Our tower is not quite so grand, it's also closer than Paris

Our tower is not quite so grand, it’s also closer than Paris, but you get the idea.

I hope that’s not a sign for the rest of the year, if so, I’m not impressed.

Just after I posted yesterday, and was in the middle of preparing a post on Fizz for next Friday, the net went down.

Oh, okay, that happens from time to time. It was just before midday, 1pm passed, 2pm passed, 3, 4, 5, 6…I tried ringing the SP, of course New Years Day, do they answer the phone… they DO NOT!

Finally, I remembered that I had the SP’s father’s phone number. I rang him wished him the best for the New Year, and he explained that lightning had knocked out the power to the satellite transmission tower in the hills and the unit had continued on battery until that failed the next day and they were having a fight with the power company to restore power, you guessed it, on New Years Day.

As a result, I had a very boring day. The net finally returned just before 10pm. Not a lot of blogging was done.

So, as you can imagine, I am demotivated, inspiration has fled, it’s after 10am and I have done nothing.

The one advantage of having no net was that the dishes got done, along with a few other householdy chorey type things that usually sort of get missed.

On Monday my first passionfruit fell off the vine, New Years Day and three more had fallen. Last night I used two to make 500mls (almost a pint) of fresh passionfruit juice. My crop is not as prolific as two years ago when I had over 200 fruit, but there is about another dozen or so to ripen.

Now I’m off to finish the post on Butterbeer that I started yesterday. You’ll have to check Things that Fizz & Stuff on Friday to find out more about Butterbeer, meanwhile, I’m off to the coffeepot.