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Done a Bunk

Mean green leaf eating machine

My Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine has done a bunk. He’s AWOL. I have just spent the best part of the last hour scrutinising the other guava plants in my garden with an intense ‘scrute’, but he remains on the MIA list. I last saw him yesterday afternoon; he was on duty devastating yet another branch like any responsible MGLEM and now ‘poof!’ he’s gone quicker than a magicians rabbit.

I suspect his gluttony has got the better of him and he’s gone into hiding for his chrysalis stage, but where? I want to see him do it. Maybe MGLEMs like to do it in private, rather like a teenager in the bathroom.

My experimental chilling of my nuts last night was a success, cold nuts and cold beer what a great combination for watching football, even if Paraguay did win 2-1. I heartily recommend you chill your nuts.

I have been watching a few ads on TV lately and two things have pissed me off. Firstly, the car ads, they all show you how to wreck a car or drive dangerously in true macho style. With the rising death tolls in every country despite laws that are designed to lower the deaths on our roads, I find this extremely irresponsible of the car manufacturers. All the driver education programmes around the globe are undermined by TV advertising.

Just take a look at this ad, banned in Australia, teaching your kids to run away, break the law…

Secondly, brainwashing ads for Easter eggs; when Easter is over, brainwashing ads for Mother’s Day; when Mother’s Day is over, brainwashing ads for Valentines Day… the shit never ends.

Well, after my day off on Tuesday, my students cancelled yesterday, today is Corpus Christi, tomorrow is Friday… I have a one-day work week and a six-day weekend.

Started off well this morning, the quintessential coffee, the dishes, then a traditional Kiwi mince on hot buttered toast for breakfast.

Must blog along… Only had a rant on Genes about rosaries and ovaries so far and it’s nearly lunchtime.


Chilled Nuts


Chilled nuts

Have you ever chilled your nuts?

You chill beer before drinking, you chill white wine, why not chill your nuts?

I am experimenting with that tonight.

I have a bottle of malt beer that I found in the supermarket today in the fridge, and I have my nuts in the freezer.

All set for the football (soccer for our American cousins) game tonight; Olímpia from Paraguay and Fluminense from Brazil. I’m not a Fluminense fan, but when it comes to international matches, I root for the Brazilian team.

I pondered the possibilities of an empty fridge yesterday, and headed off to the supermarket. As luck would have it a taxi rounded the corner at the same time as I did.

“Brazeiro!” I said to the driver. That was 2pm, we were at the restaurant quickly, I would still have been walking to get transport to the supermarket. A much better idea.

Four hours later, I arrived home. Now that was a good lunch.

Football is due to start.

Be back tomorrow.


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