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Beep Beep Boop

beepbeepboopYes, it’s time to Beep Beep Boop.

If you are not a WordPress blogger then you won’t understand Beep Beep Boop.

Beep Beep Boop was what I was faced with at 1:30am the other morning while I was pre-Coffee. You can read about the trauma on OMG! They’ve done it Again.

I have coffee and am over the initial shock, still learning to drive Beep Beep Boop.

As a WP blogger, might I say ‘typical’, I have been confused over the difference between WP.com & Wp.org. A great post by Rachel, our Happiness Engineer, spells it out quite nicely.

Not this slug

Not this slug

She also answered my question about slugs.

She gave me a link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary#Slug where you can see what it is about WP slugs that’s different from the one to the left.

Ever since Rachel became our Happiness Engineer, I’ve often tried to picture a Happiness Engineer; I’ve even googled it. There were electrical, civil, mechanical, but no happiness.

But, I think I’ve got it.

Rachel, this is how I picture/envisage a Happiness Engineer.

HappinessEngineer1There, I think that does it. She puts up with a lot of grief from me, so she deserves nice thoughts.

The weather is suffering from PMT, can’t make up it’s mind. Bright and sunny, dark and sinister, dull and sombre; oh, bright and sunny again…

I need more coffee…


Kitty came in. “Meeeooow!” (translate = get your priorities right!). Breakfast before your coffee.

Kitty got her wish. Crispy Beef and Fish Bisuits and a bowl of chilled Chateau Moo de Lap…

 Then, I got my coffee.

I broke 17 ‘Likes’… I got 18 on my post Demons! Yay!

Australia’s prime minister stuck his nose into the Scottish independence debate yesterday. Today Scotland replied… “Scotland’s first minister has said the Australian prime minister’s comments on Scottish independence were “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.”BBCNews. That about sums up Tony Abbott nicely, “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.

Time to Beep Beep Boop.


Cold, Hungry & Miserable

This is what the chill factor feels like

This is what the chill factor feels like

Yes, I’m cold, I was wearing my jacket this morning while at the PC. I have just taken it off and am debating the wisdom of this.

I’m hungry, I had a cooked breakfast this morning just so I could spend fifteen more minutes in front of the stove.

I’m miserable for both reasons above.

If someone tells me to chill out today, their ducking skills had better be good.

For those of you who missed the update on yesterday’s post. My Floozy Clorinha came home last night, exactly 24 hours after I last saw her. She began meowing from the gate until I put some meat in her dish. She was cold, hungry and miserable too.

I think she is in her first season and was out looking for randy Toms. As was pointed out in a comment, I am NOT talking about her first season at the Met.

Five likes

Five likes

My new blog, What’s left of my life, has had a few visitors and had likes before I had put up the widgets.

Then I got one of these…

New photo and story up today. I may do another, checking through my archives (some 13,000+ images) there’s so much I want to post.

I read an interesting threat on Twitter the other day; cracked me right up. It’s good to have a laugh.

“I wear heels bigger than your dick!”

Yes, well, that about says it all.

Then on the news, The Extinction of the Dinosaurs was ‘Bad Luck’ Well, it certainly wasn’t good luck. Further in the news, it was good luck for us that the dinosaurs became extinct as they have discovered the T-Rex hunted in packs.

Here’s something to think about. I guarantee you’ve never imagined this…

Did T-Rex have a sex life?

Did T-Rex have a sex life?

If you have, then I can suggest a good psychologist, you are in dire need of therapy.

Of course they had a sex life. How do you think they got little T-Rexes?

Imagine T-Rex PMT… Just be thankful for what you’ve got.

Well, the local news has just finished that means it’s lunch time; I should go and lunch.


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