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Should kittens be allowed cellphones

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

At the moment, the post title is blank. I had a title, in fact I had two possibilities, but a blanket of forget has descended.

I mentioned a couple of posts back, about the possibility of Clorinha wanting her own cellphone. We had a good talk about this, there was a lot of mewing and decided that she would only want to play Angry Birds or have that Flappy Bird app, so therefore a cellphone wasn’t really a necessity, but still she insisted. So I played my trump card, “look to use a cellphone you need opposing thumbs.” Evolution, please don’t hurry in this respect, kittens do not need opposing thumbs.

Okay, the post has a title now. The mental fog has lifted, at least partially. I still can’t think of the other option I was toying with.

The kitty toys strewn about the house have developed into flora and fauna. There are now two dead leaves and some pigeon feathers. The house next door has an open loft/floor and it harbours sodding pigeons, whose feathers tend to float down into my carport.

Wasabi, most people know it as hot green stuff

Wasabi, most people know it as bloody hot green stuff

I went out for sushi last night. Rash, I know, but wonderful. I haven’t had real sushi for more than two months. I am on good terms with the manager there, and I used this to advantage. The last few times I have had to asked for wasabi (that hot green horse radish paste) and gari (that’s the sliced pickled ginger). He explained that many people don’t use them, so they made it available on request.

I asked him if he knew why gari is served with sushi. He had no idea; the manager of an upmarket and, I might add, quite expensive Japanese style restaurant had no idea.

Gari made from young ginger root

Gari made from young ginger root

Do you?

Gari, the ginger, is used to refresh the mouth when changing food or fish types, so that you get the benefit of the new flavours.

It also has other functions; its antiseptic properties help guard against bad fish and can help ease your stomach from the nausea of over stuffing yourself.

Gari is usually made from young ginger, you can tell if it is pinkish. A tan/yellowy colour indicates older root. Many commercial products are older root artificially coloured pink. You don’t need that stuff, just grate ginger root and pickle with sugar and vinegar, easy.

There, that’s your cooking lesson for the day.

I see we have two new saints. The pope canonised to past popes. Honestly, do we need more saints? Too much of a good thing makes it very ordinary.

The sun has just gone out and I have wet washing on the line. Rain was forecast for today and tomorrow, looks like the weather forecasters have finally got their shit together.

Clorinha has found her father’s favourite place. The old drawer on top of the old fridge in the carport, she’s out there now asleep.

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

She’s a TV cat. None of my other cats have shown any interest in the TV, but Clorinha sits on the arm of the sofa and follows every move on the screen especially during a football (soccer) match with the players moving fast.

A final feline note. She met her first rat yesterday while we were at the botequim. She was exploring the long grass beside the smelly canal, and I saw her jump backward with all four paws off the ground. On inspection, it was a dirty brown rat bigger her. She looked up at me with a dazed “WTF was that?” expression.

Sun’s come out again…

Must be beer o’clock.



We don't normally frame them and hang them on the wall

We don’t normally frame them and hang them on the wall in the lounge

We all have them, you know…

…apart from the ones we are currently using for corporeal support.

They are the ones normally kept in the wardrobe (closet, if you are of the American persuasion).

Society is just full of family skeletons in wardrobes.

We don’t normally frame them and hang them on the wall in the lounge for all and sundry to see.

The shame is too great.

The skeletons often have a pet name, a euphemism; the Black Sheep of the family.

I have pieced back over the years and made a substantial family tree going back in principle to the mid-1500s.

England's stamp commemorating the Domesday book

England’s stamp commemorating the Domesday book

I discovered sea captains, landowners, publicans, connections to important personages and I managed to find a reference to my recently departed mother’s surname in the Domesday Book (England’s first census after the Norman invasion) dated 1086.

Of course I found some  some Black Sheep.

Having considered myself to be the Black Sheep of our generation, my younger brother was always the ‘favourite’ son in my father’s eyes, although I inherited more of my father’s attributes than he, whereas he inherited my father’s heart problems, I have not. I got my father’s gangly toenail, my love for Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, my father’s laugh and his love for the garden and cricket.

My father was a man who never drank, smoked, swore nor lied, but he did have a terrible temper; certainly not skeleton material. My mother, likewise, was a saint; she had to be to put up with my father’s temper, certainly no skeleton material there. Although, a confession from my mother (I was her confidente, for things she dare not mention to my father), I knew that she had been married before my father and that her first husband was killed in an accident. Okay, that’s not too wicked.



But, I found out after the funeral that my mother did have a skeleton hidden away in the proverbial wardrobe.

Maybe that’s why I was closer to my mother than the others, we were both Black Sheep. It turns out that my mother was an unmarried mother at the age of eighteen; in the 1940s a child out of wedlock was a horrendous fate to befall a girl, oh the shame, the blight on the family name. I have a half-sister 10 years older than me squirreled away in my mother’s wardrobe. She had a daughter and subsequently married a school friend to hide the shame, although the daughter was put up for adoption, the man died and along came my father after WW II,

The skeleton was revealed to my younger brother, and I had to confess being privy to an inkling of it many years earlier; another black spot on my sheepish hide.

So at the age of 60+ I find that my mother was a pretty normal teenager, a fact that I find some comfort in.

So we all, perhaps unknowingly, have (exo)skeletons…

My Tonto-pills seem to be working, I went to work last night. I was a little unsteady on the pins at one point, but managed two lessons with the required decorum, and then decided to go off to a BBQ restaurant for dinner; surprising all the staff when I ordered a jug of orange juice instead of my beer or wine.

Appears as though I will survive; given enough coffee.

Right now I m going to scare the crap out of some pigeons making a racket on the tin roof on my carport.

Blogging right along.



Civet Shit Coffee

Civet Shit Coffee

Not only the prerogative of Obama.

My socks get holes, I change them.

My underpants lose their elastic, I change them.

My coffee gets too damned expensive, I change it.

I am not talking about fancy civet shit coffee, that costs oodles; I am talking about a good Brazilian coffee.



I have always preferred Pilão, but over the last four years that has slowly increased in price and arrived at R$8/500gms (US$4/1lb+ or -). That may not be expensive from your perspective, but it is here. One supermarket has it at R$10. I have taken to lesser brands, Caanan and Bom Dia, but now they too have reached the nearly R$8 mark. I wait in hope for specials on all these brands, in the meantime, I am trying Sul de Minas, which is R$6 at the normal price.

It was recommended to me, but after two days, I find it is weaker than the others; requireing 6 heaped spoons as opposed to 5, which in turn means instead of 8 servings from a packet, I get 6.8… So is it cheaper?

Life is so fraught with problems.


21 years old with 4 years big time football already

Brazil has lost an up and coming footballer to the professionalism of European soccer. Neymar has been signed up with Barcelona.

Last team Santos whose performance will suffer without him.

So Santos is Neymarless.

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Rained most of the day, Lixo arrives to eat, sleep, then off he goes meowing for his latest flame.

Between rains, I wandered to the gate to see what was happening in the world. I watched a pigeon having an opportune drink from a puddle in the street.

It struck me how similar pigeons are to humans.

Here was this girl having a quiet drink at the pigeon bar while a healthy young male was determined to have his wicked way with her.

Isn’t that just like a human; pestering a girl alone at the bar.


While I was searching for a pigeon piccy, I found the nicest pigeon photo I have ever seen.



I am not a pigeon fancier, but I took a fancy to that photo, impressive.

That’s it, making like the pigeons and flocking off…


Not so miffed today

spider-2005-12-13…and I stopped playing with myself.

But I am still bored. Spider patience gets boring sometimes. It’s the only game that I play on the PC when I want a rest. I have never played any of these new fangled games.

I managed finally to post on Things that Fizz and Stuff, the scheduled post (scheduled before the problem) appeared okay, I had forgotten it in my miffedness and only discovered it when I made a test post that worked.

Still cool, which makes it pleasant, it tries to rain but can’t quite make it. I went for a walk to the supermarket and did some shopping. That’s pretty good for me, about 3kms on my walkingstick; although it is cool, I still raised a sweat.

Christmas Silly Season is officially over. I ate the last piece of panetone as dessert after lunch.

So that’s it until next December. Also, I was rather disappointed that the supermarket had run out of black sludge, my wallet was happy, but I was sad. Actually, I had resolved that I wouldn’t indulge today, because it is expensive.

In 10 minutes I have to think about work. It’s Friday afternoon, and I’d rather not think about it, but it is a necessary evil. Another 20 minute walk, it’s just tried to rain again, so I am hoping that it will hold off until I am at work.

Keep a look out

TV is full of advertising for a new season (three months) of Big Brother Brazil. Those bloody stupid little robots really piss me off, as does the whole programme.

Talk about pathetic.

I mean Brazilian public TV is already pathetic, this programme reduces it to the banal and beyond.

Still, it means early nights.

So, I’ll make like the pigeons, and flock off!

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