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I have sex daily

Sex-Daily….ah, dyslexia.

Yes, Fcuk!

I thought this was a catchy opening, guaranteed to generate a modicum of interest.

Also because I read in comments yesterday about a ‘feacesitting’ protest. My immediate thought, was now, that’s kinky. It was explained to me that it was a protest about new porn laws, and the facesitting was a simulation of oral sex… I like oral sex; I can talk about about sex as well as the next man.

5pm, Nap-fu practice is over. It was necessary to have a Nap-fu practice after an extended lunch. At noon, I decided to use the last of the meat I bought on Tuesday. I had to, because tomorrow it would have been past recognition, excpet the smell.


A foot of black pudding

So, a BBQ was necessay. The third in as many days. Oh life is wonderful; seasoned with a touch of debauchery. Rump steak, pork belly crispy, liver and herbs and a foot of black pudding. This was all washed down with copious quantities of beer. By 4pm I was ready for a cold shower and becoming horiszontal.

It is so that I find myself in front of the keybaord regaling you with today’s menu.

No classes today. One student has had his bolsa (grant) cut by his employer. Now that sounds painful, when you consider that bolsa also means sack or bag. I wouldn’t like my bolsa cut… I still use it, sometimes.

Anyway, having had his bolsa cut, has caused some problems with his fellow student who can’t afford the lessons alone. Being an English teacher, life isn’t always simple.

My cellphone hasn’t beeped, which I find is a good sign, But it does mean that the sword of Damocles still dangles by a single hair. The fact that it hasn’t beeped, means I can rest easy for tomorrow, and the weekend. ABout this I am not complaining.

Tomorrow sushi is planned. My plan is to make it at the botequim as a sort of a demo. My skills have been honed sufficiently that I feel confident about doing it in public. I just have to buy the salmon.

The question was asked in the news, “Do Australians still want Tony Idiot for Prime Minister?” The answer is a resounding “NO!” He is considered the worst incompetent in 20 years.

I got an email from WordPress about using Tabs to organise posts… Then I saw the word PlugIn…. deleted. WordPress are only interested in those who PAY for their site. Us poor plebs at the foot of the ladder aren’t even worth considering. Makes me feel like a bludger!

CIA boss defends post 9/11 tactics… There is NO defence! Prosecutions are in order. But like the Wall Street bankers and Too Big to Fails, wiill it happen?

Greenpeace has apologised to Peru over the Nazca Lines stunt.

That about does it for today.

Going to check the beer…


Something Wonky

Not sage advice... just sage

Not sage advice… just sage

Yes, there is something wonky. Gravatars are not showing up today, not on my blogs or any others. Annoying.

Another day off, another ‘do nothing’ day. Cloudy and windy with the prospect of rain. There is also the prospect of another BBQ; plenty left over from yesterday.

My sage plant is growing fast, it’s actually twice the height as in the photo.

On reflection, there is nothing actually to write about. Not even a Silly Box today.

America’s shame. It does look like the report on the CIA has stirred up a can of worms. There are calls from many quarters demanding prosecutions. Could be a shake up like America has never seen before. Meanwhile Obama is saying “let’s move on,” as though to sweep the dirt under the proverbial carpet.

BP has lost its latest appeal over Gulf costs. Go on, pay up you capitalist bastards, pay until it hurts!

Greenpeace activits have been naughty. The Peruvian government is not at all happy with their lates protest and are threatening to sue the organisation.

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines - Image BBC

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines – Image BBC

Source: BBCNews

Must trot along and see if the beer is cold.


I went to bed with May

And we weren't playing yoyos

And we weren’t playing yoyos

…and I woke up with June.

It’s not often I wake up with a different woman than I went to bed with. I’m not saying ‘never’ because it has happened… um, twice.

Ah, the folly of youth.

I found an old photo. One taken the last time I lived in Cuzco, Peru.

An odd set of circumstances.

I met a guy in Norton Rat’s Tavern, a bar on the main plaza owned by an oboe-playing American ex-biker, who unearthed my interest in shooting and invited me to participate in the local smallbore (.22) club.

I did. I met him on the appropriate street corner, and we went to the outdoor rifle range in the middle of the city. The range was rudimentary at best, but I took my turn.

As soon as the targets were examined I was invited to represent Peru in a fullbore (7.62) event that weekend against Bolivian and Chilean clubs.

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

The rifles belonged in a museum, some were so dilapidated that the woodwork was tapped together with insulation tape (you can see it between the front and mid bands. The first detail, my rifle bolt was so full of oil that with each shot my forehead was sprayed with hot oil; quite unnerving.

When I proceeded to dismantle the bolt to remove the excess oil, the RSO (Range Safety Officer) was aghast, “You can’t do that!” When he realised that I knew more about the rifle than he did, he shut up and let me alone, watching with interest.

The following details were much more comfortable.

We won the day.

That was the last time I shot, 2001 just before I returned to Brazil.

Clorinha had a sore eye yesterday after we had been playing in the praça; her left eye was all but closed. I noticed this at bedtime; she was particularly in need of cuddles. I fell asleep with her purring under my chin, as I dreamed of how I was going to get her to the vet. This morning, all gone, eye open.

Yesterday I assembled the table parts that I found. It’s bigger than I expected. Now, I have the problem, of where to put it. I also have to get/make a centre; before considering that problem. It is one of those tables with a glass centre, replacing it with suitable glass could be a very expensive exercise. So I am considering a wooden centre covered with white vinyl to contrast the dark wood.

China has called the American and Japanese dialogue about China’s claims to the sea between China, Philippines and Vietnam at an Asian conference ‘unacceptable’.

It doesn’t consider that the rest of the world considers its maritime claims equally unacceptable; myopic bastards.

FIFA is in the deep poo again. Turns out that the vote for Qatar as the evenue for 2022 was marred by £3m worth of corrupt payments to support the Qatari cause. There are now calls for a re-vote.

Lunch today, I have a large inch-thick beef chop, it will be cubed and curried and eaten with boiled minted potatoes and battered cauliflower florets; oh, nom noms.

My debauchery knows no ends.




To Sir With Love

Yes, I had my 'To Sir with Love' moment

Yes, I had my ‘To Sir with Love’ moment

I am irked by a news item this morning. Calling teachers Sir and Miss ‘depressing and sexist’ on BBC News.

What a load of bullshit!

Admittedly, Sir and Miss are not equivalents, but would you rather have your students calling you ‘Madam’? The correct equivalent of Miss is Master, which is no longer used, it died a natural death about 50 years ago.

In NZ schools, we referred to our teachers as Mr X, Mrs X or Miss X. So the Sir/Miss issue seems to be more English.

Giving your teacher a title is a sign of respect, there is nothing depressing or sexist about it.

When I taught in a Peruvian Catholic college in Cuzco, I had a title, one that I was duly proud of.

Teacher in Spanish is Profesor, with the stress on the last syllable, so you got profeSOR. But I was never called Profesor, I was called Proffy. Profesor was used respectfully for most teachers, particularly the nuns, whereas Proffy was used for liked teachers. Yes, even Grade 3B (the worst behaved class in the school) called me Proffy.


Grade 3B parading ready for sports day

When I left the school, due to a change in policy which ousted non-accredited teachers, these ‘bad’ girls lined the path to the school gates as a guard of honour and cried as I left that last day.

I don’t care if they called me Proffy, Sir or even Miss, I was proud of those girls; none of the other teachers in the college could say that, they were ‘bad!’ I still get teary-eyed when I remember this.

‘degrading and sexist’ what a load of bullshit! Another example of PC (political correctness) gone mad. Things like this get right up my nose!

Now back to today.

I have to pay the rent today. I will probably time it so that I have lunch in town.

Remember my problem yesterday (well, most days actually) with the dishes? I did them, all. And this morning the kitchen sink looks as though I had never been near it. Dishes are the bane of mankind.

All that pondering yesterday, I ended up with crumbed sole fillets pan fried. They were a delicious!

I belong here, I'm an English text book

I belong here, I’m an English text book

Last night Clorinha wasn’t well. I went to bed early and nature called equally early, 1am. Clorinha had been a little sick on the kitchen floor, I cleaned it up. Then, I discovered the main act on the carpet in the living room, I cleaned that up. She was definitely out of sorts, because she accepted hugs and pets without biting, she even purred. Finally sleeping on my our her bed because it had the warm.

I stayed up and posted on some blogs. Later she mewed plaintively from the living room, I got her to the dirt box in time for another little chuck chunder. After that she was asleep on the bed again. 3:30am I finally went back to bed, and she was so lovey dovey and finally bit me… she was coming right.

My little girl becomes a football (soccer) star:

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

Taken in the carport yesterday morning.

While talking about football, only 30 days left to the opening game of the World Cup.

And they discover…


I should blog along.


A Vague Feeling

I decided coffee first...

I decided coffee first…

Yes, I woke this morning… several times actually, but when I finally woke, I had a vague feeling it was Friday. I couldn’t be certain, but it was just a niggling feeling. Quite annoying actually. I didn’t really know what to do first; put my pants on, make coffee, read my emails or pee. Ah, priorities…

I was told once that you determine old age when a fellow stands in front of the urinal, unbuttons his shirt and pees…

Personally, I believe it is when you forget how to ride the bike…

today-is-international-beer-day-284x284This morning I discovered it was International Beer Day. Then I saw the date on the post, 2nd August… I missed it.

Then it occurred to me, why do we need a day to celebrate something we do every day?

We do have some ridiculous celebrations.

I see the world is a better place… Westboro Church founder has gone to his reward, I just hope it’s full of little gay devils.

IEdownloadsI got invited by Yahoo to upgrade to IE11. How ridiculous! If Yahoo was so bloody smart it would know that I am using FireFox, and therefore couldn’t give a constipated about IE which is a load of crap.

I can’t believe people actually use this crap. But then I used it to downlaod FireFox… LOL

I have begun sorting out and filing photos that I took years ago, then lost them on a bad hard drive, then recovered.

One of them bought back fond memories of food and girls.


This quaint cabaña is one of many by the Rio Piray near Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. I used to frequent these cabañas on the weekend, they served cold beer and local food. An added attraction was that I had two girlfriends (not at the same time) who lived there.

This is not the photo that inspired me but another, you’ll have to visit Things that Fizz & Stuff for the rest of the story.

Another photo that I discovered was taken in Cabanaconde in the Colca Canyon Valley, Peru. I took it on a frosty early morning stroll.


Just a calf looking over the fence at me.

Now it’s time for a nap.


My Junk


There, some of my junk. Not that TSA would be interested in my junk, unless they were having an office party…

I am not planning anything today, I expect to be successful. We are into our third week of 40°+C temps, it’s so hot that I forgot to water my plants a couple of days ago and nearly killed some of them, but they recovered. The bushes that line the park in front of the house are all wilting sadly, we badly need rain.

I read a travel blog the other day. It was extolling the virtues of visiting Machu Picchu in Peru and it referred to the “Inca citadel high in the mountains”. It’s not a travel blog that I would have much faith in, because Machu Picchu is in the jungle, mountainous, but jungle. This is actually and illusion that many people have.

I took this photo in 1997

I took this photo in 1997

Yes, it looks like it’s in the mountains. But the altitude is a mere 1,700 metres above sea level.

The staring point for a Machu Picchu trip is Cusco at 3,600m asl, which is indeed high in the Andean mountains, but many don’t realise that when you travel by train to Aguas Calientes, the town below MP, you are going downhill.

maria moleMy shopping yesterday was a success, I now have food. I bought a few extras too, bottle of wine, some Camembert and Brie cheese and I bought some Maria Mole (marshmellow covered with grated coconut).

The pack that I bought, had three white and one pink. Last night I munched two of the white ones, yummy. I don’t often buy such treats, just when I have a hankering. Now, I have a problem; I have one white and one pink… which one do I save until last? Oh, life is so beset with problems!

I have pizza for lunch. Yes, I cheated, I bought a ready made one, but I will gussy it up extra cheese and some bacon. The theme of the day is simplicity.

It’s 11am, I must take a break and put my pants on.

Blogging right along until beer o’clock.





After expressing my concerns relating to bowel motions in yesterday’s post, one comment suggested prunes, that well known secret weapon used in hospitals around the world.

Prunes = Weapons of Mass Defecation

The good news is, that I didn’t need to resort to them. All is well and functioning normally.

The cold front arrived last night, rained for an hour at 12:30am, not hard but enough to make the night comfortable.

I can’t help but take issue with the dramatic swings in the global weather. Although typhoons in Asia are normal, that Philippines one was the worst ever recorded. I read yesterday, that the damage was exacerbated by the fact that coastal mangrove swamps that normally offer protection from typhoons had been cut down for firewood, leaving the populace defenceless.

Everything man does, has a backlash. We never learn. Those mangrove swamps were there for a purpose, a purpose designed by Mother Nature.

As the death toll rises above 5,ooo, and I feel sorry for those who died and others left homeless, it is the price paid for previous actions. Had the coastal mangrove swamps been left intact, the death toll and homeless may have been less.

I clicked on a tweeted  image this morning. It was of The Cathedral formation on the Paracas Peninsula in Peru, 260kms south of Lima. This beautiful coastal rock formation was probably the most photographed by tourists, apart from Machu Picchu scenes.

Standing on the high cliffs looking down was an awesome experience.

The Cathedral – image: Wild About Travel

Before seeing this tourists descend to the ‘back door’ and go inside the formation.


Along the beach to the ‘back door’ – image: AV

And are treated to the magnificence of the interior…

Inside The Cathedral - image: AV

Inside The Cathedral – image: AV

Here is an excerpt from a story that I wrote about Peruvian tourism:

We reached the far end of the second beach and the cliff opened, waves could be seen on yet a third beach.


Shoes and socks removed, trousers rolled up and we timed our entrance to match the tidal fluctuations, before stepping into the dark. Wrong… most of us still got wet, nature can be so unpredictable, we were wet to the crotch, women squealed and the men cursed as we stepped into the cave, it opened out to a huge natural cavern. Inside a small shingle beach covered in flotsam, waves crashing, their thunder magnified by the cavernous maw to echo in our ears.


This was “The Cathedral,” quite spectacular.


From the high entrance we were treated to the sunny view of the third beach and towering cliffs. The breakers pounding over a rocky shelf at the entrance to send up temendous fountains a of spray and massive clouds of mist hung in the air.


The swell of the tide gave us an insight into the immense power, that she is able to move such great quantities of water. The bloated carcase of a sealion rose and fell with her undulations like a great lifeless ballon. Bouncing off the rocks, being dragged away by the ebb only to be thrust again at nature’s whim cruelly against the rocks.


I was left wandering what would become of this hapless creature, this vision of nature’s uglier side as I picture, somewhat morbidly, the putrefying remains of the animal and the stench that would be offered to future tourists inside our cavern.


I shuddered at the thought and found myself at the entrance and followed the rest of the group into the bright, almost blinding sunlight after the dimness of the cavern. I left the morbid thoughts in the cathedral, trudged back along the beach, over the promontory, up the steep track to the cliff top, into the van and along the bumpy road.

So there you have it, the thoughts of a tourist guide.

I visited The Cathedral many times with tourists, so it is with a fondness that I remember it; until this morning.

I didn’t know, but the earthquake in the region destroyed towns like Chincha, Pisco and Playa El Chaco in 2007, it also destroyed The Cathedral.

Destroyed, the awesome cavern, gone - image: flickr

Destroyed, the awesome cavern, gone – image: flickr

No more will tourists be able to gaze in awe inside The Cathedral.

My fondness for this region comes not only from my work, but later I lived in Playa El Chaco and worked in Pisco.

Sadness determines that I say, Later.

The Best of Intentions

beermat…were overtaken by beer o’clock  yesterday, then I decided it was time for pizza, by the time I got home all I wanted was alka-seltzer. Blogging wouldn’t cut it.

I was just returning from the bathroom and tried to turn off the kitchen light… at 9:30am, then I realised I was trying to switch off the sun…

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Rio, wish you were here, bring beer.

I read a blog post yesterday by a young teen author bemoaning the fact that adult books (NO! Not Penthouse!) didn’t have pictures. Adult books don’t need pictures, they have words. The authors of adult books know how to use words to make pictures. Judging by the standard of English on the net, adult books will soon need pictures… *sigh* Young people just don’t get it.

I took a neat photo of a spider on Sunday, it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but I’ll share it with you.

Colourful 'bicho' in the park

Colourful ‘bicho‘ in the park

He’s (or she) the black and yellow out-of-focus thingy just right of centre clinging to his little web in the bush.

For photos like that, I yearn to have my faithful old Nikon M, put the 35-70 zoom on and take a guaranteed serious photo. My old truck Nikon was stolen in a careless moment on a bus trip in Peru. The fateful trip had a stop in Chincha, after which the town was destroyed by an earthquake, the same one that got Pisco, where I was heading.

So far the day has been fabulous, I’ve even been moved to do half the dishes, I wonder if I’ll be moved again?

I started blogging at 4am, went back to bed at 6 and up again about 8, so the day has been productive, I have only one more blog to post on. I began this morning with my fridge habits, now doesn’t that sound exciting?

betterdaysToday is hump day, over the hump and it’s downhill all the way to Friday.

Then of course it’s the weekend.

So far I have planned a leisurely lunch at Brazeiro with a fellowess teacher. It’s a ‘beef week’ for me, next week is beefless. So I’m making hay while the sunshines.

Saturday, I have planned nothing, and fully expect to achieve that.

Should I need help, I’ll let you know.

Need more whistles

Need more whistles

I have been thinking about these whistleblowers. You know, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, the American government has labelled them as traitors, but traitors betray the country, not the government, and I don’t see how these guys have betrayed the country, they should be lauded as heroes for showing the people of America what their government is doing so secretly, and so often against the wishes of the people, not to mention against the people.

Everything I read tells me that America could do with more whistles.

Manning and Snowden should be put on pedestals, not in the dock. They should be awarded the “People’s” Medal of Honor, because Congress certainly won’t give them theirs.

CBF (Brazilian Football Body)and FIFA are getting the stick over the World Cup in 2014. Football (soccer) is a game for everybody, not just the elites. There are millions of Brazilians who love football and want to attend World Cup matches, but can’t afford it.  There are also additional charges that corruption is rife in the CBF.

This should be a ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ time for Brazil, but the HHJJ has been taken out of the equation.

I see Argentina is wielding a big stick to combat football violence. They have banned away fans from attending games. Pity the rest of the world didn’t take similar steps; something positive. Brazil needs to do this, I believe it has the worst figures for deaths as a result of football violence in the world.

Once again, I leave you with a world that is not the happy place it should be.


Sunday Travel Tales

Time for the truth.

BookCovModRedStrawberry Jam, Bread Rolls and Pisco Sours was a story written by me for an English language grammar book.

It was a project that I began in 2003, but lost the file through a crook HD. I duly recovered the file and almost finished the job, when a second HD crash caused its loss again.

I recovered it for a second time, but sadly it was an uncorrected version and while I have been posting chapters for your edification and entertainment, I have also been using the exercise to correct the grammar errors, sort of proof reading.

While the story has been written in the first person with me as a tourist and all the adventures related did happen, but they were not all the product of one trip.

You see, I was a tourist guide, and I did the trip many times with tourists from all over the world. I just added all the juicy bits into one story about one trip. I left out the grammar for you, it’s heavy grammar, and I didn’t want to check your homework.

The last chapter is rather mundane, about the flight to Lima from Puerto Maldonado and the end of the trip. Yes, our arrival at the same hotel we departed from, we were met with the customary pisco sours.

At the end of each 21-day trip, I got seven days off before the next one. I would usually spend my time and go down to Pisco or Nazca and relax by the beach or the pool for five days drinking beer, not wanting to see another pisco sour.

Now, I must go back through my posts, because I am not so sure that I included the first two chapters; if I didn’t then I will post them over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday Travel Tales

Strawberry Jam, Bread Rolls and Pisco Sours

Chapter 14 – The Jungle

A short flight over the jungle and we were in Puerto Maldonado. As we got off the plane, the jungle humidity hit us at once, we began to sweat before reaching the bottom step from the plane. Across the tarmac and into an equally humid terminal. First we entered the queue for vaccination against yellow fever, if you had a certificate (luckily I did) you didn’t need one, then we met our guide for the next part of the trip.

The Tambopata River - image: AV

The Tambopata River – image: AV

First it was to their agency to leave our baggage, for we only needed enough for two nights, and it was senseless to cart all our baggage into the jungle unnecessarily. So it was with a much lightened cargo we were off to the riverfront and after negotiating a narrow wooden plank that was balanced precariously from the muddy riverbank to the boat, we were safely aboard a long motorboat for the four and a half hour trip up river.

We travelled on the Tambopata River, the trip seemed endless. In places the river was wide, in others narrow, sand banks and floating logs were ever present and our driver skillfully steered us between them and kept us from harm.

Lots of cayman on the riverbanks - image: AV

Lots of cayman on the riverbanks – image: AV

Produce headed for town - image: AV

Produce headed for town – image: AV

All along the river we passed small riverside communities, mothers washing clothes in the muddy waters, children playing and diving beside her. Small boats laden with produce heading for town and the markets. And so the scenes continued to repeat themselves until we arrived at the Ranger Station and all sign into the Tambopata Nature Reserve. From here it was only a matter of another quarter hour and we would be at the lodge.


First view of the Lodge - image: AV

First view of the Lodge – image: AV

From the river we trekked twenty minutes to the lodge and were ushered into the bar for our welcome.

Our first surprise was a small ocelot kitten watching us warily from the rafters. Its big round eyes observing every move. It’s mother had been killed by poachers for her valuable skin and the kitten abandoned to be rescued as a malnutritioned orphan by the lodge guides.



The ocelot kitten, as big as a house cat in the rafters watching the proceedings - image: AV

The ocelot kitten, as big as a house cat in the rafters watching the proceedings – image: AV

Our chalets - image: AV

Our chalets – image: AV

Rooms allotted, we went to our chalets to freshen up before lunch. A very welcome cold shower and change of clothes from those we had travelled in. Then, what else was to do, back to the bar. And guess what? We didn’t get a complimentary pisco sour.

Lunch was quite an elaborate affair, considering that we were in the jungle, but these people were quite obviously used to having tourists with healthy appetites around and they catered to them very well. We left the dining lodge well stuffed.

One of the lizards I spotted in the afternoon - image: AV

One of the lizards I spotted in the afternoon – image: AV

We had the afternoon free, there were several marked walking tracks that led from the lodge by a circular route and back. We had time to manage any two of them, so that’s what I did, I managed two of them. It was quite enchanting to walk alone in the jungle, albeit on a formed track. Animal and bird life abounded, monkeys watching discreetly from the trees, vultures flying over head, macaws and various parrots made their ways across the clearings screeching like wounded banshees, giant iguanas scuttled across the trail in fright, more afraid of me than I was of them. So the lone treks were well worth the effort. Tomorrow we would be taken further afield on a longer trek by a naturalist guide. My arrival back at the lodge was nicely timed as several of my companions who had been exploring other trails also arrived. We agreed that after a shower and another freshen up, the bar was the next attraction before dinner.

Once again, we were well fed. Those who wanted were taken on a night trek, to see more of the local inhabitants. It seemed a long way to come and just sit in a bar, even if we were accompanied by a friendly ocelot kitten who walked along the bar accepting friendly hands. So I went along. We didn’t see that much, but the experience of being in the jungle in the dark with only a torch between you and total blindness was unique.

Trantulas - image: www.gfkovach.net

Trantulas – image: www.gfkovach.net

The next morning we were again led on a trek after breakfast. We were introduced to tarantula spiders, great hairy beasts that scared the willies out of the girls and the bravest of us held in our hands having been assured by the guide that they were harmless. They certainly didn’t look harmless, but nevertheless I swallowed my apprehension and briefly played host to a gladly inert hairball for several breathtaking moments, thus proving my manhood, or my stupidity, I haven’t decided yet which.

During the walk we saw parrots, parakeets and macaws by the dozen. The guide named them all, but the names were lost in their sheer numbers. I had long decided there were red and blue ones, green ones and green ones with red heads. Toucans and vultures were present and we saw herons and egrets. There were lizards, which were an acceptable size and iguanas that left doubts.

After our hair-raising experiences with the tarantulas, we were back at the lodge in time for lunch. After lunch, the guides showed us some of the more local inhabitants, the animals that could be found around the complex. Giant inch and a bit long ants that could inflict nasty bites, small snakes, lizards that had a green front end and a brown back end and bobbed their heads up and own as though they were agreeing with you, along with other curiosities like furry caterpillars, and equally coloured butterflies were among the offerings. Also we were treated to a small talk on the local ecology and the animals that we didn’t see.

After which, it was beer o’clock again, so we went to the bar to pay homage to the hour. Dinner time came and went and it was back to the bar, but we had a three o’clock departure to get the morning flight back to Cusco, so the bar session was brief

Back at the airport, pax off, pax on and away

Back at the airport, pax off, pax on and away

We left in the dark, down river, the trip was a little faster. We had one scary moment when the driver had to swerve violently to avoid a submerged log that could have sent us swimming. After dawn we saw the same communities, people fishing and travelling on the river that we had seen on the outward journey.

We had time for a second breakfast in Puerto Maldonado, collected our left luggage from the agency and taken to the airport. Our flight landed and we duly checked in and boarded.

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