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Wind Chill

50degreesYesterday’s wind chill was 50ºC+ (that’s like 122ºF)

That sounds weird, doesn’t it?

You see in Portuguese sensaçaõ termica (thermal senastion) translates as wind chill; except we don’t have any ‘chill’. In the south of Brazil, it may be appropriate, but here in Rio, not. The actual temp was 40ºC and we have been threatened promised the same figures for today, or higher.

In fact the worst news is that February promises to be a whole month of these temperatures.

Heaven help us if the botequim runs out of beer again!

It was hot enough in the house to cause this

It was hot enough in the house to cause this

Mercifully, the botequim had chilled beer yesterday. It was the only thing that stopped the neighbourhood from a total meltdown.

I got to thinking during the night.

Danger bells ringing!

We’ve really screwed up Christmas. I’m not refering to the commercialism, etc, but rather the whole Christmas story.

The 25th December is wrong, Jesus wasn’t born in December; remember the shepherds watching their flocks? In December in Palestine the shepherds were not freezing their butts off watching their flocks, the anmals were in the house, on the lower floor, with the shepherds safe and warm on the next floor. It has been estimated that the real birthdate of Jesus was probably about August. Why does the church insist on this? It was to tie the birth of Jesus into the pagan festival, so that the pagans celebrating were fooled into celebrating the birth.

Now look at the nativity scene. It’s wrong too. It is doubted that Bethlehem had an inn for Mary and Joseph to be turned away from. In fact custom dictated that they stay with her relatives, so they would have been housed in a small guest apartment on the roof of the house, or bedded down with the animals on the first floor, not in a yard stable as the story goes. So there goes the story of rejection. This misunderstanding came about as a result of bad translation from the Greek.

Even Santa Caus is wrong. Based on a Turkish bishop who probably never wore red. The red idea comes from Coca-Cola in the 1920s. Red associates with Coke, nothing to do with Christmas.

It’s time we straightened some of this shit out.

For me, 2014 has been a year of changes, not unlike any year. I have changed my socks, underwear, toilet rolls, light bulbs; yes, for me it has been a year of changes.

I have reflected over the past few weeks, if I was to measure the year, I would use corks.

corksYes, corks. These are the corks that represent my year form about April or May. I had a lot more, but gave them away to a neighbour who is doing a project. There was also one that broke under torture as I was applying the thumbcorkscrew, and the one that had to be punched into the bottle because the cantankerous bastard didn’t want to come out.

Yes, corks, a good tangible measure of the years pleasures.

According to the BBC nothing has happened in Australia for three days. Their Australia page hasn’t changed it’s headlines. Which also means that Tony Idiott still hasn’t said or done anything stupid.

Silly Box: In the French Alps 15,000 motorists are stranded in the snow. Come on, with today’s weather forecasting technology, you mean to tell me that wasn’t seen coming!

The chatterbox is unusually quiet today. She’s here, doing her thing, but she’s hardly said a word. Maybe that’s my Christmas present.

I was remended by a comment on yesterday’s post about babies of an old philosophical saying… “Men spend nine months trying to get out, and the rest of their lives trying to get back in…” so true. You have to thank Andrew for jogging me with that bit of nostalgia.

I shoulkd go and water the plants, with such a hot day promised, they will be starting their wilt sequence soon.

I should also keep my ears open for that aural trigger… BBQ!

Nothing like a BBQ to excite the neurons.


Busy Bee

Yes, the bees have been busy.

A big black bumblebee doing his thing. I finally managed to capture one on film.

I can’t say I did nothing today, because I did the dishes…

I spent the lunch hour at the botequim, actually, that was three hours, because the birthday boy neighbour was having a BBQ.

But apart from that I did nothing.

I read some disturbing news. Jeb Bush is considering the US presidency. Does the world really need another Bush in the White House? I know nothing about JB, but his Bush predecessors didn’t exactly enamour themselves to the American people or the world. The idea just sends shivers up my spine.

The Dali Lama has declared that he may well be the last. There was a successor chosen, but he was rejected by China saying they will choose the next. The whereabouts of the chosen one is unknown. I have a sneaking suspicion that China ‘disappeared’ him.

The Church of England is catching up with the rest of the world by appointing the first female bishop/ess… I wonder when the Catholic church will do the same. Oh, they don’t even have female clergy. That’s awkward.

When one thinks of those small countries around the Persian Gulf, one thinks of oil, sand, conflict, arrested bloggers, and tyrant dictators; one does not normally think about pets. Do desert countries have pets? Apparently they do, I visited an Oman blog yesterday looking for homes for stray cats. Adopt a pet in Oman, if you’re interested. It’s nice to know that there is some good news that comes out of the turmoil in that part of the world.

No Silly Box today, although the Bush story could qualify.

It’s pizza time!


Here at Last

doing-nothingYes, it’s close on 10pm.

This happens on a do-nothing day. I did nothing.

My passion fruit vines have been sprouting an average of ten flowers a day. Yesterday and today there were bees, unlike the rainy day when the bees decided to stay at home.

*Staring at the screen*

Cool day, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, repeat.

I beered at midday, then had lunch, then I beered again. By that time it was Nap-fu practice, then I coffeed at 5pm. Caught the first news, watched my novela (soap), caught the main news. TV off. Read BBC and The Guardian, and a news blog; one that tells the truth rather than what the govts want you to know.

A male northern white rhinoceros named Angalifu has died at the San Diego Zoo in California, leaving only five of the species in the entire world. – BBCNews

That’s pretty close to being extinct.

The Australian hostage drama has ended.

Denmark has laid claim to the North Pole. I guess next year Santa will be speaking Danish.

Silly Box: Some of the victims of Sandy Hook are suing the gun manufacturer. While not belittling the victims and families and their grief, I don’t see the sense in this. No one sues a car manufacturer for death (in normal circumstances) because they sold a vehicle that the driver didn’t know how to control. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Americans sue for anything and everything. Litigation is an industry.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismisses EU criticism of recent mass arrests of journalists, urging the EU to “mind its own business”.- BBCNews. Oh, and he wants to become part of the EU, he’s not doing a very good publicity job.

Well, that’s about my lot for the evening.

For a Monday, it hasn’t been too bad.


I Feel a Bit of a Dill

A dill...

A dill…

A couple of comments yesterday feel that I should do nothing more often.

I would like to. Doing nothing is so relaxing, but I feel that it could be come a permanent affliction.

While it is nice for a change, I do like to be doing something.

I did something today. So it wasn’t a nothing day. I only hope that it doesn’t impair the quality of my post.

It’s another incredibly hot dry day. Knowing that this was to be the case, I watered the plants before they had a chance to wilt.

Then I went to town.

The first thing I bought was a small rosemary seedling. So now I have parsley, sage rosemary and thyme. Love that song.

Then it was off to the ‘sushi’ shop. It’s not actually a sushi shop, but has bulk foods and healthy crap. I got some seaweed, some seasoning, white pepper, sushi rice, and I was taken with a bottle of oyster sauce. I have no idea what it is, or what it tastes like yet, but I’ll experiment. Next I found myself in the street where I was told there was a butchery that sold chorizo (black pudding), I got a kilo (couple of punds). Then I went hunting for a chopping board, I found some, boy they were expensive, R$30 odd. Gave them a miss and bought a new steall serving tray at R$13. Weighed down with my goodies, I went and paid the rent. The morning was wearing on, and at 11am I got a van home.

Unpacked and examined my purchases and had a Nap-fu practice.

Woke at the appointed hour and made lunch. Black pudding, boiled potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. Took that to the botequim to have with a beer and watch the news.

Two hours later, I needed to revisit my Nap-fu exercises, from which I have just woken.

1984Yesterday I read about dystopia. I had heard the word before, but never really knew what it meant. In particular it was in reference to George Orwell’s 1984, the book, and made the comment that such things never happen because they are implausible. How blind can a person be? We are in the middle of 1984 now! Not only that, we have gone beyond the horrors written about by Orwell, and are well on the way to a nuclear war.

I shudder to think about what will happen in the next few years in the Middle East.

Ebola, today in the news Ebola is now in Brazil. A traveller from Guinea arrived in September; 21 days later he was interned yesterday as a suspected Ebola carrier. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he is in isolation in Rio and tests are being done. The 78 people that he has had contact with are also under observation. While he has some of the symptoms, but not all, they’re taking no chances. It is spreading. The death rate has now passed 4,000. Britain is furthering the implementation of screening.

The government in Hong Kong called off talks due today, igniting the protests again as thousands take to the streets in peaceful action. The movement has definitely not run out of steam, and the deputy leader has no idea what sh’es doing.

Horrified to read that some schools are removing swings from children’s playgrounds because they are dangerous and can lead to insurance claims. The problem lies with children entering the arc of the swing and being knocked over. Sure there is a danger there. But parents, teachers and caregivers need ot teach the kids how to avoid injury. Hell, if we remove everything that presents a mild threat, we will have kids growing up without a sense of reality. When I was a kid, a bloody knee, a broken collarbone or a bruise was treated the Medal of Honour.

Now I must behave like a teacher.


Ashamed of Myself

bertOne of my purchases at the supermarket was a small round of Camembert cheese. It’s expensive, R$12, so I am normally prudent when it comes to nibbles; that 3 inch round piece of heaven is normally cut into four to prolong the pleasure.

But last night, I scoffed it in one sitting. Oh the greed, the gluttony! But this one was so ripe, it had just the smallest nut in the middle and it was so creamy that I couldn’t  help myself. Now today, I don’t have my ‘bert’ for this evening. I do, however, have a wedge of Brie… Can I exert the self control necessary to make it last more than one sitting? If there is wine involved, it is doomed.

Oh the temptations that are placed before us…

I read the other day about politicians being on (un)Reality shows. Personally, I think this is a disgrace. People that have been elected in all good faith demeaning themselves by appearing on the most banal type of TV that exists. Any politician who stoops to this level, should be sacked on the spot.

68-complete-idiot_774Two days ago I had a new visitor to this blog. They visited about eight past posts. So I was curious as to what type of posts they read, and proceeded to click on the links and see.

It was fun to go back and read old posts, things that I had written and have since forgotten; a real trip down memory lane.

Today the forecast is for Hot, with a capital ‘H’. Yesterday was also hot, but today is going to be hotter. Cloro is already looking for a cool place to hide for the day, and I can see me having more than one cup of ‘cool’, I might also have some beer.

Yesterday’s plan was successful, I did nothing. I am hoping that I have a similar success today and that will make a perfect Sunday before facing Monday…

This is roughly how my week goes:



I think this is a First

9am, and I finished blogging half an hour ago, just here needs a patch. Despite my being a little stewed after yesterday afternoon’s excesses, I managed a full blog-load before midnight. Didn’t I do well? <—– Rhetorical question

awakeupcoffeeI’ve had lots of coffee, and now it’s time for the toast and muffins.

Once again, nothing planned, I should be successful. Although I may/may not go to the supermarket; after yesterday’s binge, eating is not a priority. I can make do with what’s at hand.

I will peer into the fridge later and surprise myself.

I see Prince William and Kate’s baby is imminently due. Apparently the Royal sprog is going to be a boon for British retailers to the order of £250 million, that’s a lot of pounds. David Cameron should be considering a law to keep the Royals pregnant as a boost to the British economy. The Rogering for England Act should become law. Shows how stupid politicians are, that they haven’t thought of this little money spinner before.

A Happy Pussy

A Happy Pussy

Pit Stop… Off to the bog to contemplate life from the throne and give Lixo his morning scratch.

I will return with coffee.

This is called ‘multitasking’, three desired results at the same time; relief, coffee and a happy pussy.

I have discovered the secret of life. It’s somewhat philosophical, I tend to dive into the gene pool occasionally and find pearls of wisdom. One of which I will share with you on this beautiful sunny  Saturday morning. It would be churlish indeed to keep such discoveries to myself.

Have you ever wondered what the plural of ‘bacteria’ is. Of course Americans would say bacterias, but, as usual, they would be wrong. Bacteria is the plural, the singular is bacterium, but when was the last time you needed to speak about one bacterium, they travel in groups so we usually refer to them in the plural.

As my students have noted, I am full of useless information.

Let’s explore the English language a bit further. It’s a strange language.



There, didn’t I tell you it was strange…

With that to ponder, I shall leave you and proceed on my doing nothing for the rest of the day.



The Best of Intentions

beermat…were overtaken by beer o’clock  yesterday, then I decided it was time for pizza, by the time I got home all I wanted was alka-seltzer. Blogging wouldn’t cut it.

I was just returning from the bathroom and tried to turn off the kitchen light… at 9:30am, then I realised I was trying to switch off the sun…

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Rio, wish you were here, bring beer.

I read a blog post yesterday by a young teen author bemoaning the fact that adult books (NO! Not Penthouse!) didn’t have pictures. Adult books don’t need pictures, they have words. The authors of adult books know how to use words to make pictures. Judging by the standard of English on the net, adult books will soon need pictures… *sigh* Young people just don’t get it.

I took a neat photo of a spider on Sunday, it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but I’ll share it with you.

Colourful 'bicho' in the park

Colourful ‘bicho‘ in the park

He’s (or she) the black and yellow out-of-focus thingy just right of centre clinging to his little web in the bush.

For photos like that, I yearn to have my faithful old Nikon M, put the 35-70 zoom on and take a guaranteed serious photo. My old truck Nikon was stolen in a careless moment on a bus trip in Peru. The fateful trip had a stop in Chincha, after which the town was destroyed by an earthquake, the same one that got Pisco, where I was heading.

So far the day has been fabulous, I’ve even been moved to do half the dishes, I wonder if I’ll be moved again?

I started blogging at 4am, went back to bed at 6 and up again about 8, so the day has been productive, I have only one more blog to post on. I began this morning with my fridge habits, now doesn’t that sound exciting?

betterdaysToday is hump day, over the hump and it’s downhill all the way to Friday.

Then of course it’s the weekend.

So far I have planned a leisurely lunch at Brazeiro with a fellowess teacher. It’s a ‘beef week’ for me, next week is beefless. So I’m making hay while the sunshines.

Saturday, I have planned nothing, and fully expect to achieve that.

Should I need help, I’ll let you know.

Need more whistles

Need more whistles

I have been thinking about these whistleblowers. You know, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, the American government has labelled them as traitors, but traitors betray the country, not the government, and I don’t see how these guys have betrayed the country, they should be lauded as heroes for showing the people of America what their government is doing so secretly, and so often against the wishes of the people, not to mention against the people.

Everything I read tells me that America could do with more whistles.

Manning and Snowden should be put on pedestals, not in the dock. They should be awarded the “People’s” Medal of Honor, because Congress certainly won’t give them theirs.

CBF (Brazilian Football Body)and FIFA are getting the stick over the World Cup in 2014. Football (soccer) is a game for everybody, not just the elites. There are millions of Brazilians who love football and want to attend World Cup matches, but can’t afford it.  There are also additional charges that corruption is rife in the CBF.

This should be a ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ time for Brazil, but the HHJJ has been taken out of the equation.

I see Argentina is wielding a big stick to combat football violence. They have banned away fans from attending games. Pity the rest of the world didn’t take similar steps; something positive. Brazil needs to do this, I believe it has the worst figures for deaths as a result of football violence in the world.

Once again, I leave you with a world that is not the happy place it should be.


A Symbiotic Relationship


He even gets to pee on something new

Is one where both parties benefit in some way from each other.

Take my relationship with Lixo, for example.

I need nothing.

Lixo wants food, comfort and a medical plan (not Obamacare).

We both get what we need.

Today has just frittered away, it’s already 1:30, lunch is still in the oven, a pork roast.

I have had one of those days consulting the great god google. I put a phrase in the search and see what comes up. I have been looking for repurposing and recycling thisngs like computers, pianos and other junk. It’s surprising what comes up. It’s also a great way to waste a day.

I have discovered that now I need a new stove. This is the second time I have cooked a roast and noticed the smell of gas. Not enough to explode, but sufficient for a headache. I have opened all the windows to air the house, but a woozy head is not a nice sensation.

reverseI often have weird thoughts.

Like the one I had when I saw this meme thingy.

What would happen if animals treated us humans as we treat them?

The leopard has every right to her thong.

We don’t have a very good track record when it comes to such things.

Imagine a rhinoceros wanting human noses, or elephants wanting to rip out our teeth to make ornaments, song birds wanting to keep us in cages for amusement… the list goes on.

*Involuntary shudder*


This is what my roast pork looked like an hour and a half ago. The garlic is already done and the kitchen smells divine. The meat should be ready about now, so…


The Road to Success

roadsuccesscoffeeWell, if that’s true…

I am doomed to very successful!

60+ years and waiting…

With what does one measure success?




For me it’s happiness. I am successful.

Oh sure I have had my ups and downs in life, but generally I’d have to say I have been successful.

I mean take this morning for example, breakfast was a success, I am a happy camper. I had a Muffuletta for breakfast.

Muffuletta - something like this

Muffuletta – something like this

Oh, you’ve never had a Muffuletta?

Well, it’s supposed to be a sesame bun, it’s a famous dish from Sicily, and was taken to New Orleans by Italian immigrants, but otherwise unknown outside of there.

“The muffuletta is the quintessential New Orleans sandwich of cured meats, cheese and tangy olive salad piled onto a sturdy Italian loaf. Emeril Lagasse’s delicious muffuletta is packed with briny olives and pickled vegetables.”Food & Wine

I didn’t have any fancy bread buns, but I had some left-over hamburger buns; beggars can’t be choosers. I cut it in three, makes for easier stacking with whatever I find in the fridge. This morning I found: cold pork chop, ham, leftover chicken with mustard sauce, bacon, lettuce, pickled beetroot, olives, brie, mustard and balsamic salad dressing. Couldn’t go wrong!

The rain stopped, and I got to work dry last night. Then I went out for pizza

This morning the rain has continued stopped, the sun is shining and there is a passarinho (little bird of unknown specie) chirping insanely in my yard.

Brazilian kids generally don’t know the names of bird species, it’s a failing in Brazilian society and the education system. To them, all little birds are passarinhos. When I was a kid, we knew all the names of the birds that frequented our yard; thrushes, blackbirds, sparrows, goldfinches, magpies, etc. But ask a Brazilian kid what type of bird is that…. “É um passarinho” (It’s a little bird). In this case, I do not know the name of the specie, but it is the same as Raimundo (owner of the botequim nextdoor) has in a cage and as I am still in my underpants, I am not about to race nextdoor to ask. Please do not attempt the visual!

Apart from blogging, which I have almost completed for the day, I have nothing planned, so again I suspect I will be successful. Whenever I mention to Raimundo that I have nothing planned, he always asks me if I need some help.

Today, I think I will go and help him. He has beer that needs drinking…




And so far nothing has gone wrong.

But then I haven’t even been out the door yet.

Coffee was great, marmalade on toast, Lixo (my cat) has ironed my shorts three times… Yes, he’s ever so clever. Last night in the case of comfort while watching TV I kicked my shorts off and flicked them unsuccessfully on to the next sofa. They fell on the floor and I left them there. Lixo has decided that they’re the purrfect place to sleep.

First class, 3pm. Gentleman’s hours. Home by 7:30pm.

Now that my novela (soap opera) has finished, there’s only the news to watch.

I recovered wonderfully from the BBQ birthday on Saturday. I continued with my planned “nothing” on Sunday because I hadn’t finished doing it.

In fact the most strenuous thing I did on Sunday was walk to the shop for my ciggies. Return trip, 50 metres.

I am now about to follow the excellent example set by my feline friend and have a nap. Oh, he does set a good example.


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