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Finally, I Crashed

Yup, just after midnight fireworks which lasted about a half hour in our neighbourhood, I made my excuses and toddled off home. I was ready for bed. Midnight hours are a thing of the past as I advance in my dotage.

My native NZ was the first to see the New Year in. Although news services make more fuss about Sydney, NZ merely gets a mention. Some news services even classify Sydney as being the first; they’d better get the atlases out, or today it would be more appropriate to check Google Maps. They also get their facts wrong, a news item yesterday mentioned 1.5 million people in Sydney. but only 1 million in Copacabana; in fact there were more than 2 million in Copacabana this year.
NZaheadAuckland’s Sky Tower gets the honours of being the most publicised.

Sky Tower, Auckland

Sky Tower, Auckland

Anyway, I’ve never seen it. In fact, I never even saw the celebration in my home town. I always thought that people were fools to rush into the Square and much preferred private parties with friends.

It’s all over now, the world can return to normal and continue on its course of destruction.

Today promises to be hotter than yesterday, which was bloody-hotºC, so the temp today could reach very-bloody-hotºC and mean a lot of chilled beer to stay sane.

I went to the neighbour’s for BBQ, just a few friends there. Way to much food, which I made an earnest effort to reduce. Watched the fireworks at midnight and that’s where I came in, read the first paragraph

Watered the plants, checked the passion fruit vines; flowers again yesterday. If they don’t start producing some fruit I may have to pollinate the flowers myself. Because the bees don’t seem to be doing their job.

Time to poke my head out the gate. I know the botequim is open, I may have a beer before lunch.


I am so confused

I spent all night drinking iced water and having cold showers to try and get some sleep, then at 6am I was drinking coffee to try and stay awake.

Happy-New-Year-2015-New-ZealandNew Year has alredy begun in my native New Zealand.

It will slowly wind its way around the world until it gets to Brazil in 15 hours.

We got our promised rain last night about 6pm, a pathetic two minutes. It was enough to make the ground steamy and appear hotter than before.

The sun is out, so it looks like we’ll get to our sixth day of 40ºC+ which is a good enough reason to have a BBQ and drink beer.

My neighbours have disappeared. They were last seen on Monday when Lincoln got the car out of my garage in the morning.

I really can’t be bothered with New Year, for me it is just another day. The sun rises, the sun sets. I still have to do the dishes. Too much money is spent on fireworks, especially in Brazil by those who don’t have it to spend on food and clothes for the kids.

The fireworks display at the presidential palace in Brasilia (the capital) is being paid for by funds meant for the annual renovation of schools and school transport as well as other social measures. The people are up in arms, the court ruled that it had to stop, the council appealed the ruling in their favour, the people appealed again, the result will come out today. This is a very Brazilian thing… “Oh we don’t have the money… lets rob the coffers!”

New-Year-ResolutionsNew Years resolutions are a lot of bunkum. I make one every year and that is NOT to make any New Year resolutions. It’s the only one that I manage to keep.

But I will wish all my visitors/followers and fellow bloggers…

Happy New Year

And for those where it hasn’t arrived yet.

Keep-calm-and-new-year-is-coming-sayingAustralia has to be the Silly Box candidate for today. They voted against the Palestine UN membership; making sure the resolution failed by one vote. Guarantee the US told them to. Tony Idiott is just a puppet.

I relly should put my pants on and go and water my plants.

I also need more coffee. It may well be the last coffee of the year.

There may be an update, then again, there may not be.


Get up and Go!

018a51c4e3402dfd8b77851a41c12bdbWell, my get up and go, got up and went.

The promised rain didn’t last night. I had my last cold shower at 4am and finally managed to sleep three straight hours, until 7am.

I made my penultimate coffee for 2014.

I blogged, as I had aslo blogged at 1am. Got most of my bloogging done.

Watered the plants as they were doing impressive wilt impressions.

I emptied my mailbox, and I was exhausted.

Another day waiting for my phone to beep. It did, my afternoon student just confirming her class.

I wanted to go to the supermarket, read, I had to go to the supermarket; but I didn’t have the energy.

I finally mustered the energy and then waited more than a half hour in the heat for transport. Finally. I went to the gas station to buy cigarettes because our whole neighbourhood is out. More likely they are hoarding old stock to sell at the new price in January… bastards! I needed cash, the Bank 24 Hours was out of money, I’m down to my last R$12.

Supermarket and home.

Hot and sweaty, threw stuff in the freezer and fridge and beat a hasty retreat to the botequim, cold beer and salvation. I also made a couple of ham and lettuce sandwiches so my stomach walls wouldn’t cave in on each other.


So, eventually, I did, I got up and went.

The bull wins in a Mexican bullfight, gored the silly girl that was tormenting it. Serves her right; I love it when the bull wins. Pity it didn’t happen more often.

Stating the obvous, Obama said that Putin wasn’t so bright as Russia heads into recession. Should have let Crimea be Crimea, a part of Ukraine.

Cricket happened in Australia, not much else, and no sign of Tony Idiott.

Tomorrow th last day of the year, BBQ. I got a slab of salmon fillet for the BBQ, and some pork belly and ribs, and some liver.

After BBQ, I have been invited to neighbours for the virada (the turning), and yes another BBQ.

Last night the kitchen was doused in the smell of passion fruit flowers; lots of them yesterday.

My sage plant has nearly reached the top of its stick. A landmark that I have been waiting for.

Ipanema Beach yesterday

Ipanema Beach yesterday

We have had four straight days of 40ºC+ with the thermal sensation getting close to 50. People have been swarming to the beaches to escape the heat. Not me, I swarm to the bar; that way I don’t need to wash the sand from my nether regions. Horrible gritty stuff sand; can cause a nasty rash. I commented yesterday to the fregües (regulars) at the bar that going to the beach and having to return home is a waste of an hours drinking time.

Just imagine that if all those people had spent an hour more drinking beer, Brazil’s economy would be back on track.

Preparations for the world’s largest New Year party. Copacabana Beach, 6½ kms, and 2 million people. Me, I stay away; more than ten people at the bar scares me these days. As i get older, I don’t like crowds so much.

Must go, cold shower required.


Scary Moments II

The most hated part of my therapy

The most hated part of my therapy

No, no catnappings today!

Cloro is home safe and sound.

Scary moment came at the supermarket checkout. Expensive therapy today.

Nearly gave me a mental hernia.

Back again…

Had a problem. I had to reset PC, and it didn’t want to connect to the wifi. But then of course it is Monday. The last Monday of the year and I somehow thought that I might escape these Mondayish blights. Silly, silly me. After an hour and a lot of very blue air I managed to coax it back to life. Maybe it was the threat that it would begin life in the New Year by flying somewhat ungracefully through the window.

We’re almost on the final lap, in a little more than 24 hours 2013 will be consigned to history. I don’t really celebrate New Year, after all it’s just another day. I haven’t made resolutions for many years. When I did, I never stuck to them. But this year I have made one, not for me so much, as those around me.


There, I think that’s fair.

We aren’t the only ones having a heatwave; Argentina is too. They’re complaining about 35°C, today here we had 40°C with a thermal sensation of 50°C, now that’s hot.

At the other end of the scale, I saw on TV Saturday, the Arctic Marathon. Now that’s just plumb crazy.

It’s later than usual, soaps and news have started, so…


A Light Lunch

lemoncakeToday I am having a light lunch.

Lemon cake & sparkling mineral water.

There are two reasons for this; firstly to counter the gluttony of the past few days, and secondly, I want to leave room for tonight’s excesses.

One of the English courses I work for is putting on a ‘do’ at a restaurant. Free food, free beer; they sure know how to generate an interest. They got me at ‘free’.

The lemon cake is nothing fancy, just a slab I picked up at the supermarket. I don’t do cakes, just eat them.

worcestershire-sauce-lea-and-perrinsI have to leave home about 3pm because I have to have some therapy. There are a couple of things I want to buy; particularly to restock on my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. I will probably find a bottle of wine or two as well.

Fish and chips just don’t taste the same without L&P’s.

One has to treat oneself to small luxuries. I

Oh, just had a big surprise. One of my students arrived to pick me up for a, you guessed it, BBQ lunch. But they forgot to tell me about it.

The idea appealed immensely, so we have rearranged it for next Friday to add to the New Year debauchery.

I can’t miss this one tonight, because they are raffling two tablets and other prizes. I imagine there will only be about 15 people there so the chances are good.

Now it’s time for lunch and a nap.


It’s not over yet

funnycatgoutBBQ Christmas Eve

BBQ Christmas Day

BBQ Today

Dinner out on the course tomorrow.

Oh my gout is going to kill me!

And it all starts again for New Year. Then I have a week to recover before my fist classes.

Seriously, New Year won’t be as heavy as Christmas.


You all know how I hate selfies.

The girls took control of the camera yesterday, and guess what? Selfies…

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it's a selfie

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it’s a selfie

They managed 130+ photos before the battery gave out exhausted. I resuscitated it this morning.

Must away, my soap-opera is due to start…


Big Bang! Fact or Fiction?


A big bang

No, I am not talking about the creation of the universe, nor in fact, a compromise with an overweight call girl. although there was a lot of banging last night.

Last night was New Year.

As I predicted, I spent the latter part of the evening, after my TV soap, at the botequim. There were still a few hangers-on. There was a TV show, Show da Verada (verada = turning) featuring famous Brazilian artists, none of whom I consider any good, singing worn out songs that were played ad nauseum during the year. I sat at a table on the praça opposite the botequim and watched the toings & froings of the neighbourhood while I delighted in my two cans of black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout). Various hands were shaken, or wrung dry (depending on the state of play), backs were slapped and Feliz ano novos declared. Many big bangs from the surrounding area as people couldn’t wait for midnight.


The first salvo – image O Globo

I didn’t open my bottle of Italian bubbly because there was no one, in the end, to share it with at midnight. Reimundo closed the bar about 11:30 and was off to his daughter’s for the verada, I went home and at midnight watched the Globo show and the firework shows around Brazil, principally Copacabana. 24 tonnes of fireworks from 11 barges anchored off the beach lit the sky for a solid 16 minutes to entertain 2.3 million people gathered on the beach. All the while there were plenty of local fireworks rending the air asunder above and around me.

The TV show finished, click, off, cold shower and bed.

I awoke this morning thinking, I should feel refreshed, clean, ready to take on the world; it’s a pity the dishes didn’t have the same thought, they are still there waiting to be refreshed and clean. The world doesn’t always work as we would have it.

I made coffee, and I sit here at the keyboard… Nothing has changed.

I was wrong… again

Street clocks that show the temperature

It’s not often, but yesterday I was wrong. It takes a man to sit here sweating in his underpants to admit that.

When I wrote the post about the weather yesterday, I hadn’t yet been outside. But on leaving the house to go to work, I discovered my folly. Yesterday was actually hotter than the day before, a fact that was confirmed on the TV news last night.

Hottest day of the year. Official temperature 43,6°C. But here in the west of the city, they showed one of the street clocks in our area marking 48°C (122°F), now THAT’s hot!

No wonder my beer was boiling in the bottle.

Last night, it was impossible to sleep. Despite several ‘cold’ showers and lying in bed sopping wet under the direct fan to try and stay cool enough to drop off. I finally stopped trying and got up and wrote a post I have issues. Pop across and read it, there’s some personal back ground there that could well apply here.

Did you get the riddle in yesterday’s post title? = Blowed if I know! and the other = A man’ best friend is his dog. I had the book years ago, but sold it with the rest of my library when I decided to go abroad.

murphys-irish-stoutI am hoping that my student will ring soon and cancel today’s lesson.

It’s too hot to even think about work and I have a can of black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout) in the fridge that needs drinking. I drink it as a black ‘n tan (half stout, half beer) because it’s so expensive, that way I get double the pleasure.

Although I am not in the more affluent class, I am at an age when small pleasures are deserved.

I have been invited to my neighbour’s for New Years Eve, and apart from a nice imported bubbly to celebrate the New Year, I have two more cans of black sludge  to share with him.

Now I must off, my plants are doing a collective wilt. This heat has already killed off my mint and also, I’m afraid, my bonsai has succumbed as well.


Makes you wonder

It’s Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, it’s Hanukkah, it’s New Year’s and then, with no warning, it’s just Tuesday.

That was a tweet this morning from a RT by @AmidPrivilege.

The exhuberance of carnaval

But it makes you wonder what all the fuss is about. Here in Brazil it is a little different, in February we have Carnaval to soften the dreary days between New Year and Easter.

Carnaval certainly breaks the monotony as we head towards winter.

Now that the New Year is ahead full steam, I am back to work today, lesson at 4:30, it was supposed to start yesterday, but the student canceled, he was stuck in traffic on the way back from holiday.

With the week of torrential rain that we had over New Year disrupting traffic all over the country. The highway from Região dos Lagos (very popular getaway from Rio) experiencing 30km traffic jams. Apparently is was worse in both São Paulo and Minas Gerais states.

The price one pays for a weekend of celebration.

Me, being the wise one, I walked no further than the 11 metres to the botequim (neighbourhood bar) the whole weekend, most considered that I was quite correct. New Years Eve was the worst best day, I actually got sunburned when the sun shone for a few hours late in the morning before the rain started again. I am feeling the lethargy today, usually do just before I peel.

New Year is the one time of the year that I allow myself to get a little tiddly. I don’t get drunk, that’s a fools game. One of the valuable things I learned in the air force was that officers don’t get drunk, they merely become socially excited; it has stood me in good stead ever since. It has been many years since I had a hangover, probably more than twenty. The chaps at the botequim were surprised on Saturday and a few commented that theyd never seen me chapado (legless, drunk) ever. While I certainly was far from being chapado, I had a buzz and did trip over the gutter once saying “Whee, that was fun!”

More, or should that be less, carnaval

It is this year that I turn 61, hence I discover that there is life after 60. I must discover where…

There’s another shot of carnaval, just in case you were wondering where to spend February this year.

I should go and shower then apply smelly concoctions and run the nugget brush through what’s left of my hair so that my cadaver is acceptable to the world at large before my lesson. I should also put on my pants. Yes, it is true bloggers blog in their underwear, that is not just a horrid  myth.


Still Raining & Happy New Beer!

Yup, started yesterday before the New Year and it hasn’t really let up. It has rained more or less all day, sometimes heavily, sometimes like now a heavy drizzle.

I have spent the day indoors, apart from a BBQ lunch at the neighbours, I have browsed the news, none of it good. The Tele Tubby in North Korea has assumed control of the armed forces and expects the people to lay down their lives for him.

The most important news everywhere was the opulence of the displays to welcome in the New Year around the world. Quite frankly a lot of noise about nothing.

So we have an ignominious start to 2012. It’s a year in which I think we are going to see many changes and I have to say that none of them are good. I actually wrote My Predictions… 2012 on my blog Shit Happens and globally they paint a pretty dreadful picture. The world has become that power hungry and corrupt in recent years, that we can only suffer.

Let’s see what the new year brings.


Tomorrow it’s back to work; nothing changed there. I lost another student, he is due to travel to Canada for his training course in the middle of the month.

Felipe insisted on a photo before he went, which I now present to you. Class was over and we were on our way out the door after the last class of last year. One of the rare occasions that I get in front of the camera. Dangerous place.

You can see by the Vasco monogram on his shirt that he is still a boy and hasn’t realised that serious football fans only support Flamengo.

I am about to take a rest from the PC, too much PC is like too much sex… makes your eyes go funny.

I start the year with a defrosted fridge, now there’s a milestone for you. The highlight of my day was defrosting the fridge, does that give you an idea of the exciting life I lead…

Meanwhile, I am going to adopt a leisurely horizontal position on the sofa and watch Fantastico, one of the few programmes worth their salt on Brazilian TV.

All I can say now is, Happy New Beer!


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