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GHWYes, it’s muggy. Not hot, but very humid. I am sitting here in my underpants….

Oh shit, you didn’t read the warning, did you!

…sweating at 8am.

And the day promises to get hotter.

Last night, I had pizza for supper. I had planned a full meal, but after late class and a later beer, I decided that pizza was less time and effort.

breakfastSo, breakfast this morning, I took the advice of Foul Bachelor Frog (see Tuesday’s posts on Nether Region of the Earth III) and had a ready prepared snack in the fridge.

Although, I did make it more breakfasty by spreading cream cheese on it.

Quite yummy.

In my younger days we didn’t have pizza like today. There were no Pizza Huts or pizzas in the supermarkets, so we didn’t have the same advantages of today’s youths where cold pizza competes with cornflakes as a breakfast food I can, however, recommend it.

The carefree life of a bachelor. Nobody watching over your shoulder muttering “That’s disgusting!”

Remember those pork steaks from yesterday, they didn’t get schnitzeled. I have that ready for today. The kids didn’t arrive for their class yesterday, I tried ringing the ex, but kept being diverted to the message box; I guess she’s out of credits again and has the cellphone off.

I’m still waiting for the techy-type to change my standby monitor for a standby standby monitor and take my second LCD away to see if that can be repaired. The original LCD monitor seems to have a protection problem that is causing him some grief. Probably more to do with planned obsolescence. The second LCD I think is a power (on/off switch) problem which may/may not be easier to tackle, and therefore speedier. He’s behaving like a Brazilian… Oh, wait, he is Brazilian.

Headline news, some idiot tried to swim to North Korea… How obtuse can you be? North Koreans are trying to escape the clutches of the mental little brat that runs the place, and he tries to go there….

Yes/No The noes have it. Scotland stays in the United Kingdom. Apparently they will still be allowed to toss cabers.

cabertossingfunnyAnd blow into udders…

bagpipesto annoy the neighbours.

Image, also BBC

It must be sad living in a country with no sense of humour – “Six Iranians arrested for appearing in a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song Happy have been sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes, their lawyer says”. – BBCNews.

Yesterday, I mentioned the IS threat of beheading a random Australian. Well, today they have increased security at parliament, Tony Abbott doesn’t want to considered ‘random’. He’s already considered an idiot, adding random to that would just be overboard.

Sushi ko-  whale meat

Sushi ko – whale meat

More sushi than science: Japan is flying in the face of the IWC ruling banning it’s scientific sushi whaling expeditions.

Apparently you can also get whale’s balls…

Actually they are korokke made with whale meat as a form of croquette.

There is actually some doubt as to whether the whales ever get scrutinised by scientists and the whole thing is commercial whaling in disguise.

Check out this chart, I believe it is classed as scientific research.

Whale Scientific Research

Whale Scientific Research

It is about here that I run out of steam and inspiration.


Life is Rosy… for a Monday

I’m getting in early today before anything has a chance of stuffing up a lovely Monday.

Life is just like that... won awards

Life is just like that… won prestigous awards

Last night I was given a hint on irc by an old friend how to search for my old blogs. It didn’t work. But it did work for him, and by following the links he got, I managed to find some, but not all. I managed to find bits and pieces of my old personal blog, Life is just like that… The blog is gone, but a web archive has some pieces.

Unfortunately the main page was archived, but the structure of the blog didn’t allow the ‘read the rest of the post’. So that was a bit of a humbug.

Finally today, I managed to install CorelDraw10. Found another way to skin the cat.

I made fresh coffee this morning, much better than yesterday’s watery effort. I tried to skimp on the quantities because I didn’t want couldn’t be bothered opening a new sack of coffee. Doesn’t pay to skimp.

I see Kim Jong-un won the ‘election’ in North Korea. That’s pretty easy when you’re the only candidate. There were two choices, yes or no; I bet they didn’t count the ‘no’ votes, so he got 100%. Whoopie!

Man just keeps screwing up. From the 1960s CFCs (refrigeration and aerosol propellants) have been banned as they were identified as the biggest threat to the Ozone layer. Now scientists have discovered that four new CFCs are kicking around in the atmosphere doing even more damage. The tricky bit is, they don’t know where these new CFCs are coming from to tackle the problem.

It’s back to work today. Carnaval is over. I don’t feel like going beck to work, this 10 day break has filled me with lethargy. But, I have to force myself, no work, no money; no money, no beer, BBQ, net nor food. Oh we live in such a wicked world.

Just before I go, check out this post… just click on the image.

WARNING: Do not drink coffee nor any other beverage when reading this post.

Oh, you clicked on the image before reading the WARNING, well that’s Monday for you…


I Changed the Menu

Camembert slops well

Yesterday I planned to have chicken cubes with mustard sauce, remember…

Well, after I wrote that post, I discovered that it was National ‘Gordon Blue’ Day, so I grilled some Camembert cheese and slopped it on top.

So, it became Cordon Bleu!

Today’s lunch is Cordonless Bleu.

Dry roast pork chops smeared with Dijon mustard, dry roast potatoes and pickled beetroot, sans cheese.

I don’t eat too badly for a recycled bachelor.

WhtePepperLabelI was busy yesterday. Many of my spices and herbs jars don’t have labels. I like labels. So I made some, finally.

So now all I have to do is stick them on… procrastination…

Looks like North Korea has backed itself into a corner. Their bellicose rhetoric has got to the stage where to back down, or not attack has become a matter of pride. So I fear the spoiled little brat will push the button.

Lunch was delicious. Got a pork chop left, so will slice that thinly and have pork sandwiches for supper tonight. Waste not, want not.

It’s been raining steadily since 8am, not heavy like the other night, that was the tail of the cold front that devastated Bueno Aires a couple of days ago. I have work at 5:30, just one class, the other two have cancelled. I only hope the rain stops, because I walk to work.

Nap time.


Lunch is Simmering

Yes, on a fast simmer. You see my stove, a donated gas affair, has only one heat, hot. One day I’ll buy myself a new one with more variation than just hot.

Lunch is not a fancy affair, it’s one of those look-in-the-fridge affairs. Scrag end of bacon, chopped into the pan; last piece of rump steak, diced into the pan; last grotty looking stock cube, into the pan; dregs of soya sauce bottle, up ended, into the pan; small jar of tomato extract, into the pan.  Simmer on a fast sim for ten minutes to reduce the liquid. Serve on a bed of parsley rice.

Lunch is served.

I’ll be back as soon as the inner man is satisfied.

Leave well enough alone

Mission accomplished. My light green T-shirt now has a bright red tomato dribble down the front; looks quite fashionable. People actually pay to have clothes marked like that.

I see in the news yesterday that Windows 8 could be another Vista. Vista is synonymous with disaster.Why, oh why couldn’t they leave XP alone? Still the best product that Microsoft ever made. I still run XP, alternatively with Linux.

Needed to fix XP

But, alas, the bastards at Microsoft are going to force me into Windows 7, because they won’t make a patch, bandaid, or whatever for XP to read the new IP system that is already out.

I had my TGIF moment earlier today, just as my students were leaving class at 8am.

I can see that I am going to have a dry-as-a-little-wooden-god moment soon. Lunch was quite savoury and passionfruit juice just isn’t doing it. Well, I mean it’s nice, but I can feel that it’s getting closer to beer o’clock.

The Olympics have started. I have waited four years to say “OMG, here we go again!” No news on the telly, just bloody Olympics. I’m afraid I’m a boring old fart, the Olympics just don’t impress me anymore. Maybe that’s because I’d jump for joy if someone bought me a bottle of whisky rather than jump over a gym horse; mind you I hated that at school too.

Corporate sponsorship

I mean, they Olympics are all about McDonald’s and Coca Cola, the sports are a minor attraction, sort of sideshow alley.

Disgusting, should be banned. I can see why the Muslims are upset about the logo, it does look like Zion is written there, but then the bankers are paying too I guess, so they have to be represented.

Had to laugh at the clowns for upsetting North Korea, of all the countries to stuff up the flag… Mind you, it also shows how thin-skinned the North Koreans are, no sense of humour; communist dictatorships and regimes ban a sense of humour, it’s non-productive.

It’s supposed to rain today. Looks like the weather forecasters have cocked it up again. Of all the professions, they would have to be the most unreliable. I guess they try, they’re not like lawyers who actually lie for a living; or doctor who tell you are sick when you aren’t really just so they can prescribe pills that they get a commission for.

That’s it for the moment.


I have been procrastinating again. I actually opened this new post page yesterday and looked at it guiltily all day.

New year resolutions are for fools. I don’t, that way I never fail to disappoint myself. I win!

It is true, that the world is going to end in January 2012, I don’t care what the Mayan Calendar says, nor am I referring to it’s dire predictions.

Stupid Freakin' Little Robots

BBBrazil 12 – Reality TV show begins on the 10th January, to me that signifies the end of the world.

Stupid freakin’ little robots blinking inanely at you for three months.

The TV ads started a couple of weeks ago, and the frequency is increasing.

I shudder and want to cringe gibbering in the corner every time I see one. I begin mumbling incoherently to myself at the nauseous assumptions that I am going to ‘love’ the new season. Seven nights a week with a special on Sundays. I would prefer waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay.

Better than Coffee

I have found the cure! No, not for cancer, nor AIDS, although I admit that would be pretty spectacular too. Coffee just wasn’t doing the trick yesterday, hence my procrastination.

So I stuck my finger in the USB socket on my pc and ran DEFRAG… made me feel a whole lot better.

This year has just zipped by, the zipping seems to become faster with each passing year as though on an exponential curve. What is it with this perception? It’s as though we are in a bad play and can’t wait to get to the final act. When you think about, life is a bad play sometimes. Hold that thought, I will return to it, although maybe not today.

Kim Jong-un

I saw a photo of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un today and burst out laughing. He looks like a Telly Tubby, but a bit more dangerous.

It’s going to take the rest of the day to get that idea out of my head. What a way to spend the penultimate day of the year.

Now I am totally frustrated. I wanted to put a North Korean flag on his belly. In Corel Draw or PhotoShop that is a simple task, but using Linux and Gimp freakin’ well impossible. I just can’t get my head around that programme, stupid shit.

I’ll be glad when I get out of this Linux and back to Microsoft (wash my mouth out with soap). I never thought I would say that. I hate Microsoft and everything it stands for, but there is no substitute as far as being user-friendly and having great software to use on it. Linux gives me the shits as far as being complicated beyond the normal person goes. But I gave it six months, I have persisted and I have failed miserably.

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