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Global Warming

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks as though an Arctic ice sheet has melted in it, water everyf**kinwhere!

While ice flows fall off the glacier at the back of the fridge.

Yes, I had the stupid idea this morning to defrost the fridge while it had next to no food (common situation) and I needed to defrost the meat in the freezer for the BBQ. BBQ was going to be tomorrow, but logistics demanded a change to Monday, my ex had a better party to go to tomorrow.

Such is life. She also made a point of “Don’t forget my present!” I said, “You’ve got it, she’s seven this year, “ …looong silence. Maybe that wasn’t the best response… You know sometimes women just don’t have a sense of humour; but I finally figured out how a woman’s mind works. If you want to know the secret check Satireday on Tomus. I made the art work this morning.

Five days to go, then it’s only 364 days till next Christmas.

I spent a good part of yesterday making new Philosoraptor Memes, Like this one.


Philosoraptor is featured every Phriday on my They say it’s in the Genes blog.

This post is being constantly interrupted by the necessity to squeegee out the kitchen to avoid flooding the living room as well.

dead-poets-society-quotes-14Had a late night last night. I watched a movie, one of my favourites; Dead Poets Society.

I had downloaded it sometime ago in a version with Portuguese subtitles to play for my students.

Finally got to bed about 2am.

Cloro has just come in and wants to know why his food bowl (polystyrene) has floated across the kitchen.

It won’t be long now, another hour should see the end of the ice and I can turn the fridge on again and the house can return to normal.

Then it’s off to the supermarket for some therapy and a bottle of Drambuie (that’s my Christmas present: “To me, from me, with love!”).

I finally discovered coffee home delivery…



Disaster Area

It’s Thursday, the week has gone, not only that Thursday is rapidly drawing to a close too.

Now I am trying to figure out what happened.

The last thing I remember was looking at the kitchen with a sink full of dishes and then promising to write another post here for Sunday Travel tales…

Neither got done.

Then, it was now!

I have just woken from my after-lunch-nap, disorientated, confused and my eyes are bleary.

I have coffee which is a consolation.

I have begun a new series on They Say it’s in the GenesPhilosoraptor Friday, it will feature the strange musings of a Philosoraptor.

Yes, crazy stuff like that.

So you are welcome to come and visit me there, if you don’t already.

Work is not good. My students have deserted me, for legitimate reasons, but legitimate reasons don’t fill my bank account.

US – We have an army… Brazil – We have a Hulk (20)

I have really had plenty of time to write a post here, and I have had good intentions of doing so, but they just didn’t evenuate. Like yesterday, I wrote a post on Eco-Crap with a secondary subject, that created a series of long comments, that I responded to with equally long replies, then because Brazil was playing the USA in a ‘friendly’ before the upcoming World Cup, TV programmes were all at different times, then there was the match itself. Brazil 4 US 1

Yes, the Brazilian team has a player nicknamed Hulk.

Now, I must away. Beer o’clock.

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