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Dirty, Filthy, Evil Little Buggers

And inadvertantly, I killed them.

Horrible little buggers

Horrible little buggers

Well, I saw one on the side of the kitchen cupboards as I left the shower, and gave it a shot of bug spray.

Then on my next visit to the shower, there were nine of them throwing themselves around in their death throes.

I couldn’t believe it! Nine bloody cockroaches in the house. Obviously they had nested in the space under the kitchen cupboards, and by squirting one, I got the lot. I resprayed this morning, and their were no more fatalities, so hopefully I have got rid of them.

My cellphone’s winking at me. Time to put it on the charger. I am terrible for forgetting to do that. Done.

coconutsHorrified to read that Australia is culling sharks.

I believe more people are killed in Australia from falling coconuts, but you don’t see them rushing to cull coconut trees…

Russia is warning the US not to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine… Puzzling, because it was Russia meddling in Ukraine affairs in the first place that caused the problem. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Shopping this morning, bought the essentials, three bottles of good wine, a couple of bottles black grunge (stout) and some fancy cheeses. Everything else was too expensive. I got some meat, bread and oranges too. Paid the bills, on the due date. The lotéirica (betting shop) was packed, always is when I leave it to the last minute.

Nearly time to look like a teacher again.



Coffee sacred morning timeLife is full of little rituals.

We don’t usually recognise them as rituals, rather just the things we do and when and how we do them.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s getting out of bed or brushing your teeth, there’s a certain way you do it; that’s a ritual in as much a ritual as a Catholic who fingers their rosary without thinking.

My morning ritual, for it was a ritual, as sacred as the coffee that accompanied it, was to sit at my kitchen table with a view of the street, with coffee and the Press opened to the crossword page.

Coffee must be drunk, and the cryptic crossword completed before anything else happened that day.

Alas, I am in Brazil, I only get the Press cryptic crossword once a week on the net. Oh how I miss my little ritual. I have better coffee now, but I miss the newspaper. Brazilian newspapers just don’t do it, and their crosswords are pathetic.

2552The fickle consumer. That’s me. For years I have stuck to Pilão coffee because I considered it the best, but it went over the R$5 limit for 500gms (1lb) some years back and since I have diversified my tastes to whichever is on special; that could be any of three different brands. The other week, Pimpinela was on special, so I got a couple of sacks. It had been recommended to me. The result is that because of their pricing structure, Pilão has lost the custom of a fickle consumer who found a better coffee.

Businesses really are stupid.

There’s not really a lot to say today, other than it’s sunny and mild; it won’t last, another cold front has crossed the Uruguay border in the south and should be here by the weekend. Pyjama weather.

Yesterday, I was changing out of my pyjamas to go to work when the student rang and cancelled, I changed back into my pyjamas and continued blogging.

So far today, I have blogged. I have managed to avoid the steely eyes of the dishes in the sink. I have lunched, I have napped and watered the plants. The highlight of the day was squeezing fresh orange juice, so yummy.

stoppedmedsvoices1I saw this yesterday, and made a meme thingy for it.

I don’t take Prozac, but I can imagine it.

To me the message is, leave the meds, be yourself; stop trying to be normal, it’s boring.



Stupid freakin' little robots

Yes, it’s official.

Big Brother Brazil 12 began last night as we have been warned ad nauseum every five minutes for the past week.

While last night I managed to avoid the programme and I hope to repeat the experience tonight, we are bombarded at every ad break being brainwashed to ‘love’ the new programme. Damn, it’s enough to make you puke.

The rain has stopped, well, a little over night, but not the same deluges that have had. Unfortunately another five bodies were recovered today in Sapauaia. A whole family rushing to escape the landslide after they heard the initial rumbling managed to get into their VW Beetle, but didn’t manage to escape. Father, Mother and three kids were buried alive. Tragedies like this are becoming commonplace here as the authorities continue to acknowledge that climate changes are worsening.

Oranges are cheap in Brazil; less than 60 cents US per kilo (2.204lbs). Oranges in the US are expensive and getting more so, today they hit an all time high. The US has banned Brazilian imports contaminated with carbendazim, a fungicide, that is banned in the USA. Brazilians authorities aren’t quite so conscious about these things.

Bus fares went up 25 centavos on the first business day of the year, and I am waiting the news now, they are announcing a further increase. Well, that was a relief, the news is over, it wasn’t a fare increase in Rio but two other states.

Carnaval is winding up. Due to start on the 21st Feb. Just in case you haven’t decided where to spend February; I’ll leave you with this 30 second thought.

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