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Wrong Again

Weather forecasters must be the most consistent liars on the planet, after governments and lawyers.


Cloro’s first tree-climb

Yesterday was supposed to be wet, it wasn’t. Today was supposed to be fine, it is. There is no consistency. You simply don’t know if they’re lying or not.

Breakfast this morning was a little less debauched than yesterday’s. Two cups of coffee and a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice with sparkling mineral water, not a drop of alcohol in sight. No hangover, not even the slightest blur, which by rights should have been a doozy.

Yesterday was a big step for Cloro. She’s looked at trees in the park before, but yesterday out of the blue she shot up the one in front like a rocket! Straight up, then thought better of it and scampered down to the safety of the fork. It was a truly professional feline all-in-one fluid movement. But she needed Daddy to get her down to the first floor again.


Cloro helping with breakfast

Then it was time to help Daddy with breakfast.

She supervised the tocino (pork belly strips) while I drank some wine; a refreshing not too dry red Vale de Lobos from Portugal. Cloro drank a muddy little number from a puddle in the road.

She’s got fresh water in the kitchen, but she insists on drinking outside from puddles; must be something to do with the flavour.


I got a notable 1337 likes on They Say it’s in the Genes on Friday. I don’t know what’s so special about 1337; 1,000 I could understand, 1,500 I could understand, but 1,337, that’s weird, appreciated, but weird.

Got another surprise yesterday. A pineapple top that I had planted, then tore out and threw on the compost because I had figured it died, has produced the beginnings of a flower. It has taken root on the compost heap.


Little flower bud in the middle

I’m happy about that. I have planted pineapple tops before but this is the first that has flowered. I will be watching with interest.

I’ll finish today off with Cloro’s latest adventure.

Cloro and the Tocino

She grabbed a bit of pork belly fat that I had thrown on the ground.

That’s it, later.

Lagging Behind

Remember when we used to use these?

Remember when we used to use these?

Yes, that’s me today. It’s got to the stage where I have 25 minutes before getting ready to look like a teacher.

As for the rest of the day, nothing happened.

I tidied up the yard some more, yanked out the tomato plant added it to the compost heap. Didn’t need to water the plants, Mother Nature is taking care of that and will be until tomorrow. I went to the supermarket; disaster.

I took R$200 and spent R$343… sometimes things just look so yummy, too good to miss. Good thing I had my debit card with me. Sorted the compras (shopping), put the bottle of tequila in pride of place and reorganised my little wine rack to take a couple more bottles.

Lunch was not so glorious today, a slab of pastry with cheese and various cold meats with green pepper as a garnish; sort of a poor man’s pizza. Not healthy, but fast.

I have plastic bags strew all over the house.

Cloro has discovered a new way of having fun. Out the window pull a plastic bag from the bag on the old fridge in the garage, tug it through the window bars and play with it. When we get bored with that one, we go out and get another one “Whee, this is fun!”

Last night my PC croaked, finally after an hour of coaxing, inveigling, talking about its pedigree , idle threats, discussing what it would look like after it had passed through the window bars and words that shouldn’t be used in front of ladies, it coughed, spluttered and produced the familiar XP screen.

Well, that was a lovely litre of fresh orange juice and sparkling mineral water (heaps better than Fanta) so refreshing,  I should find an image to go with the post and then be off.


Meanwhile, I’ll entertain you with Cloro’s latest film release…

I meant to, I really did…

coffeephilosophyI had the new post page open nearly all afternoon and had already selected the opening image, but didn’t get round to doing it.

Now I am running on coffee and making this the first post of the day.

I got to the supermarket yesterday and two more bottles of wine fell into the shopping cart. I just don’t understand how that happens.

Lately I have been getting so confused. Life used to be so simple when I had only one pair of shoes. Now I have two. Yes, I bought another pair. In the past I have always bought the next pair when the old pair fell off my feet; I believe in getting that extra mile. But I surpassed myself this time round.

When I had one pair, I always knew where they were; on my feet or on the base of the fan beside my PC when I wore my chinelos (flip flops). If they were on my feet, then my chinelos were waiting in front of my PC chair ready for me to slip into when I came home because I never wear shoes at home.

Now I have two pair and I can never find both of either pair at the same time… so confusing.

My one student today has cancelled. My weekend has started.

coffeesanityI could wash the dishes, I could put some wine in the fridge, I could sweep the yard, I could water my plants, I could take the rubbish out, I could get another coffee, then ponder which of these things I may or may not do. Life is so full of decisions. Decisions cause stress, and stress is the biggest killer; so it’s better not to make decisions, therefore no stress.

I found an apt description of the internet the other day. One that shows that humanity has not changed one iota in the past 4,000 or so years.


Despite our greater levels of technology, it’s true, we still write on walls and worship cats. We just do it faster.

goiabatreeMy goiaba (guava) tree is growing great. Four years and this year I am watching hopefully for flower buds.

Fresh goiaba juice is wonderful. Much better than the chemically standardised crap you buy in boxes in the supermarket.

I read an article sometime ago about how they get orange juice to always taste the same; they pluck it, they squeeze it, they concentrate it, they stuff it with chemicals, they dilute it, they sweeten it  and box it. Then they have the audacity to call it ‘natural’, what a load of bollocks, it’s false advertising. If they do it to oranges, they do it to all fruit.

I stopped buying boxed crap after reading that. I buy real fruit from the sacolão (fruit & vege shop) and do it the hard way, yes, I used a blender and don’t add sugar. More people should be doing this, much healthier, much tastier.

Blogging right along.


Help! I’ve lost my pencil…

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