It’s so hot that I burnt my fingers on the brass padlock that secure the gate when I went out for the rubbish.

I quickly retreated indoors again after watering the plants who were all doing a wilt impression.

Back again, had a cold shower and a quick nap under the fan.

I have just been outside to see if there are any new flowers on the passion fruit vine, I had thought of making a better video clip of the bees.

A glance to the north on hearing a peel of thunder and the sky is dark and the wind is blowing this way. There are more peels of thunder as I am writing.

I see that Chavez has gone back to Cuba for another cancer op. I am convinced he was never really clear as he claimed, but was able long enough to get elected and if the worst came to the worst his party would be in power. He has named the vice-President as his successor, but the Venezuelan Constitution state that another election must ne weld within a month, so he may get screwed yet.

China has been named as the worst offender for the world’s illegal logging, now that doesn’t surprise me.

HSBC was fined $1.9bn for money laundering… petty cash. Why were the laundered funds confiscated, that would have hurt them.

Israel’s being the ultimate bastard again, this time raiding Palestinian NGOs.

And, I plan to cook a leg of ham for Christmas, more on that later.

Not a whole leg, but it should look something like this.

Now I am late for work…