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Getting a Head Start Today

Not wanting to take the risk of a pathetic apology at 11pm, I have taken the chance, through a lull in inspiration, to make a morning post.

No BBQ today, meat’s all gone, but there remains much beer at the botequim, which could well be an option later.

pills1Eating my meat yesterday, I happened to chew on the tooth that was seen to last week, and it has given me gripe ever since. A paracetamol twice during the night, one more for breakfast, and I need another now. I am not normally a member of the ‘pop-a-pill’ brigade, but the intense dull throb is unbearable; if someone offered me a cyanide pill at the moment, I would seriously consider it.

I wonder if BBQed pills work?

So, I am going to be a ball of fun for the day; especially if I can’t have a beer because of the damned pills.

The sun is out, it is going to be hotter than yesterday.

I couldn’t believe what I read last night on The Guardian newsUK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor. What an idiot! I never thought that a statement like this would be made by an Englishman; Americans yes, I would consider that par for the course, but an Englishman, I am truly dismayed. This councillor should be surgically removed from his post and given a frontal lobotomy with a gay scalpel. Stupid arsehole!

This morning I read another strange idea. ‘Someone has worked out how to charge people for sitting down. Which is to say, a demonstration of capitalism in its purest form’, also on The Guardian news. The coffee and wi-fi are free…

gollumcoffee_1313_77_lHonestly, the world is becoming sadder by the minute.

I will just sit here (free) in my little coffee-sodden world and shake my head in disbelief.


My Day is Carefully Measured

I have spent half chasing tests and pills, and the other half asleep, oh and the other half chasing Cloro’s kitty poos and pees…

Does that make sense? <—— Rhetorical question, doesn’t need an answer and I don’t want to know if it does.

I not long ago woke from a nap. Dizzy lizzy came to visit.

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

My day started off diabolically… NO COFFEE! Now that is totally unreasonable to expect anybody to function with the remotest sense of decorum without coffee. However, today I managed. I didn’t manage it well, but I managed.

My first stop was the laboratory at the clinic for blood tests.

Now that seems simple enough, that is until you see the sign on the wall. ‘Documents required before tests will be done…’ ID – I don’t have ID, but they accepted my passport number, the next was the killer… CPF (Brazilian tax number) – I don’t have one, I am ‘passing through’. Response, can’t do tests without one! So, I very carefully and calmly explained to the pretty receptionist (remember this was a pre-Coffee situation), that I had managed to arrange the appointment with the specialist without a CPF, I had registered at the specialist without a CPF, they had received my money (remember that R$150 yesterday) without a CPF, I had seen and been treated by the specialist without a CPF; and now you tell me I can’t have a BLOODY BLOOD TEST without a CPF!

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

She called her supervisor, then asked me to sit and wait a moment.

I assumed she had told the supervisor that she had a hysterical velho caduco (grouchy old man) without a CPF causing um escandalo (a ruckus) in reception.

Because by now the whole reception was tuttering ‘bureaucracy’ and knew that this religiously founded clinic was denying an old man a blood test.

Eventually, she summoned me to the counter again and proceeded to book the blood test.

See, it pays to throw a tantrum, something I learned very early in life. It wasn’t a ‘rolling-on-the-floor’ type of tantrum, I managed to retain a little poise and respect, but I got the blood test… after paying another R$105.

It was against the odds

It was against the odds

Hell, it’s MY blood and I have to pay to give it! I managed to avoid another meltdown and was lead through the doors into the inner sanctum to find that the staff had been running a book, he will/he won’t get a blood test.

The nurse taking my blood was on the winning side and treated me with courtesy and respect; and none of the ‘this-won’t-hurt (me)’ bullshit.

I left a happy victim, I even thanked the pretty receptionist, after all, she had learned something ‘everything is possible, even if it flies in the face of bureaucracy.

So far, so good.

Taxi home. Need to call at a chemist’s to get prescription filled. First chemist, power’s out cant do it. Yes, we have the pills but can’t do it without power for ‘puter. Second chemist, sorry only have one lot, I can call the chemist down the road and have them delivered. The second chemist didn’t answer the phone, remember, his power is out.

The power was indeed out, on our way we saw that a fast moving concrete telephone pole had jumped out in front of a stationary bus. Both had come to a sticky end.

Third chemist, yes… yes… great, I got my pills and the taxi fare was climbing.

Home took pills.

Exhausted, need nap. Cancel classes before nap.

And here I am, rattling with all the pills.


Oh, a foot note, Cloro has started pooping and peeing in his pizza box facility…


No Fizzy Dizzy Lizzy

no-alcoholWell, after yesterdays series of dizzy spells, I went to the UPA again this morning, this time my blood pressure was up a little. I got a little blue pill shoved under my tongue and started to fizz, I got poked and jabbed and had stuff pumped into me, made me pee like crazy. Four hours later, I was given another prescription and told to see an ear-nose-throat type.

In the taxi home, I remembered I hadn’t got anything out of the freezer, so there was only one solution, BBQ! Once again the waiters were surprised that I ordered a jug of fresh orange juice… this could become a habit.

I haven’t been told “No Alcohol”, I just haven’t felt like it. To me it makes sense, if you are taking pills you shouldn’t drink booze. I have been making extra fruit juice, pineapple and orange juice and banana smoothies.

So tomorrow, I am off into the city to search for an Otorhinolaryngologist, if you think that’s hard to say in English, you want to try the Portuguese version, it’s a real tongue twister. I have been given a vague idea where one hangs out.

One of the local kids banged on my gate this afternoon. “Mum wants to know if you want a kitten?”

So I may not be catless for too long.

I’m not particularly in writing mode at the moment. I actually have to think about thinking before I think, then the thinking process is a slow one, and inspiration is proportionately slow, almost inverse.

So, Later. Be good folks and hope you are having a better weekend than me.



thinking-please-be-patient-thecuriousbrain.com_Well, I’m up, I have had coffee, I’m at the keyboard… what more do you want?

I have just rung the chemists, they deliver… and am waiting for my Tonto pills to arrive.

My net is slower than a wet week this morning; but then of course it’s Monday, what else can you expect?

This post will leave me one short of a blogload, but then it’s Shit Happens on the blog of the same name. The last few weeks my posting there has been a bit slack, actually, it would be more accurate to say non-existent with the exception of Satireday posts… and guess what? My visitor numbers have gone up. Go figure! The blog appears more popular when I stop posting, there’s some screwy here.

I didn’t update you on my diced-chicken-something recipe from a couple of days ago. It became a sweet ‘n’ sour chicken with the stir-fry-something included. One pot slap dash, less dishes. I didn’t have any pineapple for the traditional sweet ‘n’ sour, so I diced up an orange, just as good. Necessity being the mother of invention applies in the kitchen too.

I_Am_The_Teacher_funny_education_photographsI hope those pills arrive soon. I should detonterise myself before class, most unseemly to have the teacher collapse on the floor in an anamorphic heap in midst stream.

One thing I have learned that teaching requires a modicum of grace and elegance; falling in a heap during class does not fall into either of those categories and does nothing for ones credibility.

One must remain aplomb and retain ones decorum.

Pills are here, gotta pop one and see if they work.

More coffee needed, than it’s nap time.


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