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I need a Leek

Not that kind of leak!

Not that kind of leak!

First a reblog of part of a post I wrote on Things that Fizz & Stuff today.

A little nostalgia:

When I was younger, my father grew leeks in the garden, lots of leeks; so they featured on our table simply as a boring boiled vegetable.

My mother was not an imaginative cook. Don’t get me wrong she cooked well, but plainly.

I hated leeks.

I would turn up my nose, gag, threaten to throw up at the table if they appeared on my plate, until the beastly things were removed.

I grew up, and now quite enjoy leeks, even raw in a salad.

There just a little info from my childhood.

beeroclockBeen a warm day and I have determined that the clock is nearing beer o’clock.

But before I go, you lovely people need to be entertained.

I went to work yesterday, despite not having the incentive; and it’s just as well I did, because the bossette turned up unexpectedly. I growled at her, her day is Wednesday and by turning up today she was confusing an old man, was she trying to hasten my demise?

I stopped growling when she reminded me that it was the 10th… pay day, and she’d come to pay me. I had totally forgotten that it was the 10th, that it was pay day; this is surely a sign that dementia is taking hold.

My pay packet should have looked like this…


But it was rather more meagre. Such is my worth. But I was right, she had under paid me! When I challenged her, she showed me her photocopies of the day sheets…

There was a day unsigned. I couldn’t understand it. I raced off to get my originals… and there it was signed! She had taken the copies a day early.

Having suitably humbled my bossette and her promising to rectify the matter, I returned to class, almost skipping as I went.

Well, time has marched on, beer o’clock has arrived, I’ll make like the pigeons and flock off.


No post today

aNotShitPay day.

Off to Barra.

Pay the bills, sushi lunch, back home broke until next month.

I was wrong about the rain storm yesterday. It didn’t happen at 5pm as I suspected.

It was due as I left work at 7pm for my 20 minute walk home. Magnificent lightning displays all the way.

It began to rain as I reached for the padlock on the gate. By the time I got inside I was saturated. It pissed down. Gale force wind and torrential rain for an hour, then nothing.

Time I got my pants on and catch the bus.

Lixo has just seen the neighbour’s cat off in style with much snarling.


Before I go. Do you remember this scene from Finding Nemo?


Then check out this link…

Some days…

…it just isn’t worth getting out of bed.

failed_stampDuring the weekend, I had a shit connection which lasted until Monday night. Yesterday, what I saw of it over the keyboard, the connection was okay. Yesterday was my pay and shopping day. I lost $100! Two R$50 notes in my top pocket disappeared, grrrrrrrr!

Today, I just tried posting a video clip on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, but the WordPress blog options didn’t give that blog as an option…. Oh cool, so I posted a bogus post here and thought Okay, copy paste into the correct blog. Wrong! So I had to make a link here and leave the bogus post.

That explains the XXX post.

Cool today, a little sun, but mainly cloud cover.

Connection is good.

The coffee is good.

Coffee is always good, but it’s getting expensive. In the last six years the price has more than doubled; and the politicians still insist that we don’t have inflation.

I don’t have classes today, which is a good reason to consider it beer o’clock.


Put a cork in it!

CorkNo post today.

Trumpet is broken…

Off to Barra, my monthly trek to get some money and pay the bills. Then enjoy a sushi lunch.

Looks like being a hot day, so I will get the air-conditioned bus and ride in comfort.

Maybe go for some therapy shopping.

Something to think about:

Mother: Get up, you have to go to school!

Son: Don’t want to. The kids hate me, the teachers hate me, give me one good reason!

Mother: You’re the headmaster!

I surprised myself

Mental Gymnastics


Two days, two posts.

Actually, I was trying to nap, but it’s so bloody hot, I couldn’t. The forecast was for 34°C, but it’s crept well above that, I suspect 40°C+ ( about 106°F). But it’s hot enough that when I have a glass of mineral water, it is instantly transformed into sweat; and it’s not as though I am doing physical exercise, mental gymnastics, yes, but nothing strenuous.

Tony saved me from my dreaded 13 likes, I now have 14. So, I guess the crisis is over.

Tomorrow, no post… probably. Tomorrow is my monthly payday trek to Barra, pay my bills, have a sushi lunch, pay the rent when I get back and settle back broke for the next month.  If my private students do to me this month what they did last month, it could be a difficult month; and being December that could happen. I know one who has already indicated he will stop lessons until January, I’m just not sure when he will stop.

It’s time to get ready and go and act like a hot sweaty teacher, because I will be by the time I get there. I just realised it’s actually the hour that I should be going out the door and I’m sitting here entering you…


I Need Group Therapy

No, it’s not because I am crazy.

Despite the fact that I put my teeth in the cracked peppercorn class on Monday night. That was just a bleary-eyed oversight because the two glasses were next to each other. Now one is on one side of the kitchen, far from the other. It won’t happen again.

After yesterday’s fiasco, who wouldn’t need therapy?

Lesson this morning, dentist, home, blog, nap, lunch. Three pieces of thinly sliced rump steak made into weinerschnitzel; and I’ve got another three for Friday.

Last class canceled. Great, I can get to therapy earlier.

Tomorrow, class at 7am, 8am bus to Barra da Tijuca.

Pay Day!

Probably two of these

Sushi for lunch!

Pay bills, buy a bottle of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, buy Enos fruit salts.

Bus home.

Pay rent… 2 rents. My pay last month was Romneyfied… pathetic, so I could only pay half.

By the time I get home it will be beer o’clock.

So you probably won’t see me tomorrow.

Friday is a holiday, no classes, group therapy all day. 7th September is Brazil’s Independence Day.




This is a Fuzzy Logic

Yes, folks, I have successfully wasted an entire Monday; which most people would call a failure, but if a failure is so complete, does that not then become success?

I believe one would refer to that as ‘fuzzy logic.’

Yes, fuzzy logic does exist, it’s dealing with approximates rather the exacts, but I prefer the Fuzzy Logic shown on the right. This is also fuzzy logic:

Ingredients : 60 ml (2 oz) Tanqueray gin;45 ml (1.5 oz) fresh orange juice;15 ml (.5 oz) peach schnapps;2 dashes Benedictine

Instructions : Shake over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

In fact your logic becomes fuzzier the more of them you drink, and there’s nothing fuzzy about that, that’s an exact.

Fuzzy logic is NOT how a sheep thinks.

Yes, today was Monday, well, it still is, but the business end of the day has finished and now it’s relax time. Which is why I am here at the keyboard, this is relaxation.

I am not, more’s the pity, drinking a fuzzy logic. I am however drinking Cashew Juice. Yes, I know cashews are nuts, how can you get juice from a nut? This is not fuzzy logic. If you want to know the secret to Cashew Juice then check the previous post; I wrote about it yesterday.

Today was that day of the month for my sojourn into Barra da Tijuca to get paid. The only good thing about it was sushi for lunch, the pay certainly wasn’t good; it’s going to be a tight month.

That’s all you’re going to get from me today, bugger all. I have other posts to procrastinate about.



Thursday was Cancelled

Yes, I cancelled Thursday, it never happened. Hence there was not a lot of blogging done, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

See, big red stamp.

Class at 7am, finish at 8. Meeting in far off Barra da Tijuca and get pay was next on the agenda.

Arrived in time, no meeting…

“And, the pay???” I asked plaintively; fully prepared that Thursday was about to take a turn for the worse.

I had bills to pay, things to do, and I had to have my therapy at the supermarket.

It was a relief that an envelope was thrust into my hands some minutes later while I was having breakfast. You see the good thing about meetings is that they always served little crumbly rolls, some sweet and some savoury, and then there are things like ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit juice. Just because the meeting was cancelled, they had already bought the eats.

Full belly, full pocket (not too full), I left a happy camper.

This is not the Downtown Mall one, but you get the idea

Did a little bit of shopping, ENOS fruit salts, Milk of Magnesia (it would have been handy earlier in the week) and off to my favourite shop, Lidador

Lidador is a shop full of imported wines, whiskies, foodstuffs and delicacies.

Of course it’s expensive, but it’s one of the only places that I can get such delicacies as genuine Dijon mustard and English (as opposed to American) Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce. Brazil is not big on these fineries of life.

I walk into the shop and almost swoon, the dreams, the fantasies… to live like a king, or a prince.

However, I’m not. I am the pauper in this story.

I do however have a hankering for the items above. I have the mustard at home, but have been out of Lea & Perrin’s for some months and my last visit to the shop was a case of sorry, out of that, which nearly resulted in a temper tantrum on the spot. Now the prospect of a 60+ year old throwing a kindergarten temper tantrum and rolling around on the floor of a posh establishment while security drag him across the floor to the door, just doesn’t bear thinking about… So I controlled myself. I elevated my nose above the horizontal, sniffed hoytily and strode out the door.

I am pleased to report, that this month they had replenished their stock. The manager added that he was afraid I’d be back. I am known there, and while I am not their most illustrious customer, we have had some decent chats. The R$11 price was cheaper than previously, so I got two bottles, you never know when they’ll run out again.

Next the bus home. It was too early in the day to consider my sushi lunch. Nicely timed, the right, but expensive, bus came by just as I arrived at the stop. R$12, airconditioned comfort, so you can imagined that I was not amused when I discovered that chewing gum had been left of the window frame and had glued the sleeve of my shirt.

Almost home, and the bus driver decided to take a shortcut that was not where I wanted to go. There followed some ‘loud discussion’, I won, the bus driver made a U-turn and got back on track and left me at the supermarket for the remainder of my therapy.

So with all that happening, you can understand why I cancelled the day.





Immense pest frenzies dog

Did you get it?

Keep saying it to yourself, you’ll discover it.

Today is Monday, it’s that day, you know, the bus trip, money, sushi, pay the rent, supermarket… and get home exhausted and broke.

So you’re not going to get much.

I didn’t post Sunday Travel Tales yesterday, my light fitting decided to have a fit and left me in the dark. There must be a short in there.

I have managed to post on all blogs this morning, this, as usual is the last. There’s some heavy shi ah stuff and some funny stuff, so check them out if you feel hard done by here.

Time to get desmellified…


Leave a comment if you discovered the title…



Sleeping Beauty

Well, half the title is right, the first half. That is all I’ve done today. I feel a bit burnt out.

Yesterday of course was Monday, and you all know that I don’t ‘do’ Mondays. Not only was it Monday, but it was pay day, yes, that infernal bus trip to Barra da Tijuca and back; a whole day wasted, and for what? This month to get my papel de cebola (onion paper). It’s a very apt Portuguese saying because it’s enough to make you cry.

January class hours were not kind to me and I am paying for that this month.

So with yesterday’s trip I didn’t get my usual nap, as a result I have been super tired today exacerbated by another hot day. Sunday’s rainy respite didn’t last long.

I did do some work here. I got five blog posts done and prepared one already for tomorrow. But I must admit that I wasn’t fired with my usual enthusiasm.

Bloggers get used to that. I’ll get over it…. maybe before Christmas.

Only joking. Lots of coffee tomorrow will do wonders.


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