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Have you got a Dorgie?

No, that’s not doggy spelled wrong, or said being posh.

Basically, a Dorgie is a Corgie with withered legs.

The Queen breeds them, apparently.

A dorgie is a corgie with truncated legs

A Dorgie is a Corgi with truncated legs

In his book Dogs, Desmond Morris reports that the secretary of the Kennel Club at the time commented: “The Dachshund was evolved to chase badgers down holes and Corgis to round up cattle. If anyone loses a herd of cattle down a badger hole, these are just the dogs to get them out.”

I’ll remember that if a herd of cattle ever read Alice in Wonderland…

Apparently, today is Happy Oceans Day.


Considering how we have polluted and abused them, I can’t imagine that there’d be many at the party.

broken-pencilI just scratched my back with a good pencil, like I have done many times before.

It snapped in two, now I have two back scratchers pencils.

It was a clean break, no surgery required, it was pointless.

The mayor of Rio has finally admitted that Guanabara Bay will not be depolluted and clean before the Olympics in 2016.

    The place is a bloody sewer, 10m litres of sewerage each day - image: Globo

The place is a bloody sewer, 10m litres of sewerage each day – image: Globo

To even think that it was possible is impossible.

He stated that there is no problem, no health danger.

What a load of bullshit!

Any contact with raw sewerage poses a health risk.

Rio should never have been awarded the games on this promise.

Maybe I'll have to resort to pills again

Maybe I’ll have to resort to pills again

Beautiful sunny day out there, the washing is on the line, blogging is almost done, one more to go; and I have absolutely no idea what to post about on Tomus at the moment.

*Waits for inspiration to strike*

As I finally got to the supermarket yesterday, there are a number of options for lunch, pork leg chop, T-bone, or I might disembowel some sausages and mix the guts with some mincemeat and make a meat loaf. I may also destroy some synapses to repair in the night. I didn’t destroy enough last night, only had one bottle of beer and a Kiwi liqueur.

But first, a nap, I need to keep my Nap-fu skills finely honed. Clorinha is practising hers.

My back scratcher doesn’t reach any more.


SLEEP-KEY*Hits ctrl+alt+sleep key*

Stating the Obvious


The obvious

I could state the obvious and say it’s Sunday, but I will refrain from boring you.

I could also tell you that I am enjoying my umpteeth cup of wonderful Brazilian coffee, but once again that would be stating the obvious. Could you really imagine me at the keyboard without coffee? <——– Rhetorical question.

I could also tell you that Cloro is playing around in an empty box, but that would again be stating the obvious, that’s what cats do. BTW, it’s his first box.

I could also tell you that Brazil won yesterday’s football (soccer) match against Australia, 6-0, but that would yet again be stating the obvious…

Quite frankly, I have no idea why I am sitting here; everything I choose to write about is obvious.

WTF, they won?

WTF, they won?

I see Tokyo won the bid to host the Olympics in 2020. Nice, go watch the Olympics come home with your thyroid rotting from radiation. Japan is dead as far as I am concerned. You couldn’t drag me there with mules!

TEPCO, the lying bastards are still bloody lying two years after the event. The Japanese government finally figured that out (oh how these politicians think on their feet) and have stepped in, two years too late.


This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

Tokyo is 240km (150 miles for those who can’t speak kilometerese). When it comes to radiation, that is nextdoor. I fully suspect that the northern part of Honshu (Tokyo is on the island of Honshu) will be another sad Chernobyl. By 2020 there won’t be a Tokyo.

The situation is so bad that nobody has the guts to tell the truth; not Tepco, not the Japanese government, not the USA about the dangers on the west coast.

Would you go to Japan?


Home grown

The last of my tomatoes is now in the vege bin. There are still a few small ones to ripen. It will be a few weeks before the next lot are ready, and then a few weeks after them, another lot.

The local price has dropped from the R$10/kg to R$3 or 4, but I am not being held to ransom.

There’s only one way to beat inflation, that’s grow as much as you can.

This one-way trip to Mars, what do you think about it?

The Red Planet

The Red Planet

I have been thinking about it.

200,000 applied, do they know or suspect something that the rest of us do not?

Is it possible that the Martian travellers will breed? Will they be allowed to breed?

Are they to be the first colonists?

Are they the lucky ones to have escaped from this dying mud ball?

Are the rest of us doomed to die along with the planet Earth?

So many questions, so few answers.

This is the first post of the day, must blog along.


Doting on my Success

I will attempt a post.

I thought that I had but a few minutes until it was time to get desmellified and look like a teacher of the wonderful English language, instead of a blogger. But, I am saved, no need to put on trousers, he just canceled.

Beer o’clock BRB

Well, the beer was nice. Brazil beat S. Korea in soccer, the Brazilian girls just lost to US girls in the Olympics volleyball.

We now interrupt our programme for a commercial break while I watch my novela (soap) and have nibbles.

Novela over, and the first lot of news. Blogging was off to a bad start today. Last night my connection went down about 10:30, and the blogging that I normally do between my alarm, at 5:30, and my departure for work, at 6:30ish (emphasis on the ‘ish’) didn’t happen. When I got home at 9:00am it was back on. The day continues.

Now that I am here again… writer’s block.

I can’t even find a stupid picture to put up and make inane comments about, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.


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