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Not One of my Brighter Ideas

Occasionally, one does stupid things. They say coffee helps you do them faster. Yesterday was one of those days; and it wasn’t even a Monday.

They’ve got stacks of them

I went to town. I needed new shoes.

As we were passing a computer shop, I yelled “Stop!” The kombi driver nearly pooped himself and the other passengers were so startled looking around for the reason to stop.

I had planned for months to visit this shop, they were selling reconditioned PCs for R$249 with monitor and I wanted to see them. I have plans to buy one for the kids. It’s payback time for my ex… can you just imagine the uproar when you’ve got four PC literate kids and one PC in the house? Think about that. Sometimes my evil side works overtime. I also bought a new CD-ROM and cable that I had needed for sometime.

Any, moving right along. I walked and walked visiting shoe shops along the Calçadão (it’s a pedestrian street of shops), checking them all and only finding expensive ones. I was actually on my way to a shop where I had seen the pair I wanted, but I checked, just in case.

I finally ended up in the last shop. Made my purchase and left the shop wearing my new prizes. It wasn’t all that long before I realised the folly of the idea. You see when I went to put clean socks on, one had a hole; the day old pair had a hole too. So I wore a pair of those stupid little sockettes that I bought by mistake once and didn’t have holes.

The leather of the boots began to rub the back of my leg; at first it was irritating, then annoying, then a little sore, until it was finally unbearably painful. To top it all off it was a stinking hot day. I passed Brazeiro (my fav restaurant) ah, cold refreshing air, seats, BBQ and beer, so I followed my instincts.

I had a wonderful lunch and then a taxi home.

I took my new boots off and inspected the damage. There was a little chaff mark, not a quarter inch round; something that small could be so painful…

Geez, I’m a sook.

Buying Shoes

Well, 2pm Saturday arrived and I was informed the kids were on the bus coming to visit. I had time to shower and change and get to the bus station.

Emmylee, in one week she'll be five.

Eventually they arrived. Emerson and Emmylee. It was Emmylee’s first visit, she was ecstatic and leapt into my arms. After hugs we had to go shoe-shopping; that was preordained.

I had always figured that shopping with a girl or woman was difficult and time consuming, but I hadn’t reckoned on Emerson. Seven shops before we found one that had shoes that he liked. Emmylee was a breeze, she saw, she tried, she liked, I bought. It was a treat for her because it was the first real pair of new shoes she’s had since a baby. Mum has only been able to buy second-hand or donated shoes. So Emmylee went home this afternoon in a pair of white sneakers with pink trim.

After the shopping expedition we got home and joined the BBQ at the botequim, it was Raimundo’s birthday, we ate and drank and Emmylee discovered the swings in the park. After lots of swinging we convinced her to come home for pizza and then I got the complaint. “Dad, you haven’t got any toys!” Yes, well, I am a bit old for toys. So paper, scissors, sellotape and a pencil were provided; that’s as close as you get to toys around here. But, it was sufficient to keep a nearly-five-year-old busy for the evening until bedtime.

Early to rise, Emerson was playing football for the first time with the local team. One piece of leftover pizza, coffee and he was ready. Emmylee was content with the cartoons on TV until she remembered paper and scissors. I look around the floor and there are still minibits of paper everywhere. Later we went out to the park and she swung and she was still swinging when Emerson arrived back.

We had the second pizza and icecream for lunch and they readied themselves for home. Emmylee proudly in her new shoes.

Football. I watched two games, the second was Flamengo vs Atletico Paranense, Atletico won, 2-1, not impressed. Flamengo is slipping further down the table and no longer in the 5 best teams in the Brasileirão competition.

Bill paid and home. I started to watch the Sunday programme Fantastico, a lot about the 9/11, I began do drift off and decided bed was the best place which is why this didn’t get posted last night.

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