dr_alarmEspecially Monday mornings.

Actually, I do do mornings, it’s just that Monday mornings have this reputation that must be upheld.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

One that I am sure will go down in the Annals of Improbable Research. Who knows, I mat even be in line for and Ignoble Award.

It came to me as I was pondering over Mercury thiocyanate, now most of my readers and visitors don’t ponder over such mundane matters, but I thought it of interest and duly posted on my Tomus Arcanum blog.

While embroiled in my research pondering, Lixo was sound asleep on the bed. I crept out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and time the interval between audibly lowering the toilet seat until Lixo arrived rubbing himself against my legs for a scratch as he is want to do. An incredible 12 seconds elapsed. To wake and wander the length of the house for a scratch… incredible; 12 seconds.

So you can see why I should be in line for an appearance at the annual Annals of Improbable Research Ignoble prize awards.

An example of the type of research that qualified for these awards.

Scary coffee headline of the week: Two cups to incontinence

This new article adds fuel of some sort to the ever-brewing debates as to whether coffee has tremendously good effects on people, or tremendously bad effects, or tremendously few effects, or all of the aforementioned, or none:

Talking my fish for a walk… I love this photo

I had pan-fried fish for lunch yesterday, and will have poached fish for lunch today and deep-fried tomorrow.

I defrosted the fridge on Saturday night for something of interest to do during the TV ad breaks, as a result the fish thawed out. Now I have to use it. I am hoping that will be the last fridge defrost I have to do.

Now the plan to get the new fridge is tomorrow, couldn’t do it over the weekend because fridge owner went to São Paulo for the weekend.

Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria after the fire

Yesterday, Brazil suffered it’s worst nightclub fire tragedy, In the Rio Grande do Sul city of Santa Maria, after a band decided to have a pyrotechnic display on stage indoors, the soundproofing material above caught alight and engulfed the club with fire and toxic smoke; 233 people, mainly students from the local university, died.

Since, I started writing, the death toll has risen to 245.

Regulations for public venues in Brazil exist, but there are little or no inspections. In this case, there were no fire escape doors, only the entrance and it has been reported that this was locked to prevent people entering without paying.

Well, I was supposed to be going to the dentist with ex and then shopping for school material for Emmylee, but it is now 9:30am and no sign of them. I have most of my blogging up to date to accommodate my absence, and now there’s nothing to do.

I suppose I could should wash the dishes.

Twice in two days, the kitchen would die of shock.