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On/Off Switch

My On/Off switch

My On/Off switch

Yes, it’s true, I have an On/Off switch.

On when the cup is full and Off when the cup is empty.

It determines when and where I should do things.

Today, I planned so much. Here’s what I have managed not to do so far.

  • Dishes
  • Put out the recycle rubbish
  • Pay the rent
  • Go to the supermarket
  • Have lunch

I did manage, in a fit of sheer madness, to sweep the yard; and have a Nap-fu practice.

The day started off fine and sunny. But the wind is up, with storm clouds looming and it looks like the promise of rain may well hold true, it’ll be a quickie. Then the forecast tells us more hot weather until Friday. Yesterday managed 39ºC (that’s a bout 100ºF) not bad for winter.

The old blackboard

The old blackboard

On taking notes

My students, at least some of them, are cunning buggers. Do you remember the old days in class when one had to physically take notes from the blackboard. Mine don’t, they make me do all the work, then photgraph my notes on their cellphones and tablets.


I read an official report yesterday. Fracking for oil has nothing to do with polluted water. The problem is faulty wells.

Yeah, pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it.

Tell me how wells that previously weren’t faulty suddenly ‘became’ faulty as fracking started near them. And this on a global scale. Some of the bastards that write these reports really have their heads in the clouds; no idea of reality.

A building collapse in the capital of Nigeria. The cause of the collapse was a small plane flying overhead; according to the popular evangelist who owns the building. Nothing to do with the fact that the buildings structure may have been compromised by adding additional floors. Everybody trusts the word of the evangelist… no need to question his findings.

halfcoffeeThe old story, is the cup half full of coffee, or half empty. To me there obviously isn’t enough coffee in the cup…

“Coca Cola, Heinz And Other Major Food Companies Warn Climate Change Threatens Business” a headline today. These major comanies are not at all worried that millions of people may starve because of climate change; but they’re as worried as Hell about their profits. Callous bastards.

My opinion…. serves you right!

I have moved my List of Things to do Today, to my List of things to do Tomorrow.

There I feel much better now; and I have plenty of time left for another Nap-fu practice. I’m getting good at this.

So, what more can I say?


The bastards, the bloody bastards!

Sorry, I’m going to start of with a real bitch this morning.

These two girls face having their vaginas and clitorises brutally cut out without anaesthetic

Remember the story I have been following of the Nigerian woman and her two daughters being deported?

Well, the bastards did it!

She was deported yesterday back to Nigeria where her daughters will almost  certainly be made to undergo FGM. The reason she escaped Nigeria in the first place was because her step-mother had already threatened that the older girl should be ‘cut’.

If these girls are ‘cut’, ALL those responsible for this horrific decision from the Home Secretary down should be prosecuted under British law for aiding and abetting FGM. Then publicly castrated! Although the Home Secretary doesn’t have any balls in whatever sense of the phrase.

I am bloody disgusted!

This woman came to a ‘civilised’ country for refuge, and she was thrown back to the wolves, ‘civilised’ I use that term loosely.

All those involved in the decision have broken British law against FGM.

Next bitch…

NSA have been collecting your photos off social media sites to assist with facial recognition.

Next bitch…

I read of a charity that is raising money to drill a well for water into an aquifer. This is the current problem in the world, we are using non-renewable water. Aquifers are the back-up for the river and lake water we are already using; they take hundreds of years to replenish. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for a very long time.

Next bitch…

Britain is having a problem with extremism in culturally based schools; 21 Islamic schools are under investigation.

Cultural schools should be banned. If you choose to live in another country, then you abide by the education system in that country. Segregation of boys and girls in the classroom, with the girls being made to sit at the back, is not acceptable.

Next bitch…

Sprinkles, an emergency. Images from BBC News

How stupid can you get? A woman in Britain dialed 999 because the icecream man put sprinkles on one side, but not on the other side of her icecream.

No more bitches, at the moment.

Really the world is going nuts!

Lovely cool sunny day out there, no classes. I may just go to the supermarket, not because I am out of food, but just for the excursion.

No more misplaced poops, but a little chunder on the carpet. It was a cold night, Clorinha found the warmest spot in the house and slept on top of me for the night.

Need more coffee, then it’s blogging right along.


Moorish or Morish

Yes, that was lunch, both moorish and morish.

Dried shiitake

Dried shiitake was soaked in Chardonnay

Pork cubes delicately burnt golden in a Chardonnay and Shiitake sauce on whole rice, with crispy boiled cualiflower and a cheese and parsley sauce.

Oh, I do spoil myself.

After last week’s trials and tribulations, I bloody well deserve some spoiling.

First of all, I must thank those who came to my rescue and suggested Open Office, d/loaded and installed and tested. Absolutely marvelous, one more rigid digit in the Microsoft direction. Unfortunately, I think the spellchecker was linked to MS, because it’s missing on all applications. While my powersof spelling are fairly finely honed, my typing is not; therefore, I rely on spellchecker to bring things to my attention.

Nothing’s perfect.

I am still installing various programmes that I use, a painstaking task. I was so frustrated trying to find the audio driver, I was sure I had transferred a copy of it to my external drive. I had, I fould it last night; too late, I had refound it and installed it. Now I have a copy in two places.

Wrong boot

Wrong boot path

I have almost completed my blog postings for today, I have two to go. Saturdays are mostly easy, because Satireday posts are usually just one image. But I have to google for images, as my image bank remains on old D drive which I can’t connect, because it wants to be the Master drive and it is just a storage drive; BIOS isn’t giving me the SATA drive option to force the correct BOOT path.

I commented on one post, that last week my PC was suffering from PMT.

Monaco’s royal couple are expecting. That’s headline news, like it doesn’t happen to every woman on the planet, or at least is capable of happening.

The Nigerian woman and her two daughters have been given a short reprieve from deportation to Nigeria where the daughters face FGM at the hands of relatives.

My opinion is that if she is deported and the daughters suffer this horrendous Muslim ritual, that those responsible for her deportation face criminal charges in abetting the FGM, which is against the law in Britain. My further opinion is, that the bastards should be publicly hung. The reprieve is only for another two days. I watch developments with interest.

Girls waiting with trepidation to be 'cut'

Girls waiting with trepidation to be ‘cut’

For those who have no idea what FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is.

This is a brutal act, without anesthethetic, these girls will have their external genitalia and clitoris removed. It is a horrible, bloody and barbaric ritual; many of the girls die.

Another bash at Islam, the woman in Sudan facing 100 lashes and the death sentence because she married a Christian… She is accused of apostacy, leaving Islam, and adultery because her marriage to a Christian is not accepted by Muslim law. She was never a Muslim, her father, a Muslim,  deserted the family soon after her birth and she was raised as an Orthodox Christian. She gave birth to her daughter last week while in shackles in prison and not taken to a medical facility.

In Saudi Arabia, a youth who was 17 at the time he was accused of committing offences against the state, has been sentenced to death. The authorities waited until he was 18 before charginging him as an adult, because as a youth he could not be sentenced to death.

The world is full of real bastards; and it makes me sick. It makes me ashamed to be classed as human along side them.

 Breaking News:

The Sudanese woman is to be freed. BBC Link

Someone has come to their senses.

Time to do something constructive. I believe I will construct a beer.




Nap Master, I am


Even a powerful Jedi Master requires naps.

Yes, I have been proclaimed a Nap-Master.

Comment from yesterday:

You wrote that you can “feel a nap coming on” . . . as Yoda would say, “Skilled in Nap-Fu must you be to sense for you a nap lurking.” You are no padawan, are you? Perhaps a Nap Master?

So, I have been promoted, I am no longer a mere mortal.

In fact, I won’t even be that if I don’t get something to eat soon. It’s after three and I haven’t even considered breakfast. Lunch should be forthcoming. A Gordon Blue rump steak, stuffed with smelly blue cheese and bacon with mashed parsley potatoes; washed down with the remains of the Chardonnay.

My DHL package arrived. My doubts as to whether they knew where Rio was were justified; it took 25 hours to get from São Paul – Rio, a distance of 450kms.

I was able to follow it all around the world, each step of the way.


Isn’t technology wonderful?

A David Cameron quote: “We are open, tolerant and compassionate.” He was talking about immigrants. This is the same man whose government were expelling a Nigerian mother and her two daughters back to Nigeria, where the girls faced certain prospect of FGM.

The expelling was actually delayed, in the end, and there has been no further news.

Now, about that steak…




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