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Post Mortems


Poor Neymar Jr

The month of folly and madness is behind us. The world can return to normal. There remains just the post mortems.

Sadly Brazil blew it, or had it blown for them.

I am not going to dwell further, but I will point you to two excellent blog posts.

First: Your cut out and keep guide to the World Cup Final by Andrew, a wonderful example of speaking Andrewese.

Second: Culture Shock by an American ex-pat married to a German.

Both are well  worth reading. Don’t drink your coffee while doing so.

Yesterday I watched the final, somewhat nonplussed, I was rooting for Argentina, but my fellow fregües (regulars) at the botequim told me my reasoning was misplaced.

However, grudges were not born, as I supplied two homemade pizzas, one before th game and the other at half time. The first a three-cheese-three-meats, and the second asparagus bruschetta and shiitake, all was forgiven and my beer paid for. *Grinning* I’m old, not stupid.


Pizza Expless

Speaking of pizzas, Pizza Express has been sold to the Chinese. Nothing is sacred any more.

Watch out for chow mein and noodle pizzas.

It would be akin to selling Mercedes Benz to Korea; or do they already own it?

The world is full of injustices.

BTW, the bruschetta was horrible as a topping, that’s why I sacrificed it as a pizza base sauce, then it was acceptable. The asparagus content was the hard stringy offcuts from asparagus used for better ends.

bartvoices-2I have staff. I never realised it. Reading MWPG’s blog this morning, she blamed the voices in her head for something calling them her staff. Yes, I have staff… voices in my head. They are the ones that forget good ideas and posting material.

Do you have voices?

Sometimes, they’re wonderful company; better company that some of the people I know, but other times they can be a hinderance.

Do I need therapy?

I know that I need a nap, it’s already after lunch, which I haven’t had yet and am not bothered with. I woke up late this morning. I was up between 3 & 5, then back to bed, slept in until 9:30 and woke to a lovely sunny morning after another ‘blanket’ night.

The plants have been watered, the dishes sneered at (very few actually) and the fresh coffee is all gone (that’s 1½ pints), is it any wonder I am so beautiful? <—– rhetorical question, doesn’t warrant a reply.

So, napping right along.


Delerium Tremens

Or the DTs, literally means shaking frenzy, and are usually suffered by those dependent when deprived of alcohol.

Drink deprivation in my case is not the problem; I have more alcohol in the house than food. (I’ll have to figure out what that says about me…)

halfwayBut going cold turkey for two days without football, is driving me to drink. Now I’m not sure where Drink is, but according to the sign, I’m halfway there.

I’ll let you know when I arrive.

This morning at 7:15 I was seriously trying to go back to sleep after rolling over. I suddenly had a terrible urge for fried eggs. Sleep was forgotten as I bounced out of bed.

Then I discovered there was no ‘yesterday’s coffee’, which meant that I had to make fresh. As a result of being pre-Coffee, I was a little terse in my reply to a comment on yesterday’s post. Belatedly, I apologise. I have fresh coffee now and the world is looking wonderful, despite the fact that it is MONDAY!

New plants

New plants

I did do something constructive yesterday.

A new plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago was in a small pot and the size indicated that it would be getting root-bound. So I got it out, attacked it with my old kitchen knife and hacked it carefully in two.

I now have two new plants. I have no idea what it is they are, but they’re pretty. Perhaps MWPG, who knows lots about plants, will recognise it and put me out of my misery.

At least I didn’t kill it. This morning they are still standing.

Monday, sunny, sunshine reflecting on my monitor through the window, means it’s time to make my eggs. By the time I return I will be able to continue without this nasty glare.

A comment overheard in the botequim yesterday as I was having my afternoon bottle… “The Brazilian team has three problems when they play tomorrow’s game against Germany, Tiago Silva (Captain) is out with a second yellow card, Neymar is out of action, and Fred is fit to play.”

redFurther, briefly, to my comments yesterday about Krul, the Dutch goalie substituted at the last minute of extra time. “Tim Krul was playing mind games, walking up to the Costa Rica players, taking his time to get onto his line. “ – a sports commentator.

This is not gamesmanship, it’s evil and he should have been red-carded.

Just watching the news while eating my eggs, they were delicious. According to FIFA, Neymar has been the most persecuted player in this cup, suffering more fouls against him than any other player. He was hunted.

This post means that I have completed half my blogging today. I wonder what the rest of the day holds. But I’d wager that a nap and beer are involved.


Oh, just before I go… Clorinha having a Bedlam Moment during the football on Friday.



I am at a loss

The ramifications haven’t quite sunk in yet, neither for myself or most Brazilians.

Brazil won the game yesterday over Colombia, but at a high cost.

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game – BBC

A dirty tackle, a knee in the back sent Neymar off in agony with a fractured vertebra; a foul that was left unpunished and left Neymar out of the cup.

Which prompted the question “Was this the dirtiest game so far?”

Brazil has made to the semi-finals where they play Germany.

Undoubtedly Neymar was Brazil’s key, without the key can we unlock the door to the finals.

In the last three games, Neymar was hunted, persecuted. Had he been a European player the matter would have been pursued rigorously.

The refereeing in this cup has been deplorable, not only Brazilian games, but overall. The most noticeable was Nigeria being denied a penalty, the referee just wasn’t interested.

The integrity of all FIFA matches is in doubt with the current referees.

Septic Blathermouth needs to change the game and bring in technology oriented ‘third referee’ decisions. He says it would ruin the game, but cricket has had it for decades and the game has never been ruined.

b-murphysstout440ml4PK-2Yesterday was BBQs to the right, BBQs to the left, lots of fireworks, but no cannon. I broke out some of my treasured cans of Murphy’s Irish Stout, such was the importance of the game.

I had local brew with the earlier game.

Today, I am drinking fresh guava juice… 🙂

There’s no need to explain why.

I am late on deck today, feeling a bit demoralised and not really in the mood for blogging.

So with Brazil in the semis, I have no classes on Tuesday…

I am off to wallow in my pity.



No Crash, No Bang!

frozen-fish-2The crashing and banging has stopped, no more broken plates.

I am at present thawing out my fish for lunch… and it is nearly 3pm. Looks like I’m having fish for dinner.

I watched the Brazil vs Mexico game yesterday afternoon, my student thoughtfully cancelled, wasn’t that nice.

I figure that Brazil’s star Neymar is beginning to suffer from old age at 21. The Japanese game last week he scored the first goal at 3 minutes, it took him 9 minutes against Mexico; he’s slowing up. He’ll be on a walking stick before he’s 25 at that rate.

I drank that Stout/Porter (last post) during the game, it’s nothing to write home about, tasted a bit like a caramel popsicle. I discovered that it is a Brazilian brew. When I was at the supermarket I didn’t have my glasses, couldn’t read the fine print. It’s brewed in Teresópolis… the mountain area of Rio de Janeiro state, so instead of having a fancy imported brew, it came from just up the road… massive let down.

I have come to the conclusion that Brazil doesn’t have a decent beer, it’s either lager or sweet black shit. Brazilians get most upset when I tell them their beer is for ladies and gaily overt homosexuals.

Late class tonight, that’s why I get a chance to write something ridiculous for you to read. Hating these split days, I seem to be perpetually tired. Tomorrow my morning student has cancelled, and no evening classes… Hey, I just realised I have a three-day weekend.

My friend Grace is opening her barzinho/restaurant thingy tomorrow. I’m going round to have lunch, taking a bottle of Italian fizzy Rosé with me to wet the baby’s head. Grace complained when I told her of my plan, can’t go drinking at work. I just told her start as you mean to carry on…. she just smiled. I’ll take the camera with me, so there may be a photo of the enterprise.

Now with apologies to the late Freddy Mercury…

Then, I saw this…




Civet Shit Coffee

Civet Shit Coffee

Not only the prerogative of Obama.

My socks get holes, I change them.

My underpants lose their elastic, I change them.

My coffee gets too damned expensive, I change it.

I am not talking about fancy civet shit coffee, that costs oodles; I am talking about a good Brazilian coffee.



I have always preferred Pilão, but over the last four years that has slowly increased in price and arrived at R$8/500gms (US$4/1lb+ or -). That may not be expensive from your perspective, but it is here. One supermarket has it at R$10. I have taken to lesser brands, Caanan and Bom Dia, but now they too have reached the nearly R$8 mark. I wait in hope for specials on all these brands, in the meantime, I am trying Sul de Minas, which is R$6 at the normal price.

It was recommended to me, but after two days, I find it is weaker than the others; requireing 6 heaped spoons as opposed to 5, which in turn means instead of 8 servings from a packet, I get 6.8… So is it cheaper?

Life is so fraught with problems.


21 years old with 4 years big time football already

Brazil has lost an up and coming footballer to the professionalism of European soccer. Neymar has been signed up with Barcelona.

Last team Santos whose performance will suffer without him.

So Santos is Neymarless.

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Rained most of the day, Lixo arrives to eat, sleep, then off he goes meowing for his latest flame.

Between rains, I wandered to the gate to see what was happening in the world. I watched a pigeon having an opportune drink from a puddle in the street.

It struck me how similar pigeons are to humans.

Here was this girl having a quiet drink at the pigeon bar while a healthy young male was determined to have his wicked way with her.

Isn’t that just like a human; pestering a girl alone at the bar.


While I was searching for a pigeon piccy, I found the nicest pigeon photo I have ever seen.



I am not a pigeon fancier, but I took a fancy to that photo, impressive.

That’s it, making like the pigeons and flocking off…


I Waddled Home

Yes, I did, like a pregnant duck, I waddled home.

As with most arrangements and appointments in Brazil there is an aspect known as hora do Brasíl (Brazilian time). It’s an element of flexibility that suits Brazilians. Brazilians are rarely on time for an appointment, never early.

I had arranged to meet Shirley and the kids at the restaurant at 7pm, at the time of the arrangement I was to arrive about 7:15.

However, as typical for a Monday, my student cancelled for work reasons. I left home in plenty of time to have a wander around the stalls at the bus station to pick up a few trinkets, after all it was a birthday dinner for all.

My timing was perfect, I arrived at 6:59.

I’m known at this particular eatery, so a handle of frothless beer was soon at the table and I started nibbling. Actually, I was famished due to the fact that I had skipped lunch in anticipation. The chips (French fries) we close to cold, then a pizza tray floated past with lovely big shrimps; Oh yum! Had to have. Next were chicken hearts cooked in onion, nibble, nibble. Oh, and more beer.

So the time had advanced to 7:38, no sign of anyone. I rang; they were on Margarça highway in the bus, which meant another half hour at least.

Garlic pizza went past. Had to have. Little pieces of pork fillet, had to have. Another beer, mushroom pizza was on the way past, had to have.


Eventually everyone arrived. Kisses, hugs, little presents and a return to eating. I made the observation that Erick, the way he had his hair and wore his cap looked like a suntanned Neymar, the current flavour of the month in the Brazilian soccor team. Actually, Neymar is a brillant player, even Erick’s coy look when I mentioned this was just like the player.

I discovered that at six Emmylee had lost her first tooth, so she is on the way to growing up.

Eating and drinking continued, I discussed social politics of gossiped about where I used to live. The 16 year old neighbour is pregnant, her younger brother is up to no good, etc… and then it was time to go. Shirley and the kids had an hour bus trip home and I had a 5:30am wake up for class.

I didn’t sleep at all well. Thirsty from so much savoury stuff, I was up and down like a yoyo for water. Finally settling about 3am. I did not want the alarm to go off, but it did.

I can’t do these social events like I used to. The body complains. A sure sign that I am past my prime.

Later, my student has cancelled again, which means it’s beer o’clock!

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