apilaointensoI am having an intense Monday.

I used to drink Pilão coffee all the time, but once it got above R$6 for a half kilo (that’s about a pound for our non-metric cousins) I stopped and opted for acceptable brands that were below my R$6 threshold. Pilão is hitting over R$8 now, and I refused to pay.

I bought a sack of Intenso (I am not going to translate that, if you can’t figure it out then maybe you shouldn’t be left alone with a computer) when it was on special, and trying to economise, I only bought one some weeks ago and just opened it this morning.

Oh, it is so yummy!

I should have bought more.

Already looking forward to Friday

Already looking forward to Friday

Monday, my only student has cancelled. Tomorrow is St George’s Day here in Rio. St George is the state’s patron. Nobody wants to interrupt the weekend with a day’s honest labour when there is a holiday on Tuesday. So, let’s take Monday off too… This is a very Brazilian thing. I’m trying to arrange a substitute student, but I doubt he will ring and confirm.

We’re still having a cool spell. Cold fronts from Argentina are responsible, they keep sending them north. Buenos Aires doesn’t like them either, the last one dumped a shit load of rain on the city causing a lot of flooding and damage.

This week is a ‘beef week’. I managed a successful beefless week last week. Had a great feed of batter fried mussels on Saturday; Homemade chicken burger on Friday, Bacon and mushroom pizza on Wednesday and left over pizza on Thursday. Yesterday I had the last of the sliced pork and gravy, roast potatoes and pickled beetroot for a late lunch.

Today, I’m planning a real hamburger for supper and I’ll probably get a big sub-sandwich for lunch from the supermarket for lunch; that is if I can tear myself away from the PC long enough to get to the supermarket. Which sometimes doesn’t happen. I like an element of flexibility in my plans, it goes well with my habit of procrastination.