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funny-coffee-memeLove that word! Pusillanimous, just rolls off the tongue with pure venom.

Moving along…

Lovely sunny day today, after yesterday’s start and stop sunshine.

Lunch was piece of salmon grilled in olive oil and capers, served on pickled beetroot with asparagus.

My pee smelled funny all night; asparagus does that to you.

This morning I was having my first coffee before six. I slept well last night. Went to bed around 9:30 and slipped into a coma.

I’m pretty sure that either Simon or Garfunkel was staring into a wonderful cup of black coffee when they coined the lyrics for The Sound of Silence…

Great song.

Yesterday TV was full of election post mortems. Come on it’s over, let it rest until 2018, you made your decisions.

However, even though we got the blonde bimbo back. the result has given her a bit of a shock and she realises that a lot of the people want big changes, and if they don’t get them, it will mean the end of PT reign at the next election. This term she is carrying the party on her shoulders.

Lovely yummy chocolate

Lovely yummy chocolate

Chocolate, wonderful stuff.

It has long been recognised that dark chocolate is good for the heart; in small doses, 50grammes a day.

But yesterday in the news they have discovered there is an ingredient in chocolate that reduces memory loss.

Bring on the chocolate!

Now, what was I saying…

Obviously, I’m not eating enough.

Now for the silly box.

Britain has said it will no longer support missions to save illegal migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. Well, that’s just lovely! Callous bastards!

Is your MAOA gene a low activity gene? This is the ‘warrior gene’ the one responsible for aggressive behaviour. A Finnish study shows that such people are 13x more likely to commit repetitive violent offences than people with a normal version of this gene.

I took mine out and stuck it on the cellphone charger just in case…

Five minutes to news time. I usually make lunch during the news, sneaking peeks around the kitchen door if anything sounds interesting.

Lost. Australia lost one of its pieces a few millenia ago, it turned up under Vanuatu in the South Pacific.


A surprise

aborigineartAustralia has art. I thought they just had kangaroos and a big rock and stuff. You never hear about Australian art. Occasionally you see some aborigine rock drawings and the like.

Australia has culture.

Hot days are over, cold front coming. It’s overcast but still warm. Heavy rain is predicted for tonight.

Cloro likes to sleep on the sofa, in the morning sun, on the printer, on PC table, on lap; but as soon as I lay down for a nap, he has to come and help daddy do the ‘snooze’.

Today is the fourth day with no sofa pee, so things are looking up.

*touch wood*

At the moment he is on my lap, testing the culinary possibilities of a keyboard. Decided there wasn’t a future there, smelly shoes are far more worthy of his attention…

Click on the image for The Guardian page

September 22nd is World Rhino Day. What is one supposed to do? Pet a rhino in your neighborhood, adopt a rhino (wouldn’t the neighbours just love that?), turn your lights off for an hour and have a romantic dinner with your rhino… The possibilities are endless.

Rhinos, such wonderful creatures, good with the kids and ideal if your neighbour parks his car on your footpath, just open the gate and tell your rhino, ‘turn the car over!’ Maybe they are like dogs and like to chase bicycles, or give the postman a horn of a dilemma. Do they play fetch? Can your kids take their rhino to school for pet’s day or ‘show and tell’?

Normally have four shoes in my shoe box, two pair. At the moment I have three shoes, dirty socks and an upside down kitty… I have no idea where the other shoe is. He’s asleep; not surprised, unconscious perhaps, the smell of my shoes would put anyone to sleep.

Must blog along, work in an hour.



uninterestingI am sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for inspiration to strike me stupid, so I can write a stupendous post.

Maybe more coffee would help.


There. Well that changed the perspective a little; now I am sitting here looking at a blank screen with a cup of coffee in my hand waiting for inspiration to strike.

This is really worthy of a Monday!

humpdayFRIDAYBut then it’s Humpday, which means the week becomes shorter.

I only have lessons today and Thursday, so my weekend starts of Friday. I shouldn’t really complain.

Relapse – my Felis piddloraptordactylosaurus had a relapse this morning; peed on the sofa, made it for 48 hours, so counting begins again.

I think the relapse was due to the fact that it is too rainy for outside pee, and the fresh dirt in dirt box was too damp. Damn cats are fussy about where they pee. It’s got to be dry and comfy like the sofa.

It was really cute last night. Bedtime and Cloro snuggled up under my chin, little Cummin’s diesel vibrating on my throat until we both fell asleep.

Bedtime is normally bedlam, I go to bed, Cloro decides it’s time to play, up on the bed, race around madly, clawing, biting, pouncing and rolling around determined to deal with that pesky tail that follows her everywhere. Suddenly she just stops in a mad dash across the top of the pillow and collapses in a deep sleep and stays there until morning.

*looking at screen again*

Oh, inspiration, why hast thou forsaken me?

Later, maybe.

My Day is Carefully Measured

I have spent half chasing tests and pills, and the other half asleep, oh and the other half chasing Cloro’s kitty poos and pees…

Does that make sense? <—— Rhetorical question, doesn’t need an answer and I don’t want to know if it does.

I not long ago woke from a nap. Dizzy lizzy came to visit.

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

My day started off diabolically… NO COFFEE! Now that is totally unreasonable to expect anybody to function with the remotest sense of decorum without coffee. However, today I managed. I didn’t manage it well, but I managed.

My first stop was the laboratory at the clinic for blood tests.

Now that seems simple enough, that is until you see the sign on the wall. ‘Documents required before tests will be done…’ ID – I don’t have ID, but they accepted my passport number, the next was the killer… CPF (Brazilian tax number) – I don’t have one, I am ‘passing through’. Response, can’t do tests without one! So, I very carefully and calmly explained to the pretty receptionist (remember this was a pre-Coffee situation), that I had managed to arrange the appointment with the specialist without a CPF, I had registered at the specialist without a CPF, they had received my money (remember that R$150 yesterday) without a CPF, I had seen and been treated by the specialist without a CPF; and now you tell me I can’t have a BLOODY BLOOD TEST without a CPF!

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

She called her supervisor, then asked me to sit and wait a moment.

I assumed she had told the supervisor that she had a hysterical velho caduco (grouchy old man) without a CPF causing um escandalo (a ruckus) in reception.

Because by now the whole reception was tuttering ‘bureaucracy’ and knew that this religiously founded clinic was denying an old man a blood test.

Eventually, she summoned me to the counter again and proceeded to book the blood test.

See, it pays to throw a tantrum, something I learned very early in life. It wasn’t a ‘rolling-on-the-floor’ type of tantrum, I managed to retain a little poise and respect, but I got the blood test… after paying another R$105.

It was against the odds

It was against the odds

Hell, it’s MY blood and I have to pay to give it! I managed to avoid another meltdown and was lead through the doors into the inner sanctum to find that the staff had been running a book, he will/he won’t get a blood test.

The nurse taking my blood was on the winning side and treated me with courtesy and respect; and none of the ‘this-won’t-hurt (me)’ bullshit.

I left a happy victim, I even thanked the pretty receptionist, after all, she had learned something ‘everything is possible, even if it flies in the face of bureaucracy.

So far, so good.

Taxi home. Need to call at a chemist’s to get prescription filled. First chemist, power’s out cant do it. Yes, we have the pills but can’t do it without power for ‘puter. Second chemist, sorry only have one lot, I can call the chemist down the road and have them delivered. The second chemist didn’t answer the phone, remember, his power is out.

The power was indeed out, on our way we saw that a fast moving concrete telephone pole had jumped out in front of a stationary bus. Both had come to a sticky end.

Third chemist, yes… yes… great, I got my pills and the taxi fare was climbing.

Home took pills.

Exhausted, need nap. Cancel classes before nap.

And here I am, rattling with all the pills.


Oh, a foot note, Cloro has started pooping and peeing in his pizza box facility…


To Fly in the Face of Convention

17963910Oh how uptight we have become as beings. We have become so prudish, so scared of ourselves in all manner of unbelievable ways.

This post was inspired by a post Liberating on Angie’s Grapevine.

Angie went outside in her unmentionables much to the horror of her daughter.

My immediate thought was “I do that!” so what? I’ve actually been outside in less, in a cowardly brief excursion to the washing line.

Convention has us so bound up that we’re too scared to poop mentally.

I certainly am not conventional, I sleep naked, no sheet in the summer, just the lovely fan. Pyjamas are a waste of material. I pee in the shower, why waste water on a flush, when you’ve got water going down the drain any way.

I’m not afraid to fly in the face of convention!

The Pope arrives today. 4pm. I wonder what TV host will have him on his show, will it be the exceedingly boring Faustão, the disorganised rabble of Esquentão, or Calderão do Huck? Or will he just be quietly dissected by our bland friend Jô Soares?

Brazil has the habit that any personality, famous, mundane or of absolutely no general interest at all gets to do the rounds of all the TV shows.

Does the Pope do TV shows? He should, it would enhance his popularity enormously. Or does he just do St Peter’s Square? He needs a front man.

My pee smells funny. I had forgotten that side effect of asparagus…

Found this; a cat with attitude.

dogsbumflowerI think that’s just wonderful. It could happen on any Monday…

Yes, here we go, it’s Monday; Pope week. Disruptions, nothing at all important on the news, lost students, days off aplenty. Today, the holiday doesn’t begin until 4pm. Then it’s back to normal for Tuesday and Wednesday, then four days off…. and the really disturbing aspect of all that is that it will be Monday again!

You can’t escape them, you know.



Beware the Royal Baby! and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

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