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Chatter, chatter, chatter

Never mind, it will soon be over.

A typical Sunday morning, the laundry lady and banal chatter descend and wreck the normally tranquil setting of what I call home.

I’ll need to make more coffee to overcome the trauma.

Lovely day yesterday, until it started to rain. Lots and lots of rain, it ws a real storm. Only lasted about two hours, then rained normally all night. My passion fruit vines had lots of flowers, ten in fact, but because of the rain there were no bees. But I did get a small video of one in the initial stages of opening.

Not very exciting, hardly an action movie. I would have filmed more, but my arms got tired…

However, here’s a shot of the half open flower next to it.

Half open

Half open

And the next flower…

Fully open

Fully open

Fatal error at the botequim. The beer delivery was a day late and he ran out of cold beer… So the bar wasn’t its usually busy self. I ended up relaying bottles to my freezer, so I had beer. My freezer takes a bout a half hour to chill two bottles, whereas the big coolers in the bar require more than eight hours to chill a fridge full.

The pope has disappointed me. He refused to meet the Dalai Lama because of sensibilities with China. Kow towing to China is only giving the bastards strength. He rally missed a chance to show them that they can’t rule the world.

Silly Box: The Canadian Navy has banned booze from their ships.

Very cool day today, totally overcast. I have posted on all but one blog so the morning has been productive. Once I tune out the banal banter, I can get things done.

The rest of the day is another do-nothing day, at least the beer will be cold.

Oh, the sun is trying to burst through the clouds…



A fridge full of Brahma

A fridge full of Brahma

Yesterday’s failure to capture the opening of the passion fruit flowers was partly due to this wonderful sight. The botequim fridge full of Brahma. This fridge usually has two shelves of Antarctica and one and a half of Brahma.

This happened because of a delivery cock up. The Antarctica arrived too late to put in the fridge and be chilled in time for the punters.

So being a Brahmarian, you can imagine my delight when I opened the fridge and saw this wonderous vision.

I proceeded to make a hole in the stocks.

A cheese board followed with Provolone and Roquefort, with homemade pickled beetroot and gherkins.

It was about then that I started to feel peckish, the cheese board was nice but just didn’t fill the tummy.

I needed something more substantial.

Now on Saturdays the other bar just the other side of the smelly creek has mocotó, just what the doctor ordered.

One the way back I managed to slop mocotó at nearly every step; she does fill the plate.


Mocotó and hot chilli olive oil

I had got halfway through before I thought to take a snap. I’m not usually a messy eater, the mucky plate was due to the sloppy trip back.

Mocotó is rendered cows feet and vege soup. I have promised to tell you about this before, and will repeat that promise now.

The soup was accompanied by this…

Santiago 1541 Chardonnay 2012

Santiago 1541 Chardonnay 2012

Which was needed to combat the seering heat of the chillies.

As the afternoon wore on, a guy came into the bar with this T-shirt. I just had to take a snap.

I never made friends drinking milk

I never made friends drinking milk

And that brings me to the highlight of the day…

Both flowers

Both flowers

A close up for detail

A close up for detail

They are truly one of the world’s beauties.

I tried to get a film clip of the bee doing its thing, but he was a camera shy brute and stayed out of frame until I pulled the camera away.

So that’s going to be it for the day.

It’s beer o’clock.


Bower Fluds

Little bower fluds

Little bower fluds

You know what a Spoonerism is, right? Then I don’t need to explain the title. The rain has brought new growth, and my passion fruit vines are now sporting bower fluds…

These will grow into the garishly beautiful passion fruit flower. That will take about 6 days.

Why bower fluds? Well, when I am talking to myself, I often come out with Spoonerisms. They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness; I disagree. Sometimes it’s the only way I can have a sensible conversation…. It’s when I answer myself that I start to worry just a little.

Still cool today, the sun did make a brave effort to shine earlier, but failed miserably as the sky clouded over again. I do hope we get more rain to reinforce the weekend.

My new passport is winging its way on the final leg. I am tracking it via the internet, it has left Madrid and I think the next stop is Rio; that flight I think is about eleven hours. I think it should be here about midnight for delivery tomorrow.

That is one chapter nearly finished. Now I have other hurdles to face. Let’s see what the future holds.

Cucumber, chopped parsley and lemon zest

Cucumber, chopped parsley and lemon zest

My sushi adventure on Saturday was wonderful. I do love making it, and feel it is quite an achievement to have discovered how. I had planned to take photos of the process, but ended up with just one; having made the green fillings.

By then I was in full flight and didn’t stop until the tray was at the bar. By tht time it was too late… gone.

One novelty that I hadn’t tried before was the inside-out makimonos. With the rice on the outside covered in black and white sesame seeds. It wasn’t as difficult as I had previously thought.

I do feel that I must tender my apologies for the two crappy posts over the weekend, but I was having so much fun out there in the 3D world, that my 2D adventures seemed to slide over to the backburner. One must make hay while the sun shines.

My clock has stopped again. I have been running on 3:30am since I woke this morning. These cheap wall clocks chew through the batteries faster than Brazilians in a bar chew through sushi. But not to worry, in a few hours it’ll be right again…

American police have shot and killed a twelve year old boy playing with a replica pistol. The kid was in a park brandishing the toy around, the despatcher didn’t pass on the fact that the person who reported it doubted it was a real gun, the kid didn’t obey the police to put his hands up. A witness has said that at no time did the kid threaten the police nor point the gun in their direction. So who was right and who was wrong? To me the parents are at fault for failing to educate their son.

So far this morning, I have successfully burnt the two slices of pizza that I had planned as a brunch snack, not totally beyond recognition, but I will have crunchy pizza. That was a direct result of spending more time in front of the keyboard than in the kitchen where I should have been. Oh the sacrifices I make to write a better post.

Time for crunchy pizza followed by some Nap-fu practice.


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