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We Joked about it

My Mother - Happy Birthday

My Mother – Happy Birthday

Yes, my Mother and I joked on the phone about about her getting to 90, like her two sisters,  two days after her 89th birthday, 24 hours later she collapsed on the bathroom floor, her innings was over.

Then I got that dreaded phone call from my brother.

Had she not, today she would have been 90.

I never knew her as she looked in this photo. I hadn’t seen her for 17 years, the last time I was in NZ. I remember her as a younger person, a vital person.

So today is not an easy day for me. I had a restless night, I was up several times, most of my day’s blogging was done about 3am.

With my blogging completed, my day is already different. I was out watering my plants early before the sun had risen too high. I had to, because of the earlier than usual class yesterday, they didn’t get their evening watering.

Yesterday was hot as I said yesterday, today the forecast is for even hotter, so I may look for an air conditioned restaurant and while away the day in the company of a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc, it’s the only sensible thing to do. Not to get drunk and forget about the significance of the day, I don’t do that; but a bottle of chilled wine merely goes wonderfully with a meal on a hot day.



It’s Near Time

aneuterYes, Cloro is getting close. She spends a lot of time outside meowing for other pussies. I’ll have to get her spayed soon.

I was napping, but Cloro had other ideas. She has this habit of boomping me in the face when she wants attention. The fact that I may be asleep is irrelevant; she keeps boomping until I give in and pet her. Listening to her little diesel engine is so rewarding, so all is forgiven.

I have just made my first lot of mint sauce. I bought two clumps of fresh mint in the supermarket this morning, i used one and have the other to do. In NZ we used mint sauce a lot on lamb and mutton, but I have missed the flavour since being in Brazil. I have never seen lamb or mutton for sale here, although you get it in rodizio BBQ restaurants. Next time I am there, I will inquire where they get it.

There’s not a lot happening, one day becomes another.

But I did promise testicles today.

The prospect of eating testicles probably evokes nausea in most, but this squeamish attitude is a result of us becoming softies living in the cities. The reaction is spreading to most offal foods, each successive generation is developing new levels of ‘yuck!’

But there are many around the world who eat testicles of varying animals. Surprisingly enough, there are still a lot in America who enjoy Rocky Mountain oysters.

A wonderful play on words

A wonderful play on words

Dishes like testicle pizza, battered testicles and and barbecued testicles and giblets can be found. Recipes can be found in this book The Testicle Cookbook also available as an e-Book; and recipes abound on the net. A good resume of the book can be found on a post Chef who Wrote this Must be Nuts.

A interesting post  on What’s Cooking America covers some of the basics.

One positive point is that testicles can be combined with bacon, now that’s a plus.

Some interesting comments can be found on Purple Slinky’s Loathesome Foods post.

So there’s basics, up to you to check the links.

Cloro is outside. Time to resume my interrupted nap.


Tô na luta

black-mourning-ribbonI am mourning.

Last night I got the phone call that everyone dreads.

My younger brother rang and told me that our mother had passed away two hours earlier.

A nasty shock, as I had spent 20 minutes on the phone to her the previous night. Our usual Saturday night rendezvous and she sounded on top of the world and I told her so and she agreed.

A time for reflection. I am the eldest and Mum was always there, and now she’s not.

I will not be travelling for the funeral, because of the fuso horario (can’t think of the English) crossing the International Date Line means I would arrive after the funeral. Got it, time zone.

Mum and I had always been matter of fact about such matters, and she had once said that if I ever come back to NZ, do it before she goes; after is pointless. I never thought I would be in that position, my brother agreed on the phone.

Mum was never up with technology, she wouldn’t have known a blog if she tripped over it… but in the event there is a celestial blog; Bye Mum, we had tough times and good times, now I have memories to treasure.


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