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Finally, I Crashed

Yup, just after midnight fireworks which lasted about a half hour in our neighbourhood, I made my excuses and toddled off home. I was ready for bed. Midnight hours are a thing of the past as I advance in my dotage.

My native NZ was the first to see the New Year in. Although news services make more fuss about Sydney, NZ merely gets a mention. Some news services even classify Sydney as being the first; they’d better get the atlases out, or today it would be more appropriate to check Google Maps. They also get their facts wrong, a news item yesterday mentioned 1.5 million people in Sydney. but only 1 million in Copacabana; in fact there were more than 2 million in Copacabana this year.
NZaheadAuckland’s Sky Tower gets the honours of being the most publicised.

Sky Tower, Auckland

Sky Tower, Auckland

Anyway, I’ve never seen it. In fact, I never even saw the celebration in my home town. I always thought that people were fools to rush into the Square and much preferred private parties with friends.

It’s all over now, the world can return to normal and continue on its course of destruction.

Today promises to be hotter than yesterday, which was bloody-hotºC, so the temp today could reach very-bloody-hotºC and mean a lot of chilled beer to stay sane.

I went to the neighbour’s for BBQ, just a few friends there. Way to much food, which I made an earnest effort to reduce. Watched the fireworks at midnight and that’s where I came in, read the first paragraph

Watered the plants, checked the passion fruit vines; flowers again yesterday. If they don’t start producing some fruit I may have to pollinate the flowers myself. Because the bees don’t seem to be doing their job.

Time to poke my head out the gate. I know the botequim is open, I may have a beer before lunch.


A fine bloody start that was

Our tower is not quite so grand, it's also closer than Paris

Our tower is not quite so grand, it’s also closer than Paris, but you get the idea.

I hope that’s not a sign for the rest of the year, if so, I’m not impressed.

Just after I posted yesterday, and was in the middle of preparing a post on Fizz for next Friday, the net went down.

Oh, okay, that happens from time to time. It was just before midday, 1pm passed, 2pm passed, 3, 4, 5, 6…I tried ringing the SP, of course New Years Day, do they answer the phone… they DO NOT!

Finally, I remembered that I had the SP’s father’s phone number. I rang him wished him the best for the New Year, and he explained that lightning had knocked out the power to the satellite transmission tower in the hills and the unit had continued on battery until that failed the next day and they were having a fight with the power company to restore power, you guessed it, on New Years Day.

As a result, I had a very boring day. The net finally returned just before 10pm. Not a lot of blogging was done.

So, as you can imagine, I am demotivated, inspiration has fled, it’s after 10am and I have done nothing.

The one advantage of having no net was that the dishes got done, along with a few other householdy chorey type things that usually sort of get missed.

On Monday my first passionfruit fell off the vine, New Years Day and three more had fallen. Last night I used two to make 500mls (almost a pint) of fresh passionfruit juice. My crop is not as prolific as two years ago when I had over 200 fruit, but there is about another dozen or so to ripen.

Now I’m off to finish the post on Butterbeer that I started yesterday. You’ll have to check Things that Fizz & Stuff on Friday to find out more about Butterbeer, meanwhile, I’m off to the coffeepot.


So far, not even a ripple

With the end of the world supposedly approaching, you would have thought that there may have been some signs already.

I am curious as to whether it will be a slow rumbling sort of end, or a ‘rip-whoosh-bang’ ending. The latter would be so disappointing for one such as myself expecting a spectacle.

I got an email from a great friend yesterday. The tone of which was most unexpected given that this person is a scientist who has published many papers and speaks several languages fluently. He is also a pianist and has composed hence his reference to Beethoven’s 5th. Being such a serious type of person, it goes without saying that he is almost devoid of a sense of humour, not quite, but close. I sent him the YouTube link of my passion fruit flowers being inspected by an abelha negra (big black bumble bee) for pollinating (you can find the clip in this post). This was the reaction…

“I always wondered who uploads these shitty videos on youtube 🙂

Very beautiful humble bee, indeed, I kept watching the video for hours. I mean, four hours. Again and again, absolutely stunning images. They fit very well to Beethoven’s fifth symphony (beginning). They also combine well with rice, vinegar and dehydrated cucumbers. And to the number 777. And, of course, to my favourite colour: smelly.

I think I am wheeled. Or at least, completely tired. Wheel, tire, who cares. The Chinese would anyhow say that I am a “wheeldo”.”

I was stunned. Having known this person for more than ten years, I never suspected, nor expected that.

Moving right along…

I see that the latest tragedy in the USA has planted the idea of gun control in Obama’s tiny little brain.  The aim of the government has been for sometime to de-arm the populace so as to reduce resistance to the government in the event of the coming crisis. What better way to achieve one’s aims than riding on the crest of the public hysteria wave; make it seem as it is what they want.

Today, I am classless. I cunningly combined today’s classes with yesterdays. So very shortly it will be beer o’clock, but before that I thought it only right that I should write a post.

The days continue to be hot, although yesterday showed promise of rain, lots of thunder and lightning, a light sprinkle and that was it. They have been promising storms since the weekend, so much for the hit and miss technology of the meteorologist.

People ask me if I am animado (looking forward) to Christmas. I am about as animated as a dead fish. Christmas fails to stir an iota of interest other than it’s a good reason to drink beer. The hype and commercialisation has destroyed any pleasure. In effect it is a day when I can’t give class, therefore don’t get paid.

My coffee cup is empty. I should consider lunch before beer o’clock looms over the horizon. The clouds of a good storm are already looming… probably come to nothing.

Another Scorcher

It’s so hot that I burnt my fingers on the brass padlock that secure the gate when I went out for the rubbish.

I quickly retreated indoors again after watering the plants who were all doing a wilt impression.

Back again, had a cold shower and a quick nap under the fan.

I have just been outside to see if there are any new flowers on the passion fruit vine, I had thought of making a better video clip of the bees.

A glance to the north on hearing a peel of thunder and the sky is dark and the wind is blowing this way. There are more peels of thunder as I am writing.

I see that Chavez has gone back to Cuba for another cancer op. I am convinced he was never really clear as he claimed, but was able long enough to get elected and if the worst came to the worst his party would be in power. He has named the vice-President as his successor, but the Venezuelan Constitution state that another election must ne weld within a month, so he may get screwed yet.

China has been named as the worst offender for the world’s illegal logging, now that doesn’t surprise me.

HSBC was fined $1.9bn for money laundering… petty cash. Why were the laundered funds confiscated, that would have hurt them.

Israel’s being the ultimate bastard again, this time raiding Palestinian NGOs.

And, I plan to cook a leg of ham for Christmas, more on that later.

Not a whole leg, but it should look something like this.

Now I am late for work…


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