Slowly but surely, I am finding my way around WordPress. I still don’t like it but I am coping. The prozac helps a lot.

Not really, the day I need prozac or viagra, I’ll be permanently horizontal.

Raises a good question; why do people need these drugs? We never needed them before the world went mad. I reckon it is this thing we call ‘progress,’ just causes too many problems.

“Okay everybody, back to the farm!”

Actually, that day isn’t too far off, I have read several accounts that 2012 will see many fleeing the cities to survive.

The cold front arrived and with lots of rain. Rain stopped this morning but it’s still cool. I have only one lesson today, that is unless he calls to cancel, but at this late stage I’ll still get paid for it.

Last night, I stayed home, ended up watching Flamengo (my team) get hammered by Avaí 3-2. Wasn’t impressed in the least.

Began to watch a movie Page Eight, British spy thingy, then rolled over after about ten minutes and went to sleep. That was probably because of the half bottle of Merlot that I had to drink during the course of the evening.

Well, that was an eventful day, wasn’t it? NOT!

Let’s see if we can have another tday, shall we.