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The Day was Going Fine

All babies look like frogs

All babies look like frogs

I had blogged almost everywhere, I had replied to all comments, I had cleared my mail box, I had finally finshed the dishes.

The house was like an oven, the botequim still had no beer. I had Nap-fued and when I woke, the beer was being delivered; of course it was warm beer.

I took a well earned break, sitting under the trees with my neighbours enjoying beer from my freezer, and admiring their new born frog baby.

Oh, come on let’s face it, new borns look like frogs; mine did too, but I would have met a fate worse than death had I made such a pronouncement. This was the hairest frog baby I have ever seen; three days old and ready for his first trip to the barber’s.

It was about 3pm… and the frog’s father suggested BBQ.

I sat up straighter and paid more attention than I ever did in Miss Scott’s English class. “What did you say?” Was my response. Adriano looked guiltily at me, “I said BBQ.” His wife glared first at him, then at me. She thinks I am a bad influence and teaching her husband bad habits. Believe me, he needs no teaching.

Anyway, that’s when the day stopped.

The BBQ was underway, there was more beer in the freezer.

And that, dear reader, is why I didn’t post yesterday and the sink is full of dishes again.

I did get to the supermarket yesterday, so there is food in the fridge again, along with some beer.

Silly Box: The Chinese are scared of Christmas. So much so that one university banned Christmas and forced the students to watch three hours of communist propaganda films.

The French have a jobless crisis, no money, but they can find money to buy elephants. Priorities are important.

The pope condemns the persecution of minority religions. There was no mention that the Catholic church was the greatest persecutor a few centuried ago.

I read a blog last night. Some wonderful photos of some idyllic place. But the author had many photos of him in this idyllic place. Why do people have to be in their travel photos? Eleven years travelling all over South America, more than 12,000 catalogued photos, and I don’t appear in a single one. Is this some horrible form of narcism?

My passion fruit vines have had several flowerless days. None of the previous flowers produced fruit, so I am hopeful that the ones due to appear today change the course of recent history

Kim Jong-un berates Obama over the film The Interview. He doesn’t have the right to berate anybody. Many films have been made of despots, but none of them had a tantrum over it.

This is my last post of the day. It is a Saturday, my students cancelled yesterday, so I am free.

nothingI will spend the rest of the day enjoying the hot sun and cold beer.

I will do nothing,

Unless of course, someone mentions BBQ then things could change.

Later, like tomorrow…

I am at a loss

The ramifications haven’t quite sunk in yet, neither for myself or most Brazilians.

Brazil won the game yesterday over Colombia, but at a high cost.

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game – BBC

A dirty tackle, a knee in the back sent Neymar off in agony with a fractured vertebra; a foul that was left unpunished and left Neymar out of the cup.

Which prompted the question “Was this the dirtiest game so far?”

Brazil has made to the semi-finals where they play Germany.

Undoubtedly Neymar was Brazil’s key, without the key can we unlock the door to the finals.

In the last three games, Neymar was hunted, persecuted. Had he been a European player the matter would have been pursued rigorously.

The refereeing in this cup has been deplorable, not only Brazilian games, but overall. The most noticeable was Nigeria being denied a penalty, the referee just wasn’t interested.

The integrity of all FIFA matches is in doubt with the current referees.

Septic Blathermouth needs to change the game and bring in technology oriented ‘third referee’ decisions. He says it would ruin the game, but cricket has had it for decades and the game has never been ruined.

b-murphysstout440ml4PK-2Yesterday was BBQs to the right, BBQs to the left, lots of fireworks, but no cannon. I broke out some of my treasured cans of Murphy’s Irish Stout, such was the importance of the game.

I had local brew with the earlier game.

Today, I am drinking fresh guava juice… ūüôā

There’s no need to explain why.

I am late on deck today, feeling a bit demoralised and not really in the mood for blogging.

So with Brazil in the semis, I have no classes on Tuesday…

I am off to wallow in my pity.



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