump steak, thumped it round a bit t make it thinner and turned it into schnitzel. I love schnitzel.

I have tomorrow off… so I’ll probably post again.

There’s not really a lot going on at the moment.

If you want a giggle check out the newblog.

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