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howIfeelWell, not so much a burp.

Rather a case of hiccoughs.

A burp is once only, normally not so disruptive, unless it happens to be sufficently oppulent and it might then shock an old lady out of her prim little socks.

Yesterday my internet had a case of hiccoughs.

It was just before 6pm when I realised that I hadn’t posted here. I opened the ‘Beep beep boop’ page and wrote the title and that was as far as I got when I discovered the net was down. Not an ISP problem, but further up the chain as sometimes happens; nothing the ISP can do about it, except wait patiently.

The net eventually returned, only to go down again. Then it was a case of up and down for the rest of the evening until I gave up and went to bed. I was so miffed that I haven’t replied to some comments from yesterday. I’ll get on to that after this post.

It was up again when I woke, but already past the midnight deadline, so I missed and decided it can wait for morning.

I finally found a New Years resolution that I am sure to abide by. Not to become a pole dancer in Mongolia. I think that’s a fairly safe bet. Maybe next year, but I vow that it will not happen this year.

Yesterday was hot. No classes, the botequim was open, so there was only one logical choice. I went. Only to find out that a regular was about to pass the supermarket; an idea that I had been procrastinating. I accepted the offer, changed and went.

Lunch was a sandwich snack. Fresh ham and chopped spring onion greens. Just enenough to keep the walls of my stomach from collaspsing in on each other and went to the bar with a plate sliced Provolone cheese drowned in olive oil and spring onions to nibble on.

With a chilled beer and nibbles, I proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day.


NOT these mutton chops

NOT these mutton chops

On returning to the botequim once I discovered the net was down, one of the fregües mentioned that he had found a place that sold mutton chops.

I have never seen mutton chops for sale in Brazil before. I knew that on rare occasions they had them…

The mere thought of mutton chops with gravy or homemade mint sauce set my wouth watering.


Today I will go and get some for the next BBQ.

I am now being tormented by the prospect and have visions of delicious chops floating before my eyes… No, wait that’s probably an early sign of cornea problems.

Visions waft before my eyes

Visions waft before my eyes

The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris has shocked the world. A terrible thing to happen. Islamic leaders all over the world have decried the actions of the terrorists, reiterating that such acts are in no way connected to the ideals of Islam. But we have to remember, that this is not just a Muslim thing, the Christian churches were not above such actions and genocide in history. Which all reinforces my own atheism, because if there was a merciful god or a prophet, this wouldn’t happen.

It’s a terribly sad and bitter world we live in.

Silly Box: Tony Idiott has mad a surprise visit to Iraq. A surprise visit indicates that he has given no thought about the matter. I finally understand how to tell if he is on the level… he dribbles equally from both corners of his mouth at the same time.

At the moment, that’s all I have to entertain you with. It’s time for the anti-wilt parade. Love my plants, generally hate humanity, but love my plants.


Robbing a train is not mandatory

train-robberyThe title comes from a comment left yesterday…

…and just as I was about to go train spotting.

But I couldn’t find a horse.

Besides, the trains here either carry commuters or soya beans, not millions of pounds, so the exercise would be rather fruitless. I’m sure that stealing soya beans would not give me the notoriety needed to seek asylum, although they may well put me in one.

I didn’t get back yesterday as I thought I might.

So you’re all first up this morning now that I have cleared my mail box.

The rain has arrived, sort of. A few spatters overnight, and again this morning, it just spattered some more. Five minutes of spattering, then it unspattered. But unlike the past night’s dismal efforts, this is enough to wet the ground slightly and so may save the bushes in the praça.

In a fit of generosity on Friday, while beerificating for the afternoon at the botequim, I did something that I have been mulling over for sometime. The front of the botequim has always been rather stark, just a concrete veranda and bare posts. I have long felt that it needs to be more welcoming, other than the beer adverts. Although the prospect of beer is indeed welcoming.

The new look botequim

The new look botequim

I donated the various ornamental plants that I had around the backyard to gussy-up the place a bit. I managed three between beers before Raimundo caught me adding the fourth. He laughed and said that I was the only one in the neighbourhood who would do such a thing, and said thanks. Some of the regulars approved, others didn’t even notice in their search for more welcoming ideas. Those that did notice immediately recognised it as my doing.

The silly box…

Who killed Cock Robin bin Laden. Who gives a shit? He’ dead, let him swim rest in peace.

Pringles lids are expensive

Pringles lids are expensive

In England, or Wales, or somewhere over there, dropping a Pringles lid cost some turkey £500. The moral of the story, eat your crisps from a bag… Now I understand why Pringles are so expensive.

Also in Wales, I think, a police demonstration at a kindergarten went wrong. Instead of using a dummy cannister of pepper spray, they used a live one and sprayed the group of four year olds with the volatile liquid. Now the object was to endear the kids toward the police… Oh, I’m sure that worked, those kids will have a lifetime fear of the police. Oh, the trauma.

I have a niggle. I hate blogs that have a static ‘homepage’ and you have to search for blog posts. I like it when you open a blog, the latest post is there to be read. If you like it and want to search for other aspects of the blog, then do so.

tomorrow-is-monday-again-smallThe laundry lady has been and gone, the house is quiet again, so I can concentrate on posting to my other blogs.

There is still more coffee left, ah, the bliss…

Tomorrow is Monday, I wonder what misguided fortunes it will bring.



downloadYes, I am downloading birthday 64.

It’ll take about a year.

I should be making potato salad, and tomatoes and cucumber, and lettuce salad, and lots of other stuff.

But I am here, with my coffee at 11am for a noon start. I am banking that the ex will be late, she always is, but then just when I expect her to be late, she’ll arrive at the appointed hour. This could be worthy of a Monday.

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

Last night’s BBQ was a success, nothing really to report, and no photos.

Started at roughly four finished at roughly 9:30. I was in bed at 10 (bugger the dishes) roughly trying to go to sleep.

I finally succumbed, and slept peacefully.

I have swept a part of the praça. the area I want to use was covered with fallen leaves.

Yesterday was a busier day than I imagined. The previous night I had saved an old cabinet of sorts from the rubbish, and I had set about making it suitable to use in the kitchen.

It was also going to replace the grotty old thing I have used for the last five years.

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

And the result of my labours…

A new grotty old thing

A new grotty old thing

When I got it home it was just the top, sides, back and runners for drawers. I added a base plate and two shelves from old wardrobe (closet) sides that I got from the same dump. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than what I had. By the time I had finished, I was exhausted and my back was aching from the exertions of carrying stuff; the dump was about a half kilometre from home, some 500 yards. Doesn’t sound much but when you are on a walking stick, it’s a bloody long way.

I have often alluded to the ‘eleven metres from my gate to the bar’. Here is that eleven metres.

So far from the botequim...

So far from the botequim…

My gate on the right, my neighbour’s gate, then… bliss.

See the plants I have in front, one of them is so colourful.

My colourful plant

My colourful plant

I have another by the front door.

A few weeks ago, I snapped a twig off my beefsteak, and put it in a glass of water to propagate like the original, but all the leaves fell off and I thought it had died. But, I neglected to throw it out. This morning I discovered…

Beefsteak shoot

Beefsteak shoot

Sometimes it pays to be forgetful. Roll on dementia!

Now I’m off to begin the salads. My posting for the day is complete.




Cow plops

Cow plops

No, not plops as in poos.

I have finally defeated my funny furry feline friend.

Whenever I lay down for a nap, a daily occurrence, Clorinha knows exactly the moment to come in from her perch on the old fridge in the carport and jump on the bed for pets and cuddles, which robs me of nap time.

I have tried all manner of devious devices so that she won’t know. I finally figured it was the double plop of my flipflops hitting the floor.  If I take them off without the telltale plop, she doesn’t know.

4am this morning… boomp. BOOMP in the face again. “Wake up, it’s time for breakfast!”

As luck would have it, I needed an early morning trip to the throne room, so she got her breakfast and I went to back to bed.

Useless, because after her breakfast… boomp, purr, knead my chest, PURR. She got her pets, tried to sleep. Then my gullet decided it had reflux, quite painful, so I got up and had a glass of Enos. The cold fizzy left me wide awake… up again, check emails, finally a healthy burp and I was back in bed.

No good, I was too awake. Up again, read news, answered some emails.

The day had started.

Coffee, blogging.

Nap at 9:30.

Up again, watered withering plants.

Did dishes… yes, twice this week!

It is now midday, and lunch time.

Yes, time to fill the sink again. It’s a never ending cycle.

Lunch today, crumbed flounder fillets and chips.

The year has officially half gone, only six months of shopping days until Christmas. I wonder how early it will start this year, August, September…

So we can abuse you

So we can abuse you

FaceBook has been trying to manipulate people emotions in a trial they manipulated what 700,000 people saw and how they reacted. Then they published a paper about it. They claimed it was because they ‘care’, what a load of CRAP! The only thing that FaceBook care about is how to exploit people and make more money. There have been international calls calling the research unethical because they didn’t ask your consent, you didn’t have a chance to opt out. One thing you can be sure of is that FB will use that information commercially to make more money. Feel used? You should be.

Time for lunch and the news; then football.


We Joked about it

My Mother - Happy Birthday

My Mother – Happy Birthday

Yes, my Mother and I joked on the phone about about her getting to 90, like her two sisters,  two days after her 89th birthday, 24 hours later she collapsed on the bathroom floor, her innings was over.

Then I got that dreaded phone call from my brother.

Had she not, today she would have been 90.

I never knew her as she looked in this photo. I hadn’t seen her for 17 years, the last time I was in NZ. I remember her as a younger person, a vital person.

So today is not an easy day for me. I had a restless night, I was up several times, most of my day’s blogging was done about 3am.

With my blogging completed, my day is already different. I was out watering my plants early before the sun had risen too high. I had to, because of the earlier than usual class yesterday, they didn’t get their evening watering.

Yesterday was hot as I said yesterday, today the forecast is for even hotter, so I may look for an air conditioned restaurant and while away the day in the company of a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc, it’s the only sensible thing to do. Not to get drunk and forget about the significance of the day, I don’t do that; but a bottle of chilled wine merely goes wonderfully with a meal on a hot day.



Heed the Warning

WarningCoffeeAlthough I have been up and down since midnight and had several coffees, this warning is still appropriate.

I had a restless night, up and down like a yo-yo. Also the two neighbouring tomcats decided to have a fight in my carport, which is outside my window.

I have even napped and had a recovery coffee, but I remain philogrobolized, you know, that’s when you wake feeling rough and can’t focus on the world. It’s a sort of petite hangover without the alcohol.

I have discovered that Cloro is a gourmet cat, another of his many talents. On Sunday I cooked a slap dash, cut up some sirloin steak into strips, slapped it in the oven with some sliced onion, water and red wine.

I cooked too much, and have taken to cutting up pieces and feeding him. He loves it. In fact, I think he likes it better than I did.

I’ll have to reheat the leftovers and use the broth to make a gravy and try it again.

I tried to drink the rest of the wine; it was a well priced Portuguese wine. Usually Portuguese wines are good, but this was in the realms of red kerosene; a category that I reserve for wines that end up down the kitchen sink.

It tasted better after having been in the oven with the dead cow.

I was thinking about lag the other day, time lag; particularly in relation to Cloro.


Time lag between me lying down for a nap and Cloro comes for tickles; time lag 5 seconds, depends on whether he has to stop for a scratch or lick his fluffy nuts.

Time lag between me stopping the tickles to when he head butts my hand for more; 2 seconds.

Time lag between when I open the fridge and he appears at the door peering in; No time lag, but depends where he was before I opened the fridge, and whether he stops to scratch or lick his fluffy nuts. His appearance in this case is more like magic.

Time lag between a bug flying into the room and he goes from zero to hyper bedlam instantly; once again, no lag.

Time lag between hearing Tomcats fight outside the bedroom window and Cloro flying across the bed and out the window; 1 second, no time to stop and scratch or lick fluffy nuts.

Cats are such wonderful creatures to observe.

It’s a hottish day, temp expected 34°C, the plants are wilting; if I don’t go and water them, they’ll be going to the botequim next door asking for bottles water;or worse, beer. This is a terrible imposition as it means I’ll have to put my shorts on.

housing_bubble2Remember I said a few months back that Brazil was heading for a ‘housing bubble’?

I have been vindicated, an expert in such affairs has said “…market prices and asset bubbles, pinpointed the US stock market and Brazilian property market as areas of concern.”

See, I’m not so silly after all, despite what they say in the bar.

I showed my draft grammar book one of my advanced students last night. Guess what, she wants to study from it. That’s good news.

The reports from Black Friday sales were down by $1.7bn dollars from the previous year after increases in the past seven years. So much for America’s financial recovery.

Venezuela had a power cut last night; blacked out 70% of the country including the capital, Caracas. Maduro is screaming opposition sabotage; obviously it has nothing to do with governmental mismanagement. The local polls this Sunday will be interesting. Maduro was granted martial powers last week, let’s see how/if he represses the peoples’ polling.

During the weekend the Brazilian football hooligans classed after loosing a game. This has got to stop. Football hooligaism is another blight on society. For me, if you’re carrying sticks or weapons in a clash, you’re guilty and we don’t want you in our genes pool.

My afternoon student has cancelled, just one class today.

Off to dewilt my plants.


Been & Gone

My Saturday students changed to an 8am start, they’ve been and gone and I was exhausted, so back to bed.

Woke at 1pm, day wasted.

In a fit of energy I resolved to do yesterday’s trip, got up got dressed got out.

The Kombi went the back way which was some way from my first port of call.

awhitepepperI passed a shop that has herbs and spices, they’ve been out of white pepper for months; but I stopped in to have a look, just as I had given up and was leaving there it was, a stack of ground white pepper! Bought two bags.

Onward, I found a shop selling the same carpets as I had bought the week before; only they were R$30 cheaper and a better selection of colours. Damned!

Onward, I went to the fish market and bought some fresh halibut. On the way out of the fish market I found some salsa crespo (curly parsley) seeds, bought a pack. Brazilians don’t use curly parsley much, preferring a plain leaf variety.

Onward, I walk through a large department store, oh there were lots of wonderful things for my kitchen, but the shop was crowded, last minute Easter egg shoppers. There was no way that I was going to brave that throng to get to the check out.

Leg was beginning to hurt, onward.

Along the road, up the hill, leg was now beginning to ache.

Got to plant shop, oh I wanted to stop and shop, but I just looked and left.

Need a seat…

Nearest seat was in Brazeiro, oh what a happy coincidence. A seat and a BBQ lunch to boot.

More than two hours for a leisurely lunch, beer and no dishes.

Home again.


Life is so Repetitive

This one should be big enough

This one should be big enough

First, I did the dishes…

Then, I cooked lunch…

Which undid the dishes!

The kitchen looks no different to when I made coffee this morning; my saving grace.

I need a bigger coffee pot.

I’m so excited, I could wet my plants!

Today is fridge day!

At last…

Now all that needs to happen is that Lincoln comes home early with the pick-up as planned, and the owner of the fridge not changing his plans.

Life always depends on other people.

Taking a break to eat lunch and watch the news…

The news was bad… 10 more died in hospital since the fire.

Lunch was great…

The dishes remain undone…

I just read on Twitter, Justin Bieber groped a fans breasts…

They say if you play Bieber’s music backwards it sounds Satanic; but what’s worse, if you play it forwards it sounds like Justin Bieber, que horror!


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