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Totally Screwed, an Addendum

Although I wasn't under the weather last night, I still feel like this

Although I wasn’t under the weather last night, I still feel like this

Happy New Year!

I am still totally screwed, the net access is still terrible, and no server attendance until tomorrow.

The connection is so bad that most blogs I visit will not load ‘Likes’, so I can’t register my appearance. If you have visited my blog recently, be assured that I have been to yours for a reciprocal visit.

I have just cleaned out my inbox, and visited everybody. Because of the net problems, my inbox became rather full and I felt duty bound to empty it before starting on the task of New Year’s Day posts.

My New Year was very quiet, well, the evening was. I spent it at home with Cloro and was in bed by 10:30. Cloro was not impressed by the ‘big bangs’ at midnight, and despíte my comforting him, he finally beat a hasty retreat and spent the rest of the night under the dresser in my room.

The afternoon I spent in the company of the fregües at the botequim. Oh, I said that already… yesterday 🙂

If you have sent a ‘Like’ or a comment, be assured that I am receiving them, somewhat sporadically but they do get here and make appreciated reading, and will be replied to in due course.

Well, not one of my blogs came close to breaking the 1,000 visits barrier last month, so please try harder in the New Year.

I was amused at Putin’s remark that he is going to eradicate terrorism following the two Volgograd explosions. The Americans have been promising the same thing since 2001 and they haven’t achieved it either.

So to all of you who feel like this…


I wish you a speedy recovery.


This was my first waking thought after my afternoon nap: Bubbles!

It has me worried.

Particularly because it wasn’t these bubbles that I was thinking of. Yesterday at the supermarket I found another bottle of Gatão vinho verde, it appeared to be the only one, so it ended up in my shopping basket. Oh, I am such a weak willed person, talk about impulse buying, but that’s the therapy of shopping.

I needed the bubbles. The bottle has been in my fridge since yesterday, it is suitably chilled and will accompany me to the botequim shortly when I determine that it’s beer o’clock. This fictional hour of the day is not a determined time, nor in fact any time, but can be any time and not necessarily limited to beer.

Gatão is a Portuguese wine coming from a village of the same name, it’s a crackling wine that has a slight citrusy tang.

Yesterday, upon returning from the supermarket, I lit my BBQ, marinated the rump steak and thickly cut liver with rock salt, and repaired to the botequim, selected my traditional bottle of Bohemia and joined a group of friends in the shade of the trees in the park in front of the bar.

Tending the BBQ between snippets of conversation, I eventually returned with a tray of petiscos (snack sized bites) from the BBQ. My next trip was to reveal a bottle of French Baron de Arignac Moelleux and four wine glasses which added a flair of sophistication to the table because the botequim does not have them.

We watched bemused as Lixo battled with Gustavo’s rooster over a morsel of meat; the rooster won on both counts as Lixo now has a healthy respect for the big bird.

It was so that we continued the conversation well into the evening; only realising that time had indeed worn its weary way on when the light began to fade and the park lights flickered into their incandescent life. Under the orangey glow we decided it was time to abandon our little impromptu picnic/party and wend our ways to our particular abodes.

That was lunch; 4pm until 9pm.

Today, not much has happened. I haven’t as yet been out of the front door to check on the world. For all I know, the planet may well have stopped and all abandoned her. But the noise from the botequim tells me that this is a remote possibility.

I should go and check.


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